June 2013 Update
To answer the question: are there different protocols for our website, our FB page, our FB group and our twitter
YES. An attempt to outline these differences follows.
Audience: in decreasing numbers listed below.
Website, FB Page, FB Group and Twitter.
Website: Our largest audience. Lots of information, evergreen content, as well as longer reflection pieces, videos, and
upcoming events. Church calendar. A blogging website. External links to other UU sites. Most likely to draw deeper
reflection. Greatest potential to be made interactive.
Facebook Page: Smaller audience. All of the above except for calendar. Includes more informal info-graphics and photos
– many more than website. Links from other sources, including sharing of non-church but UU related events. Public
page. Anyone can like. As of June 2013, around 200 likes.
Facebook Group: Closed group with small audience.
Twitter: Even smaller audience, mostly non-church members. Retweets from others, short news and interest items.
Least likely to draw comments or deeper reflection, not all UU related, but with close affinity. Following only UU related
ministers, groups and organizations.
Time Line of Postings
Website: at least weekly
Facebook: Automatically picks up web postings unless specified not to (Uncheck the box). At least weekly
Twitter: 3x a day if possible, and automatically picks up from web postings.
Website: Admin in Michael Keyles with different levels of control for staff members
Facebook Page: All program staff, plus CA plus Michael Keyles
Twitter: As of now, only Michael and Tuli
Web Posting Operational Practices
April 2012
Who Gets To Post? What Access do they have?
Staff, lay leaders who have been approved by staff.
 Not all people who post have the same access; for instance Mike Keyles has access to the slider. Tuli has
access to most things. Other people who post have access to their areas and to events. Michael and/or Tuli can
change the categories under which items are posted.
 By-lines i.e. authorship is granted to those who will be posting and to some others who are not posting. A
general UCSummit by-line is also available.
What gets posted?*
Church events and church news get “first press.”
 UU (local, district, denomination) news and events, particularly that involving member’s efforts also gets
posted (e.g. UULMNJ) or a link is provided.
 Events involving limited number of members but not in any way linked to UUism does not get posted (e.g.
Morris County playhouse showing xyz), unless it is promoting large numbers of members (e.g youth group) or
is under the direction of a staff member (e.g. youth group). The idea is to protect our membership from
extraneous events not related to UUism. Staff or Michael need to approve.
 News involving members in limited numbers does get posted and only when the person is in a leadership
role – e.g. Tom won this award. Kudos to Tom, we are lucky to have him etc. Staff or Michael need to approve.
 News and or events that are associated with our larger causes – interfaith, housing, marriage equality etc.
Staff or Michael need to approve.
When does it get posted?
Postings can happen daily
It is better to schedule postings and to expire them
 Thursday noon is a “weekly” sweep that most people are subscribed to. A smaller group gets daily updates.
All items of note for a particular week should go up by Thursday noon
Who Does What?
Office maintains google visitor calendar that is linked to website
Office adds in items from the printed newsletter if they haven’t already been put up
Office is liaison for most postings
Staff members each put up their own postings
Other postings go through Michael
 Currently Tuli but eventually office puts up the month’s sermons and these get re-posted the week before
the sermon.
How Do I Get Things Done?
Make certain that the event is related to UCS as stated above* in what gets posted
Send it to the office at [email protected] or [email protected]
If you want it on the slider, request this and attach a 600x300 picture (no guarantees, we will try our best)
It will expire after the event
If you want it in the weekly “sweep” send it no later than Tuesday noon of that week
 If you want it on the calendar, fill out a space request if space is being used at UCS, otherwise email office
and staff will make a decision on if it gets posted on the website calendar

Web Posting Operational Practices