Why choose D4watch?
D4watch is a real-time analysis service that monitors relevant expressions or sentiments on Twitter. Sentiments
expressed on social media are very important to organisations as they provide important knowledge and insight
about the social activity around brands, products and
relations between actors, entities and events.
The scale of Twitter is immense, with currently 500 million tweets tweeted daily by 316 million monthly active
users, and monitoring all that content is impossible for
humans. D4watch provides automated monitoring and
filtering, notifying you when something is relevant.
With D4watch you will be able to:
 Track "Real time" sentiment track current and emerging sentiments about brands, products,
organisations, competitors, service levels etc.
 Discovering new trends, threats
and relations – discover new
sales opportunities, detect early
warnings, detect relations between entities or actors, identify
influencers etc.
To learn more about D4tec, D4search and D4watch please contact Karl Therkildsen, mobile: +45 20404728
Or visit our website WWW.D4TEC.COM
Stay in Control of Chaos
D4watch is the utility you need if you want to be at the forefront. Millions of people use Twitter and
D4watch provides the opportunity for you to follow them, track important conversations, phrases,
words about you and your organisation and get facts about their profession, locations, age and
D4watch provides you attractive real-time graphs and depict the expressions or sentiments about
you and/or your products. Use D4watch as utility in your risk and crisis management strategies or as
market research tool and be at the forefront of e.g. early warnings of threats that may affect you.
your company, your community or your country.
Alerting – Set D4watch to show and alert when any relevant sentiments are being tweeted
Competitive Analysis – track your brand over time, across campaigns and see how successful
you are compared to others
Enhancing Efficiency
D4watch is monitoring all relevant content from Twitter. D4watch will instantly alert if any relevant is
being expressed about you or anything else of your interest. You will be able to assess, evaluate and
analyse the sentiments the moment they occur in real time. D4watch is the utility that helps you create
decision support for effective market adjustments or fast communication.
D4tec is participating in the ePOOLICE project funding from European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007 – 2013 under grant
agreement nº SEC-2012-312651.with 14 other EU partners including Law enforcement agencies and companies. For more information
please go to (www.epoolice.eu/EPOOLICE/consortium.jsp)
To learn more about D4tec, D4search and D4watch please contact Karl Therkildsen, mobile: +45 20404728
Or visit our website WWW.D4TEC.COM