OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
Students are yelling, cursing, hitting and screaming at teachers and nothing is being done but teachers are being told to teach and
ignore the behaviors that are very hard to do now these students know there is nothing a teacher can do. Good students are now
suffering because of the abuse and issues plaguing these classrooms.
I don't think I should have a child who has assaulted me 3 times in my classroom. I have had too many disruptions on my class this
year. I miss teaching without distraction.
I think we need to bring back in house suspension or after school suspension. Students need to be made accountable for their
The office handling calls home for kids and severe discipline issues. Taking up too much time suspension.
School environment is unsafe. I do not feel safe. Teachers are afraid. Students have little or no consequences for behavior that is
often outright violent toward students and staff. Please help us!
I can certainly see where OKCPS wants to save face and not be considered or viewed as a substandard community. I can understand
where Superintendent Neu does not want his claim to fame to be a poorly run school district with too many discipline referrals to
count. (PS. Did anyone take into consideration the percentages of the population/race and factor in the number or referrals per
race?) I know that as a school district we are trying to give the impression that we can fix the problems with our discipline and
student behavior. But, seriously, this problem is not one that the teacher alone can solve. Amen!
It would be great to have an ISS with a strong supportive disciplinary and teacher to ensure the students do not see it as a break but
an intervention to prevent out of school suspension.
It is very sad in most schools in the OKC public school district students nor do parents have no accountability. It is amazing the
district reports to the local news media that the discipline/referrals issues have gone down when that is not the case at all. Teachers
are being abused physically there is total defiance from students as early as 1st -2nd grade.
In some schools students have been running away from the school site and being chased down several blocks. This is a danger to the
students and teachers who have to corral them back to the school site.
The pay is not worth it and the district officials are really out of touch with what is going on each day. Teachers need some relief.
Most of these students come from homes were there are no discipline or respect being taught to them and we think PBIS and GE
will make a difference when this is not practiced in homes. They are only required to comply 5 days per week for 7 hours this is not
enough. Parents need to be more accountable for their children. Educators are leaving this field and we wonder why there is
shortage of teachers in this district.
I have had students display physical outbursts and I sent them to the office because they were harming others and preventing my
class from learning. They were detained temporarily and I was expected to take them back. They continued to disrupt my classroom.
It was not a simple behavior issue, it was a physical violence issue and I was not supported in the matter. Many times when we have
needed office support for issues with student violence we are expected to keep them in our classroom.
To have the ability to suspend students or have in house detention for disruptive behavior would be a great help. Students would
correct the behavior in order to stay into the classroom. Teachers have no support and we spend more time on discipline and other
things that structural education is hindered.
The children in my classroom are very disruptive and I have behavioral issues to deal with every single day, during my lessons and
any other time of the day. I have come to my administrator several times with my concerns and referrals for students and nothing
has happened. I haven't even heard back about any of my referrals I have written and the behavioral issues still continue. It is
extremely difficult for me to get through my lessons when having to stop every 10 minutes to handle disruptive students that should
not still be in my class in the first place. It’s frustrating because my administrator doesn't want a lot of kids sent to his office but what
do you want the teachers to do if we have tried everything, like call the parent, send them to a different class, or take recess, take
specials, etc. Then the administrator doesn't want them sent to the office? OKCPS needs to find a solution to this discipline issues
and fast.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
We rarely receive support from school administrators. In fact, a student of mine was throwing up in my classroom this week and was
sent to the office to go home. We were unable to get a hold of parents so the student was sent back to my classroom. The office
would not handle the situation. I have a 25 minute lunch break each day, and two days a week I get a planning period when my
students are in P.E. M y First Grade team has not met together once during a planning period since school started because we do not
have the coverage during Specials time. Students come to our rooms at 8:00am and eat breakfast in our rooms.
The chronically unruly students who will not behave appropriately and let the other students learn is a big problem and it is not
getting any better. Our administrative team is trying every available method to get student discipline under control but are not
allowed to solve the problems due to constraints placed on them by people at the Board.
I have a very good group of students this year and I have not had too many problems. However, the overall behavior in the building
is very disruptive and there is violence towards other students and staff almost daily. It is adversely affecting those students whose
behavior would otherwise be good because they see there are little or no consequences for misbehavior. It is also a major disruption
to instruction as there is a lot of noise in the hallways.
There are so many requirements put on teachers we do not have time to do much of anything unless we do it at home during
personal time. This new Donors Choose is a joke for high schools who need funding for travel, registrations for various competitions
within the state and nationally. Donors Choose does not lend itself for what High Schools need, thus making fundraising very
important locally. But because many requirements regarding fundraising it makes it difficult to raise money unless you are a friend
or given favor by the financial Secretary. Many times being told that “they won’t allow that downtown at the administration
building” The Principal often listen to the financial secretaries more than their professional certified staff. I believe our financial
secretary at SE is given master keys to the building and including access but teacher are denied after hour access or access of a door
that’s far from where we park. Which means we have to knock on door to get someone attention or walk completely around the
building to gain access. This is not just about discipline it is just concerns which make the work place more difficult to work in.
