Controls to avoid damage to environmental and cultural features Word

EIA 1/2015
Forest Expansion Scheme
Controls to Avoid Damage to Environmental and Cultural Features
You need to complete this form to let us know what impact your afforestation project might
have on protected areas, scheduled monuments or other environmental and cultural
features. The information you provide will help us to form an opinion on whether your
proposals will have a significant effect on the environment in respect of the Environmental
Impact Assessment (Forestry) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006.
You need to detail operations outside a designated area if they are likely to cause damage
or disturbance to key features within the protected area.
The form will also help you to identify and describe the protected area/monument or the
environmental/cultural feature and demonstrate how you will minimise potential impacts.
Please refer to the Protected Areas listed on the Northern Ireland Environment Agency
website at
and the scheduled monuments at
1. Details
Applicant's Details
Title __________ Forename ______________________ Surname
Are you the land owner?
details below).
No (if no please give owners
2. Site Details
2.1 Name of designation(s) and its key features /Name and type of monument(s)
2.2 Priority Habitats
Does the land to be planted consist of priority habitat – for example blanket bog, heathland
or lowland meadow
3. Operational Details
3.1 Who will carry out the operations?
3.2 Describe the operational activities (e.g. ground preparation) include a reference to the
soils and topography of the site
3.3 What tree species will you plant?
3.4 What are the risks to the environmental/cultural feature(s)?
3.5 How is it intended to minimise these risks?
3.6 Timing of operation(s) including start and completion dates:
4. Environmental Features
4.1 How will your proposal enhance the local landscape?
5. Map
5.1 Attach a map of not less than 1:10,000 scale showing the location of operation including
a grid reference
6. Application
This form should be returned to:
Forest Service
Grants & Regulations Branch
Inishkeen House
Killyhevlin Industrial Estate
BT74 4EJ