1No.187. THE NALOMA PLATE Div. I 1100 Mts 1.10 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.8,98,310)For
Maiden Horses 3 year olds only, Cat. II
Horses considered for the selection: 439101
4. SOVIET RULE113d 55 P.Trevor 6 ]= Money that came on last time suggests some
respect,, Trevor up now, scope to improve
3. GEORGE CROSS166c 55 Imran Chisty 9 ]=career 5th run, TJ works well, last 2 runs
interfered, Respectable third last run , knocking the door, strong consideration
9. MOUNTAIN OF LIGHT 53.5 P.S.Chouhan 1 ]=debut run, proven TJ combo
1. BATUR 55 Deepak Singh 4 ]=debut run
10. QUEEN OF SPADES130 53.5 P.Ajeeth Kumar 2 ]=had 3 poor runs, must improve more
to figure
2. FORTUNE STAR30 55 B.Dileep 8 ]=finished 7 of 9 in its debut run, career 2nd attempt
5. AMARAVATHI 53.5 G.Naresh 3 ]=debut run
6. CANNON GREY128 53.5 Kunal Bunde 5 ]=last run poor, career 2nd attempt
7. DIVINE HEIGHTS37 53.5 N.Rawal 7 ]=last run very poor, career 2nd attempt
(Total Stakes Rs.22,61,750)For
Horses 3 year olds only (Foaled in 2013)
Horses considered for the selection:24
2. CITY OF HARMONY(113) 55 P.S.Chouhan 2 ]=fluent winner CD], has strong claims now
4. VIJAY’S EMPRESS(138) 53.5 Kuldeep Singh 3 ]=a long shot winner on debut , eldest of
others here, chance on that
1. CHARLIE BROWN(174) 55 P.Trevor 1 ]=a successful winner on 7th attempt, reduced
trip, chance on TREVOR SKILL
3No.189. THE R.W.I.T.C.CUP Div. I 1400 Mts 2.10 P.M
Total Stakes Rs.8,98,310)A
Handicap for Horses 4 year olds and upward, Cat. I
Horses considered for the selection: 3 1 7 6
3. O MS AKILAH(143) 55.5 Imran Chisty 4 ]=4 runs and 3 wins this season, mass little up,
trip comfortable, in with a modest chance
7. COLUMBUS(162) 51 N.S.Rathore 5 ]=form line upward, winner CD] lower class,
consistent customer, can consider
1. CARLTON175 63.5 P.Trevor 2 ]=off the board in last 3 runs, from Naresh to Trevor,
from mile to 1400, improved chances
8. VIJAYS TRIUMPH95 50.5 Abhishek S.Pawar 8 ]=an inconsistent customer, jumps up a
class, last run was forward in mile, little surprise chance
6. MILITARY BELLE160c 53 K.Mukesh Kumar 9]=stable jockey up, placed 3rd in last run,
trainers one of the trio
9. OCEAN SIDE160 50 P.Ajeeth Kumar 1 ]=pulled the flame and off the board last run, trip
up and not new, goes negative shoeing, unknown intent
2. MY STAR143 57 Akshay Kumar 7]=last 3 runs slow to start, consideration only on level
4. GOLDEN ARROW167rd 54 * Gopal Singh 3 ]=raw rookie in the saddle, from terms class
to handicap, average form line, may not do it here
5. SYMBOL OF CHOICE160 54 * Md.Ismail 6 ]=unplaced in last 3 starts, earlier lower class
winner, another new rookie up, looks difficult
4No.190. THE NALOMA PLATE Div. II 1100 Mts 2.40 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.8,98,310)For
Maiden Horses 3 year olds only, Cat. II
Horses considered for the selection: 9324
2. GENERAL SALUTE 55 Imran Chisty 3 ]=debut run,looks the one Who could start to
show more, good TJ combo, consider
9. VIJAYS WONDER138d 53.5 Abhishek S.Pawar 6 ]= Represents trainer who has a fair
record, failed when lots of support came on last time, can amend
4. SYMBOL OF STAR’S164 55 K.Mukesh Kumar 2 ]=last 2 runs interfered and was not far
away, runs the same trip, Looks a potential fly in the ointment,
3. MAGNUM138 55 Ch.K.Chary 1 ]=3 starts once placed, last run 6 of 8, modest chance
1. FANTASTIC NINE30 55 Harinder Singh 7 ]=ran 9 of 9, jockey out of form, omit