After 23 years in this district, I have NEVER had the amount of paperwork to complete as I do this year. Discipline is out of control.
The parents are disrespectful to teachers, the kids have no consequences at school and know it. I cannot keep up with the amount of
paperwork between Reading Sufficiency, testing in my classroom, PLC forms, report cards, progress reports, notes emails with
parents, etc. Principals are afraid to discipline kids because of the district putting pressure on them. The work conditions for teachers
has declined a great amount. We are not respected by the leaders of our district. We are working as hard as we can with little pay,
little time during the day, and having to take home way too much to work on outside of contract time. Making us work and make up
snow days and stay here for days on end is unacceptable.
I have tried my hardest not to write referrals this year and during the end of last year because the referrals either got returned with
instructions that I deal with the problem (that it is not an offense which required a referral) or that teachers would have to start a
discipline committee and/or be here on Saturdays for Saturday school. The more we wrote referrals, the more we had placed on us.
This deterred many of us from writing them. Nothing has been resolved this year. I do not have issues with my students but I do with
the 6th grade. They are out of control and often times the main administrator is not in the building, which places more work on the
other administrator so we get absolutely no help. The one time the main administrator did help with the 6th grade, she kept not
only the entire 6th grade outside after recess (which made them 15min.late to lunch), she held the 6th grade teachers as well. They
had 5-10 min. left for lunch by the time they got back to their classrooms. If we voice our complaints we get retaliated against with
more work. In addition to this, when 6th graders (any grade actually) get ISS they are sent to lower grades. When teachers are
absent and no sub is available they split their class. I had my students, four 2nd graders and a 4th grader serving ISS all in one day
while waiting to be observed. The 4th grader was ED in my opinion and had an IQ of 65. I was told this by an administrator. She also
said he would be no problem. He was a problem. Most of this year’s staff already want to quit and morale is low. We get no backing
and no praise from the main administrator, only from the other. Last of all, because of our Apple grant we are forced to work non
contract days without stipends. We have to work this Monday and Tuesday of Fall Break. We have to work around 17 days to meet
the criteria for the Apple grant. In addition to that we get dozens of emails from the main administrator to look at apps for the ipads
and countless other tasks during the work day, after work, on weekends, and holidays. She also constantly posts to the schools
private fb page. She even sent out stuff on Christmas of last year. The constant flood of information is unbearable and is bordering
on absurd. Most of us are just trying to make it until Christmas, even the office staff. Thank you.
Pre-k is not given adequate planning time we are to deal with discipline issues during our nap time and this is the only planning I get
and my children are still in the room.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
It seems the students have a "fuzzy" idea of what proper conduct in school and in the classroom entails. Even when corrected
verbally, pulled aside from the rest of the class and talked with, it means very little. As a teacher, I feel there is very little respect of
authority; my perception concerning this lack of respect seems to come from lack of direction at home I believe to correct the
problems we are seeing, we need to involve the parents in recognizing the depth of the problem. Parents should be involved in
finding and contributing to a course of action will involve teachers, parents and administrators. I don't know how to accomplish this
since I'm not up on district policy. I just know something needs to be done if we want to continue offering a high level of education
Concerning the third question, my administrator is very supportive and helps when possible. However, even after putting a positive
intervention behavior in place, students need outside discipline at times because it is continually disrupting the other student's
learning. Ideally, it would be nice to have an ISS (in school suspension) room or teacher or assistant for these students (maybe even
just part of the week). Then secretaries or other teachers would not have to deal with students in the office or classroom when the
principal has to go to observe a classroom or deal with another issue.
