Junior Scientist

Level 1 Challenge Questions:
Junior Scientist
1.) Name 10 different types of fish.
2.) Name the steps in the Scientific Method.
3.) Name 10 elements of the Periodic Table.
4.) Name the 7 continents.
5.) Name the planets of our Solar System, in order.
6.) Name the three phases of matter.
7.) What types of scientist studies animals?
8.) Name 10 organs in the human body.
9.) Describe the water cycle.
10.) What does an zoologist study?
11.) Name 10 different dinosaurs.
12.) Name 10 different constellations.
13.) Name 10 minerals.
14.) Name 5 human body systems.
15.) Name 10 mammals.
16.) What is the chemical formula for water?
17.) What does the acronym NWS stand for?
18.) How many colors are there in a rainbow?
19.) What is the force that holds everything to the Earth?
20.) Tell me what a geologist studies?
21.) Tell me what clouds are made of?
22.) What is the largest of body of water on Earth?
23.) What is the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth called?
24.) Name the three basic rock types?
25.) What are the highest mountains on Earth?