Session 1 September 8-November 7th
No Classes October 13-17 for Break Week
Registration Opens ONLINE at Tularcitos.org
Link will be active Friday, August 29th at 4pm
Registration Closes September 1st
Class sizes are limited
Enrichment Information Sheet
Tennis- Taught by Bruce Haase
Kindergarteners will learn to enjoy tennis at a young age learn to hit the ball, to have balance, to develop judgment of the
flight and bounce of the ball tennis terms and good sportsmanship. Grades 1-5 will build on all hitting, judgment and
cooperation skills along with knowledge of the game with goal of being able to understand how to play and develop playing
skills. Kinder – 2nd grade students will be picked up from class and escorted to tennis courts, 3-5th grade meet at the tennis
courts. Parents please pick up students at the tennis courts.
Pottery Hand building Taught by Jennifer Klein
Learn to make things with clay, using coil, pinch and slab methods. Students will complete three to four projects that will then
be glazed and fired. Kindergarten students will be picked up at their class grades 1-5 meet in Ceramic Room.
Introductory Baking & Cake/Cookie decorating class-Taught by Alondra Klemek
This class will introduce kids to basic baking techniques and recipes. Learn shortcut baking tricks as well as some basic cake
and cookie decorating tips. This class will also include kitchen safety tips. This is a 90 minute class
Martial Arts Taught by Mr. C (Kris Carlson)
Martial Arts class is from 4-4:45pm no after school supervision parents must pick up students after school and
return at 4pm for this class. The goal of this class is to expose you child to the tradition and sport of Martial Arts. Mr. C is
a certified 4th Degree Black Belt Instructor in Tae Kwon Do and Vice President of the Universal Martial Arts Organization. I
look forward to instructing your children in the art and discipline of Martial Arts.
Creative Sewing Taught by Natalie Croft This is a 90 minute class
In this class we will sew by hand and machine while renewing those old treads around the house with up-cycling projectrs.
Fun with Food taught by Ola Rocha
Exciting new adventrures and experiments and cooking with Fun With Food! When you make healthy food fun for kids they want
to eat it ! This class will not only encourage healthy eating to the pickiest eaters we wil explore food in a fun, artistict and
sometimes scientifict way! Not only is this class a great way to introduce exploration of cooking its also a way to teach about
conservation and recycling. Students will dive into there culinary side and have fun. Each week the class will have the same tempo
with a new subject weekly, it will be as follows: Washing hands, mini dance party, (to get the wiggles out), snack, introduction
about topic, and then Fun with Food ! Join Chef Ola with her east coast culinary expeirence and farm to table approach.
Run, Giggle, Paint and Wiggle
Need and extra hour while you little one is having fun making new friends and gaining confidence? Run, Giggle, Paint and Wiggle is
a class just for Kinder kids. So many ways to play! We will sxplore story telling, body movement, cooking, ball play, manipulative
toys, block exploration, art and sensory play just to name a few. Each week the class will have the same tempo with a new subject
it will be as follows: Washing hands, Snack, then Run, Giggle, Paint and Wiggle.
Puppetmaking taught by Cherie Rousseau
We will creat finger puppets, stick puppets, shadow puppets, papier mache puppets, sock puppets and cone puppets.
Spontaneous shows will allow each child to give a voice and personality to their creations. Self expression with lots of joyful
interaction. Parents and Friends are invited to a show during the last class.
Imagination and Life Drawing Class taught by Cherie Rousseau
Using pen and ink, colored pencils, markers, and water color pencils, we will create from reference materials a series of
explorations. The goal is to take all the detailed information before us, and put it down on paper as we interpret and embellish
what we see. Each student will also start a sketchbook.
Stitchery Pillow Making Workshop taught by Cherie Rousseau
After drawing a plan for the pillow front, we will use satin stitch, back stitch and running stitch to outline the plan in colored
yarn and select areas will be filled in with color. What fun creating a usable work of art!
Creative Paper Craft and College Art taught by Lisa Handley
Each week students will enjoy a different paper craft or collage art project. Including handmade note cards, bookmarks, journals,
collage art inspired by upcycled materials, pumpkins and autumn garlands. One week will also introduce students to
MeCards4Kids™, an adaptation of SoulCollage®, using collage as a tool for children's self-awareness & self-expression. Lisa
Handley, local artist, instructor and a trained SoulCollage(R) facilitator will guide students as they explore a variety of techniques
and ideas for creating with paper as their primary medium.
Fun With Electronics Taught by Shelly Laschkewitsch
Have fun making electronic devices, including an alarm, generator, timer, RC rover, etc. We use snap circuit electronice
labs to build and perform experiments. (no soldering involved) Kids will also learn how to draw circuit symbols and diagrams.
Create A Lego Movie taught by Shelly Laschkewitsch
This class is from 4-5pm no after school supervision parents must pick up students after school and return
at 4pm for this class.
Learn to make a stop-motion movie using Lego bricks and Mini figures. Make background scenery, storyboards, gain
experience using USB digital cameras, and have fun being a director.
Theater Class Taught by Donna Greenfield
Students will do Stage Directions, Age Walk, Mill, have them demonstrate happy, sad, terrified, generous, kind, selfish, alone,
sleepy, excited, ashamed, and everything else. One word story, group pantomime, Three-word Skits, Family Portraits, Short Scene,
Make a story and build a scene.
Look’em In the Eye taught by Sophie Biddle
It seems as though manners are a lost art these days because children are spending more and more time looking down at their cell
phones or computers and are missing out on vital social interaction. This class focuses on kindness and respectful communication
as the basis of good manners. These life skills will serve your child in their friendships, with adults, at school, and in their future,
building healthy self-esteem necessary to flourish in all areas of their life. Through fun and interactive games, your child will learn:
Meet and Greet essentials, eye contact, posture, talking to adults, politeness, how to give a compliment, showing kindness and
much more.
Doodle Sketch and Draw taught by Stan Kahyms
This course will introduce students to the basic techniques of doodling and make connections to more academic drawing
techniques. The class will help students establish a foundation of the basics of drawing portraits and still life by bringing their
conscious mind to unconscious act of doodling.

Enrichment Information Sheet