In the past, there were not enough steps to the discipline plan. Now there are too many steps. There should be a progression into
students paying back for their negative behavior. Each step should be harsher and more restrictive for the student and parent. We
need to make our parents more accountable for their child as well. I have had parents tell me that their child is my responsibility
from 9 - 4 and not theirs. I remind them that they do not give up their parental responsibilities when their child walks into the school
I have a great administrator. My administrator has simply too much on their plate to sufficiently address discipline issues timely. My
administrator wants to be as supportive as possible, but the incredible demand of unruly and out of control students keeps the
administrator on the run all of the time. Numerous meetings and workshops take the administrator out of the building frequently
that leaves literally no one in charge except for the classroom teacher over her classroom. I am completely aghast at the behavior
change this year! The students are much more aggressive. My intent is to enter the classroom and begin each day with the positive
approach. Within minutes, I am forced to address a dangerous or completely inappropriate behavior that requires a direct response
from me that directs the student to stop the behavior. So much for pointing out the positive behavior that I want to encourage, a
potential crisis has put me on the defensive. I want to suggest that instead of considering a school for an assistant principal with the
actual number of heads in the school, that the administration, in HR, consider the amount of ED, LD, IEP students, students being
currently involved in the RTI process to be considered for an IEP and referrals that are worked in each building on an average year. It
is unreasonable to expect a principal to be effective when the number of problems the school faces per day are astronomical!!! My
thoughts are that this is actually a more realistic system; to weigh the behavioral and educational needs of the school population to
determine the need for an assistant principal rather than to simply count heads. Some schools have populations that the parental
involvement is non-existent and the children have more serious behavior problems. If OKCPS wants to keep good teachers they
need to make certain that the teachers have an administrator that can be available not only by being in the building but by having
enough support staff and administrative staff to avail the administrator to address issues in a timely manner. Lastly, has anyone
considered the number of children per classroom and the square footage available per child? According to the State of Oklahoma,
Department of Human Services, Child Care Licensing Requirements, under Part 1 Requirements for Child Care Centers, Section 11
Physical facilities, (d) Licensed capacity (1) Indoor Play Space (C) 35 square foot is the minimum allowed per child. A guess of my
square footage in my classroom, with the space taken up for cupboards, coat racks included, (Not allowable in Child Care Centers) I
have the approximate room size of 25' by 25' = 625 square foot. 625 square foot divided by 35 square foot per child allows for 17
children. Again, please remember that a large part of my classroom is filled with built in cupboards and a coat rack. My current class
size is 26 students! According to DHS guidelines, I would be closed down if I were a Child Care Center. Could this be just another part
of our discipline problem at OKCPS? My answer to this is a bold "Yes!". We are schooling emotionally fragile children in classrooms
with less square footage than is currently allowable in a Child Care. Of course the children are going to be hostile when they are
sandwiched into classrooms like sardines!
Putting some pressure on the parents would probably improve the student's behavior in most cases.
When there is a severe behavior issue and certain members of our admin team are told about it, a very snarky reply is given or a
'what do you want me to do about it?' attitude. There have been times when "buzzing the office" for a severe behavior problem was
necessary and nobody responded after 3-4 times. Students are allowed to speak to teachers in any manner with no consequences.
Students are threatening teachers and other students. Some of the children don't want to be in hallway during passing because they
fear for their safety. This is becoming a safety issue for teachers as well.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
The students have changed because society has changed. The students of today live a life of such entitlement. They question
everything, argue with everyone, are offended by almost everyone and everything and are overly sensitive to words and actions of
others. They are in no way, whatsoever, tough enough for the real world. They lack discipline at home and lack respect in our
schools. Above all, they lack, in the most extreme way possible, self control. The students these days have no filter. Whatever
thought crosses their mind also crosses their lips. As teachers, we are told to try so many different strategies that our students don't
see any sort of consistency through the year. This certainly doesn't help our situation or theirs. District administration(s) need to
assist the teachers in getting the schools back into the teacher's and administrator's control and take it away from the students,
parents and general public.
At this time I have no major complaints - I do have two students who are problematic - red flags have been raised with the
appropriate administrators - they have had detentions but they are jeopardizing their own possibilities of receiving an IB Diploma - I
will be talking with their parents next but these are seniors and they just don't seem to care.
We need more ways to pull parents in to help keep behavior positive. They are the most effective consequence.
The school administration at my school is excellent. The problem is that we have a lack of resources for two kinds of kids. Those who
do not qualify for SPED although they are below normal intelligence and consistently act out in class because they cannot
understand the curriculum, and those with not enrichment programs who are bored with curriculum. These two types of students
along with those who are so severely behind and have been passed along regardless of skill and promoted based on age or a
teacher's unwillingness to intervene is a huge problem for me as a teacher. The amount of time I spend correcting student behavior
is astronomic have taught for 15 years and the workload is at an all time high, I spend less time actually planning my lessons than I
do trying to keep up with all the paperwork. I am guilty of using class time to complete forms, analyze data, and prepare lessons
when I should be working with students because I can't get it all done. Discipline is a whole other issue, repeat offenders are dealt
with but with a negative response from the administrator and you are left feeling as if you are supposed to be able to do it all. I love
teaching, but the last two or three years it is less about teaching and meeting administrators’ demands. It saddens me to see so
many great teachers leaving the district because it no longer brings them joy. If you could just give us more time to plan, and less
bureaucratic paperwork on both the teachers part and the administrators part we can focus on the students. I would also like to
add, cold days should be for students only, let teachers come in and work if they can. Also when decisions are being made, send it in
writing to the teachers, verbal information is easily distorted and we need to know the why's behind the decisions being made, i.e.
star literacy progress monitoring (yea or nay). Thank you for this opportunity to voice my opinions. An instructional day that already
has more requirements than minutes.
There are very unsupportive parents regarding their child's behavior. I have called a parent numerous times to meet with me for a
BIP and/or to sit with her child. I have 2 of these parents. A majority of the time they are out of reach, don't answer the phone, or
refuse to come up to the school. One child has been suspended twice for hitting other students, the parent will not comply with our
wishes and continues to drop him off like it's a daycare.