5. ANS ANS ANS 53.5 P.Sai Kumar 5 ]=debut run
6. GREAT GLORY128 53.5 G.Naresh 4 ]=an interfered 5th last run, TJ proven, scope to
7. RAHULS PET 53.5 Deepak Singh 9 ]=debut run, TJ combo proven
8. TAKE A BOW128 53.5 Aneel 8 ]=had a poor run and finished 6 of 9, trainer bought new
shoes, unknown intent
5No.191. THE PRINCE PRADEEP CUP 1600 Mts 3.15 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.6,80,055)A
Handicap for Horses Rated upto 75, Cat. II4 year olds and upward
Horses considered for the selection: 356
3. STRENGTHANDBEAUTY(157) 55.5 Imran Chisty 3 ]=winner last attempt over 1400, trip
in compass, Does not look fully exposed, 3 times winner in last 5 starts, strong
5. MADIBA91 52 Neeraj Rawal 6 ]=lower class fluent winner, later ran with big
companions, Looks next on this list
6. AZARENKA(111) 51.5 P.Trevor 7 ]=tossed up class, winner CD] on 20th Dec, OTJ combo
proven, Will have their followers
7. CHOCOLATE GREEDY136 50.5 G.Naresh 4 ]=ran long distance race and unplaced,
earlier 3rd in lower class, chance if others fail
1. GENTLE CHIEF127 62 * Md.Ismail 5 ]=from terms class to handicap class, raw rookie
up, may get near
2. ICE CRYSTAL163 56.5 Deep Shanker 1 ]=ran unplaced in last 3 attempts, trip reduced,
trainer fielded 2 note
4. GRACELAND178 53.5 A.K.Pawar 2 ]=unplaced in last 3 starts, needs more conditioning
6No.192. THE R.W.I.T.C.CUP Div. II 1400 Mts 3.45 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.8,98,310)A
Handicap for Horses 4 year olds and upward, Cat. I
Horses considered for the selection: 92735
9. MORNING MIRACLE143d 50 Abhishek S.Pawar 4 ]=finished closer in last run,
benefitted by the allowance now, serious consideration
7. LOPAMUDRA158 51 K.Mukesh Kumar 3 ]=last run interfered and nowhere, earlier ran
with better horses, trip up, upset chance looms large
4. LAUREL CANYON177 54 Ch.K.Chary 9 ]=after finishing twice 2nd ran unplaced in mile,
back to pet trip, consider
1. ASHOK CHAKRA175 61.5 G.Naresh 1 ]=last 3 runs unplaced, modest form line, little
better jockey up, can spring a surprise
2. WINDS AND WAVES9 57 Imran Chisty 6 ]=unplaced in its only starts last run, from term
class to handicap class, improvement expected
3. KOHINOOR THUNDER160d 54 Kunal Bunde 5 ]=a consistent customer, once winner
and thrice in the minor money in last 4 starts, trip up and not new, consider as an upset
5. SYMBOL OF GLORY158 53.5 Md.Sameeruddin 8]=penultimate winner 1200 later
unplaced, trip up, rookie also up, may improve
8. ALWAYS TOGETHER141 50.5 N.S.Rathore 7 ]=unplaced in last 5 starts, now runs with
negative shoes, looks can omit
6. AZAIBA117 52 * Rafique Sk. 2 ]=horrible form line, raw rookie adds another woe, looks
can omit
7No.193. THE MAKALU CUP 1400 Mts 4.15 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.5,66,328)A
Handicap for Horses Rated upto 50, Cat. III4 year olds and upward
Horses considered for the selection: 25461
2. WONDER STAR(154) 61 Md.Sameeruddin 3 ]=winner CD] and mass up, runs within 2
weeks, Sets a form standard here,strong consideration again
4. ASTRA150 59.5 P.S.Chouhan 8 ]=last 2 runs received lots of support, but failed to
deliver, Does not look fully exposed, last run had interference, Chouhan up again,
consider seriously
1. GANGADHAR159b 62 G.Naresh 7 ]=knocking the door very strongly, mass little up, trip
not new, consider
6. GUNNER150c 57 Imran Chisty 6 ]=ran a good 3rd last run, trip same, improved chances,
