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The Monument Men
Art, Hitler, and World War II
Florida Art Education Association
November 9, 2012
“To preserve the legacy of the unprecedented and heroic work of the men and women who served in
the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives (“MFAA”) section, known as “Monuments Men,” during
World War II, by raising public awareness of the importance of protecting and safeguarding
civilization’s most important artistic and cultural treasures from armed conflict, while incorporating
these expressions of man's greatest creative achievements into our daily lives.
The Monuments Men respected the cultures of others. They risked their lives to preserve that culture.
Two Monuments Men were killed in action protecting treasures. As a group the Monuments Men
changed the course of history by returning more than 5 million cultural items after the war.”
Video: The Rape of Europa (DVD)
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The Rape of Europa
Harry Ettlinger (b. 1926)
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Allies Seize German Loot And Criminals (Education: 1940s
Rescuing Da Vinci by Robert M. Edsel. ISBN 0-9774349-4-X
The Rape of Europa by Lynn H. Nicholas ISBN 0-679-75686-8
The Monuments Men: Rescuing Art Plundered by the Nazis By Ronald H. Bailey
The Monument Foundation for the Preservation of Art
Cindy Jesup, NBCT
Spruce Creek High School
Port Orange, Florida