Our PLC and planning times are adequate and helpful for support professionally. I need more support for classroom management. I
have 2 hours a day which cause the greatest disruptions,TB1 & TB6. If I could get some better strategies for the severe and
disruptive behavior I would love that. Most of what I know is to curtail low-disruption behaviors. I'm not good at the bigger behavior
Thank you caring!
I feel teachers are the only ones suffering. We are sick, tired, and stressed but yet we still love our students.
I believe some kids behavior in the classroom justifies them being suspended and I don't think we do them any justice when we
don't make them stay at home for behavior issues.
It is hard to complete all the paper work required by the school and the state in the time allowed at school. I work a minimum of 2
hours over contract time each day to complete work needed to provide the correct instruction and be in compliance with OKCPS and
State mandates.
Students who are disruptive in the classroom take away from instruction and planning time. It is not fair to the other students who
are following rules/procedures to see students who do what they want to do when they want to do it. During planning time, I have
to document misbehavior, talk to administrators, and communicate with parents.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
I teach kindergarten and we have a total of at least 11 students who are completely out of control. We get very little answers and
are left dealing w them. When discipline forms are filled out nothing happens next. And we spend a ton of time filling them out.
Furthermore we are not being given adequate planning time kids arrive in my room at 8:05. I must stay w them during recess I get
25 minutes lunch if I race to get back to my room. On Monday I meet during my special time w my team. On Tuesday I do get 40
minutes. On Wednesday I have to go to PLC meeting which is a complete waste of my time and they don't even give us 5 minutes to
go to restroom. I feel like the district thinks I am too stupid to spend my time wisely Thursday Friday I get 40 minutes. And I have
duty every night 3:10 to 3:25. I get to work every morning at 6:30 and am running nonstop all day. I wish our district would show us
a little appreciation especially when it comes to us making up snow days.
Two, if not three planning sessions are taken for team meetings, and PLC and guest presenters, EM, Reading Literacy coaches, etc.-people that we have to give up more planning time to work with sent from downtown. I personally stay until 6-7 most days to get
the allotted work done and I am exhausted. We have 15 duties--5 breakfast, 5 lunch, and 5 after school. This is ridiculous. There has
to be a better solution to monitoring students. We have aids but they use their phones on a daily occurrence, texting, etc. during
lunch hour, etc. My aid gets pulled most days for translations, and so is really no use to me at all. No wonder teachers leave, they are
expecting too much of everyone. FAC, Leadership, new teacher meetings after school. Never even one day you can have a
lunch/recess combo to work. Constantly people dropping in to watch and observe. It seems someone is here at all times. Not a very
fun environment to work, and be excited about coming daily.
Behavior issues take up most of our teaching time at our school. As an experienced teacher who has taught internationally (at least
in three different continents), I find myself devoting more time to correcting behavior than teaching. There are students with chronic
behavior problems whose sole purpose for coming to school, it seems, is to disrupt the learning process for others. Most parents of
such students do not even bother to pick up or respond to our calls to inform them of their children's behavior. There are no
consequences for disruptive behaviors; as such, most students tend to repeat the cycle each day at school. Parents, and not
teachers, should be held accountable for their children's behavior. The district needs to hold parents more accountable for their
children's behavior. I am of the strong opinion that if we did not have the behavior problems in our schools our students could
achieve more.
All I feel like these days is that all everyone wants is paperwork and really no one really cares how it gets done. Are we really
considering what’s best for children or what makes the school district look good at all cost? Maybe some of the decision makers can
come out and run the district for about a week and see what happens. Maybe, they will have a better understanding.
Elementary teachers are only allowed 40 min. per day planning time (Since you have to walk your students to their specials and pick
them up it is really only 35 minutes). Elementary teachers need the same, if not more, planning time than middle and high school
teachers since we are expected to teach all six subjects every day. It's ridiculous that we are only given 40 min. per day (and
sometimes we are not given any planning at all during the day). Also, students are sent to our classes between 7:55 and 8:00 a.m. to
eat their breakfast in the classroom.
At this elementary site, we have had at least two incidents of which I am aware that students brought weapons to school. One
student was suspended three days. The other student was immediately sent back to his class. He was assigned after school
detention. In previous years, this was not tolerated. Students used to be sent to CIC or whatever law enforcement institution existed
at those times. We need to worry less about litigation and more about safety in the schools.
When I answered the questions regarding how supportive my administration is...I was not referring to my school principal. She does
everything that she can to be supportive and help making positive changes with student behavior. However, her hands are also tied
by the ADMINISTRATION downtown who do not understand what it is like in a real school and real classroom. I had a student last
year who terrorized me and my class. Very little could be done to modify and change his behavior! He was on an IEP! He knew
nothing could be done to him! We need more alternative schools for all age groups including elementary!