TJ proven combo note
5. LAVENDER(153) 59.5 N.S.Rathore 2 ]=winner 1200, trip up, modest chance to do it
3. SCHOLAR GYPSY179 60 M.F.Ali Khan 5 ]=unplaced in last 5 starts, upped in trip, can
7. SEFARINA151 54.5 Deepak Singh 1 ]=after placing 2nd in this trip ran unplaced in 1200,
seeks amendment here
8. GLORY OF THE YEAR151d 51.5 P.Ajeeth Kumar 4]=last 4 runs slow out, still a maiden
after many starts, others looks stronger
8No.194. THE ANMOL RATAN PLATE 1200 Mts 4.45 P.M
(Total Stakes Rs.5,66,328)A
Handicap for Horses Rated upto 50, Cat. III5 year olds and upward
Horses considered for the selection: 73642
7. BOUQUET149d 55.5 Imran Chisty 8 ]=continues to receive unstinted support in last 3
runs, twice placed, Looks has a bit more to offer here,, note
3. AMAZING POWER168d 61 G.Naresh 3 ]=last run slow to start, twice placed latest, trip
down, modest consideration
2. TRUE FRIEND180 62 Deepak Singh 4 ]=dropped in class, higher class form no clue,
trainer bought new shoes note
1. PROUD IMAGE169 62 Md.Sameeruddin 9 ]=last 4 runs this season were in higher class,
dropped to this class, shoes positive, intent looks good
4. ROMA ROUGE179 60.5 N.Ravinder Singh 10]=unplaced in last 2, earlier good 2nd,
positive shoes, looks to be long shot
5. MACINTOSH118w 60 K.Sai Kiran 11 ]=horrible runs so far, runs after 2 months
6. PAKAT PAKAT PAKAT172c 60 Akshay Kumar 1 ]=placed in last 2 runs, trip up 100,
power jockey up again, consider
8. GOLDEN PHOENIX179 55.5 Kiran Naidu 5 ]=last 3 runs unplaced, earlier ran 3rd, must
gets it old form back for consideration
9. PRINCELY RIGHT86 53.5 Harinder Singh 7 ]=had a very poor run last time and was
pulled up lame, 2nd run after some rest but must improve more
10. KOHINOOR CHARM 53 Kunal Bunde 2 ]=last run had excuses, earlier finished 6 of 9,
much earlier lower class winner, may try to pull up an upset
11. LAZARE179 51 Abhishek S.Pawar 6 ]=horrible form line, runs the same trip, looks can
9No.195. THE ADLER PLATE 1000 Mts 5.20 P.M
, (Total Stakes Rs.5,66,328)A
Handicap for Horses Rated upto 50, Cat. III4 year olds and upward
Horses considered for the selection: 2539
2. MALAKEYE ZIBA121 59 Akshay Kumar 4 ]=failed to deliver when lots of support came
on last time, looks a key player here, had a valid excuse, consider afresh
5. TIME IS LUCK159 56.5 P.S.Chouhan 5 ]=massive jockey shift, winner and then placed in
this trip, Chouhan might guide to victory again
1. MANOGAMINI56 61 Abhishek S.Pawar 8 ]=last 2 runs off the board, 2nd run this
season, class dropped, improved chances, note
3. SAVE THE NATION154d 59 G.Naresh 6 ]=twice placed this season, gets trip down, runs
surprisingly forward, may upset
6. KOHINOOR KARISHMA 53.5 Kunal Bunde 9 ]=ran 3rd once later unplaced twice all in
1400, trip down, patent jockey up now, chance to improve
10. ENTER CANTER 52 Sher S.Tanwar 10]=unplaced so far in last 4 starts, runs after 30th
Sep, the rest might have done some good
4. GOLDEN ANGEL159 58.5 Aneel 1 ]=unplaced in last 4 starts, a win looks a tall order
7. ZENSATIONAL173 53 S.Sreekant 3 ]=last 2 runs were in a mile, earlier lower class
1400m winner, handicap chance to touch the money board
8. AMAZING WEAPON172 52 N.Ravinder Singh 2 ]=looks to be in the training off period,
can omit
9. ASHWINI(135) 52 P.Sai Kumar 7 ]=tossed up a class, little improved chances

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