My administrators' hands are tied by the district. They do their best but the district policies are prohibitive and ridiculous.
I except and accept a lore more “discipline problems” because I am teaching Pre-K, and most of my students had – and still have –
much to learn as far as expectations and routines, and what is and is not allowed as far as behavior. I am very satisfied – and
pleased-with both of my administrators; they are both available and eager to help me with any problems that might arise in my
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
I feel that it is very unfair that the behavior of one, is considered over the behavior of 20+ others. It is like the children with the good
behavior are punished for defending themselves against those with behavior problems. I am not talking about ED children I am
talking about children that just feel that the rules don't apply to them. It very disheartening and very unfair. That a child can throw
his/her lunch tray at a teacher, curse out the teacher and staff and his classmates, turn over trash cans and pretty much tear up the
cafeteria and there are no repercussions.
Phase in new requirements instead of saying here it is, now go do it. Students, Parents, Administrators, and Teachers, should all be
part of the process in finding a better way to handle student behavior and discipline. Planning time needs to be uninterrupted time.
On the issue of planning: I am one of the elective teachers that chose to take a 6th time block in lieu of PLC. It has since come to my
attention that not all PLCs meet every day or for a full 40 minutes, when one of those teachers cover a 6th class, they are paid. I
teach and plan for a 6th class every day and receive no compensation. On the issue of discipline: Consequences for offenses
requiring a referral are treated differently by every administrator. One admin may levy a 3 day stint in ISS, while another may send
the student back to class for the same offense. I was threatened by a student this year. He was suspended for the rest of the school
year. This student was not my student. He entered my room, drug his girl friend into the hall, slammed her against the wall, I
followed right behind. He threatened to "F" me up n***a. Had this student been in class (he has a history of violence) or had the
halls been monitored or if admin's hands weren't tied regarding suspensions, this incident could have been avoided. Tardies are
rampant. Hall sweeps are few. The climate of respect for teachers among students is lower than I have seen it in years (I'm a 24 year
veteran in the district) and I see little being done to facilitate that climate of respect. Many of us have given up on the phone and
dress code issue. It does little good to enforce a dress code AFTER the student has passed scanning. In short we have had better
disciple in the past, more mutual respect and more equitable planning time.
Lack of discipline and lack of structure throughout the building are beyond ridiculous!! Administrator never leaves the office. The
only time the principal is seen out of the office is to do informal evaluations. What a joke! The leadership quality in this district from
the Superintendent to Building Administrators is beyond inadequate! Mr. Neu reports to the media how most of the positions are
filled. However, he neglects to report that he's eliminated positions and loaded up classrooms to be able to give these false reports
to the media. If the general public only knew how poorly a lot of these schools are being run, they would be horrified! Our teachers
here truly appreciate when Ed speaks to the media and gives the true picture of what's going on with the district. Quality teachers,
and many of them good career teachers, are leaving in droves, and it's only going to get worse! That's something else that Robert
Neu can give himself a pat on the back about. You all want to know about referrals? It does absolutely no good to waste time writing
a referral for absolutely nothing to be done about it by the administration, and especially by an administrator that won't come out of
the office! The students are well aware of this, and therefore many of them are running rampant during the school day. Pretty bleak
picture for this district unless something is done to bring this back around and done so in an expedited way.
The best move would be to make the rule that no more than 20 students per class would be allowed. This is borne out of research
going back over 40 years that shows that tribes over 20 have a marked increase of violence compared to tribes below that number.
Classrooms are much easier to manage when they are between 12-20 students.
I feel that administrators have their hands tied. There isn’t much they can do about the student behavior because of district
I am a special education teacher. I am new to the district and feel overwhelmed with paperwork. Why are special education ID
students required to meet RSA guidelines? It seems a waste of teacher and student time. Students have been identified as having
academic challenges. I address IEP goals and objectives.
Students with chronic behavior often have more severe problems then the school counselor can help with. Students would benefit
from a counselor who could sit down and help students learn anger management, and coping skills for issues at home. I talked to a
student this year that had changed his behavior from last year and he told his mom found an anger management program.
The DISTRICT does not respect our time as teachers. At times it feels admin has their hands tied due to downtown giving directives
but they not steeped foot in a school in years. It is obvious that the DISTRICT does not value us as teachers as evidence by refusing
to do anything about the snow days. It is such an easy fix....we have seven days built in...I have kids in my room at 8:05 already
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
teaching, so if the kids don’t make them up we don’t have to make them up. Teachers would not be so resistant to graduation and
such if we felt valued throughout the year. We have families of our own that the district expects to put second to our job. It does
not work that way. So much is thrown at us and we are constantly changing we don’t give programs time to work.
Our admin staff has been very supportive, at least for the admin assigned to my grade level of students. They have specifically asked
that we adopt a zero tolerance policy for ANY behavior issues and move directly to a referral and/or call an admin to have the
student in question removed from the class room. They specifically stated that they were aware that this may result in a large
number of referrals and were very clear that this would not be seen as a negative but rather as an attempt for us as a team (teachers
and admin) to gain control of the classroom. The willingness to support us as teachers has, at least for me, raised my moral
significantly. Knowing that I have an outlet to expedite the handling of a disruptive student has allowed me to focus more on
teaching and spend less time worrying about all the steps and time consuming aspects of discipline.
I am not a regular classroom teacher. I came back to this school after a year at another school. This school is much better, and I have
encountered some disruptive students during lunch duty, but not in my classes. The administrators are always willing to help, but I
don't know of any behavior policy other than Great Expectations, which I have never received training for.
The Marzano Evaluation system, in my opinion, is too complex and wastes valuable time, in addition it doesn't measure the real
important aspects of teaching; just because a grade of a student increases it doesn't mean that the students learned the most
important things that are really needed to become a productive citizen. Additionally, the evaluation does not measure a teacher’s
real value as a teacher - the art of teaching, which is a real part of teaching, is not measured.
It seems that student referrals are ignored or admin does try to handle some way. I notice that kids who are suspended are still on
the roll. Are they trying to hide the fact that referrals have been written from the media or what? I have written one referral with
backlash and I won't write another one. Why would I, nothing changes.
When I first began working at this school I wrote referrals whenever the student code of conduct indicated I should. Most of the
time the students were returned and the referrals were thrown away. My second year I limited that to only those times when
violence was used. Most of the times I was lectured about how students were only acting in a way that I allowed and the students
were not even talked to at all. This year I don't waste my time on the process.
Marzano and PLC's do nothing to help me as a teacher to help me help my students
Our school sees zero action when it comes to disruptive and/or very bad behaviors. Referrals will be written for kids by all of their
teachers and there are zero consequences. This only emboldens the disruptor(s). Fights receive minimal suspension, threats receive
minimal ISS. A teacher was threatened with a drive-by shooting and nothing happened to the student despite multiple people
alerting admin. Admin seems to be very upset as well, their hands are tied by central office.
Way too much outside interference (paperwork, constant documentation, testing that is not really valid for young children).
Student behavior is more out of control during transition times. They act out during lesson changes, bathroom break, and hallway
transition and in specials classes like art and music.
I am forced to give up my personal to do 7th hour athletics. If I refuse then I will not be allowed to coach. I have only my lunch time
and after practice to do my teacher preps and grading. I do not write up students, I handle any issues in my class myself. The
Marzano TLE or anything is idiotic and worthless. I have yet to be informally observed and it is 10-7-15... really?
This district is more horrible to work for by the minute. The downtown admin is making sure that no other metro district will have
teacher shortages next year, as most of us will be leaving to work for a less Nazi goose stepping district.
Reduction in the amount of required paperwork from teachers. There is a great need for the use of the Instructional Facilitators in
each building. They will be able to provide the teachers the necessary assistance with the RTi process, assistance with the
intervention groups, and curriculum. The behavior in my building appears to be under control with the utilization of the Behavior
Log process. This process is allowing all parties involved to give their insight on the related behavioral issue(s) that may interfere
with the learning process of the student and their peers. I personally feel that the discipline related issues are handled with
professionalism in a timely manner. In reference the my personal feelings in relation to the amount of paperwork included in my
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
workload, a resolution must be implemented to reduce the amount of paperwork required of those required to provide special
services to students.
There is conflicting information concerning the SOP for discipline. Some of my referrals have not been added to SIPS. I have no idea
what has come of the referrals that I have sent in unless the student tells me what happened. We attempted to streamline our
consequences among teachers so that we were consistent from classroom to classroom; however, I was informed from the an
administrator that those consequences were inaccurate. We have PLC's during planning periods so I have limited amounts of time to
contact parents and have fallen behind in doing so. An administrator advised me to do it on my own time from my cell phone at
I believe a large part of the behavioral issues experienced by OKCPS is due to the large attrition rate of new teachers. Classroom
management skills come with time and experience. In schools and classrooms where experienced teachers are needed the most,
they end up getting the least experienced. Due to the lack of skills by fresh teachers, the students never learn good skills themselves.
Pay teachers more, keep us, and behavioral issues will fall. There are numerous studies on this, Stanford has published on this.
On 2 occasions I have sent children who were fighting on the playground to the office. I have called the office to tell them what the
problem was. On one occasion the children returned within 5 minutes and told me the principal said I had to handle it myself. The
other time the children were back on the playground within 5 minutes after having been told to apologize. We teachers have been
told to keep discipline folders on each student. There are some days when I spend at least 30 minutes documenting what various
children did, what I did, the consequences, how the parents were contacted, and their responses.
Teachers at my school are now required to have double morning duty. We have been placed on a rotating schedule to come in at
7:30 a.m. to “babysit” students in the cafeteria who arrive before 8:00. We already have duty from 8:00 to 8:20, due to breakfast in
the classroom. There is no pay for the additional required time. Most importantly, it takes planning time away from teachers who
to arrive early to make preparations for the day.
Scheduling is the biggest challenge for me. I teach an elective class and have lots of students that did not 'elect' to be in here.
Dealing with discipline on them takes a lot of time and 'spirit' away from those students who do want to be in here.
1. Students are lazy. (Period). Students do not want to complete the smallest of any assignments. I have never seen anything like this
and I am at a middle school.
2. Students talk constantly talk back to teachers and school personnel. Students use profanity constantly. Students are highly
disrespectful. Students constantly arguing to with each other and teachers and authority figures. Teachers cannot even teach due to
constant disruptions.
I am new to OKCPS = Have only been in the classroom for two weeks. Therefore, I am not qualified to answer some of the survey
questions. However, I would expect that since I am a veteran teacher who has worked in four previous school districts in the
OKC/Mid-Del/ Moore / Norman area, my perceptions would count for something. Therefore, I will answer what I feel is truth!
- I can say that the amount and frequency of offending behavior is greater than anytime and anyplace I have worked, period!
- The responsive and support of my administrators in dealing with behavior issues are as well as might be expected given the
support they are given and the expectations of a political administration. Yet it is OBVIOUS there are NOT enough "Boots on the
Ground" to change and curb the lack of respect for order and structure learning typical of a "normal" campus. Your school's
discipline plan,
- Everybody is responsible for administering discipline - BUT, "Referrals DO NOT suffice" in a culture of defiance who believes, "If you
don't get caught, you haven't done anything wrong." Or, more, "Oh well, IF there is NO SIGNIFICANT CONSEQUENCE." The
predominant student culture on this campus has very little "Fear OR Respect" of impeding consequences, OR, for "teacher
authority" in general.
- It is interesting that this survey references the problem and the solution in the Discipline Plan phrase, "ALL its steps."
- When I was growing up, teachers didn't write referrals - They didn't have to. And as such, I do not, have not, ever, written a
referral. I have on the other hand dealt with it! But, the problem here is bigger. WAY BIGGER!
- I DO NOT, DID NOT, collect data on my own children and they were good students and were not behavioral problems. DATA does
not solve apathetic, disrespectful, and unethical behavior.
- If you want kids to care, you must have teachers who care. And to have teachers who care, you MUST create a culture of HONOR of
the profession and position. I will leave you with ONE LAST THOUGHT to ponder about the solution to disciplinary measures of a
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
societal illness: The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said, "For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction are
most suitable."
I am a Special Education Resource/Lab teacher with a low caseload this year. I work with only 3rd and 4th grade students who have
Specific Learning Disabilities and I have no more than five students in my lab classes per hour. None of the students I am providing
small-group or one-on-one instruction to demonstrate any behavior issues in my classroom whatsoever. I am thinking this may be
due to the fact that before I attempt to teach them anything I build a relationship with each student on my caseload; that is every
single student that I serve knows that I care about them as people. Once they know that I care, then they do everything they can to
learn what I am trying to teach them. However, such relationship building would not be possible if my caseload were significantly
larger. Obviously, the more students one has, the less time is available for relationship building.
I believe that the Administrations' hands are tied (because of School board’s decision and directives). While I personally handle my
discipline issues in class (positive rewards, phone call home, etc) I still have the occasional student that is defiant, disruptive and
refuses to following direction/redirection. If I send them to the office, then they are generally unable to do anything. When I first
started teaching, disruptive, disrespectful behavior was a referral. When we refuse to acknowledge how the students treat school
staff, then we are allowing chaos in the class/school.
I believe that every teacher in our building spends time outside of our contract working in some capacity: meetings, student clubs,
grading, planning, etc. I think this time should count towards our snow days and we should not have to make up days when the
students are not here. EVERY other district in the area has done this. Why can't we??
You didn't provide a spot to speak about theft in the classroom, which has occurred in my room this year. It seems to me that it
takes too many steps to remove an unruly student from the classroom. A counselor for each school would also be beneficial, at least
one that's part-time. As the present time, my school has no counselor. Some children may be better served by placement in a
classroom where the teacher is trained to handle certain discipline problems.
I am a special education teacher so some of the behavior issues are to be expected but the lack of planning time is the one that I find
hard to deal with. Also the lack of support I get from the administration on getting my assistants to actually do their jobs. That is put
on me to handle and I feel it should be done by the person that has the ability to hire and fire.
I am the music teacher. I answered all of the questions, however, some do not exactly apply within the context they were asked.
Enforce some rules regarding absences and tardies.
I was moved to third grade this year. I do not have enough planning time or time to meet with my team. We do our planning after
school. I have to take numerous things home and spend almost every evening and weekend working on school work.
I have 3 DOCUMENTED students who have all been in alternative settings; 1 was "institutionalized" for 2 years; the other 2 were in a
combination day treatment/ alternative school. I have had NO support in dealing with these children. One is intent on completely
disrupting my teaching/learning environment by provoking students through insults, or invading their personal space, etc. He also
destroys my personal property and that of the school's . He will destroy games of mine, and books. He breaks crayons and hurls
them at student. etc.Yesterday, in a PLC meeting, we were shown that 6th grade made 18 discipline referrals, while (deleted name
of school) Elementary, "only had 1". It is this kind of condescension and "admonishment" that leads us to feel alone (other than our
team and fellow teachers) and unsupported. I have taught for 30 years, I was a teacher of the year twice in a former district. This is
appalling. I don't feel as though I am treated as a professional or even a colleague.
I've been teaching over 25 years around the state of Oklahoma. Only a few years in the OKC district. I was and still am surprised by
the amount of meetings we attend and committees we are on which are NOT helping the learning process. Having disciplinary
support by administrators is vital to teachers and students. It is now virtually absent in the OKC schools. The new disciplinary process
is filled with pages of paperwork. To remove a disruptive student from the classroom must be preceded by parent contact along
with the discipline form. What are we supposed to do with all the students who waiting to learn? I do not know if I can finish this
school year because of my frustration and the abuse of teachers by this school district.
The past 2 years in this school, we began with a class size of around 17 to 19 students. Around the 7th or 8th week of school,
teachers were moved around, classes disrupted and combined to 25-26 students. Our reading and math scores are in the toilet. Our
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
"playground" is the teacher parking lot. It seems simple to me that to increase learning that teachers should be allowed to teach
with strong support when discipline problems occur. All these committees and learning styles are mostly a waste of time.
There is a marked difference in disruptive student behaviors this year as compared to last. Students have honed in on the fact that
they can get away with things or push the limits and have very little consequence. Classrooms, hallways and especially bathrooms
are much more "out of control" this year. I would appreciate a plan that sends "trouble" students home instead of to another
teachers classroom!
I have several students that have what appear to be chronic behavior issues. For these more severe and consistent cases, I feel like
not enough is being done to mitigate classroom disruptions by these students. When I send these students up to the office I am met
with responses like "The office is not a babysitting service", and when the office will accept my most severe behavior problems they
often return with candy, having been given a special job or task to perform by the principal, vice principal, or other office staff. In
some ways, going to the office isn't really a punishment, but at this time it's the only recourse I feel I have to remove students with
toxic behavior from the learning environment to try and protect my other students.
Most of our planning periods are taken with PLC meetings. Students consequences for fighting is ISS In School Suspension. Which is
eating lunch in the office?
Less students
The students at (deleted school name) Elementary School arrive in the classroom at 8:00am and eat in the classroom. Our principal
demands that all teachers be in the halls from 8:00 - 8:20.
Having computers in the in-house suspension is a reward for students. Students are happy to disrupt class due to reward.
I am in a school that went from a yearly 5% teacher turnover rate to a yearly 20% teacher turnover rate in 5 years. Administrators in
the last 4 years do not give any indication that they are taking their role as building managers seriously. Neither teachers nor
students are held to any standard not listed on the Marzano sheet nor our staff or students monitored by administrators. This
presents a situation where administrators do not set behavioral goals for either staff or student nor are they seen trying to enforce
any rules. Teachers are demoralized and confused about which rules should be enforced and which should not as there is no
consistent example to follow. They are therefore retreating into their rooms. An example of administrative disengagement; I broke
up a fight in another teacher's doorway and in the process was struck in the face. The only people that acknowledged the incident
was the police officer and the kid that hit me. Not one administrator acknowledged that I had broken up the fight, let alone that I
had been struck. When administrators demonstrate such a callous disengagement from the people and activities in the building this
attitude filters down to the kids who disengage from learning.
Student discipline is a problem. Our students are fully aware of the lack of serious consequences for unruly behavior. There have
been several fights, weapons brought to school and verbal threats to other students and often teachers. The admin is trying to get it
under control but it’s not enough. Some of our students truly do not belong in a traditional school setting but will never be fully
removed from the classroom. Even Veteran teachers are struggling with discipline issue this year. I often find my personal planning
making parent phone calls.
Elementary planning time and lunches are reduced due to requirements to escort students to and from lunch and specials. This
routinely takes about 10 minutes of our planning time. We are required to be in the cafeteria for an assembly every morning, have
duty every day at lunch and after school and once a week at breakfast. Add PLC meetings, committee meetings, etc. and we have
little to no time to plan, meet with our teaching partners, etc. To top it all off, we have a principal that refuses to give us more than
our minimum contracted planning time even though it is possible. Knowing that we lose so much of our planning time and lunch, we
should really have an additional plan time to compensate. When special teachers are out, we lose planning time altogether and are
pressured not to fill out plan coverage because it apparently brings our school rating grade down. Therefore, we frequently give up
our plan time and take several additional students into our classes for the day (when substitutes are unavailable) and are not even
compensated for it.
Teachers in the elementary schools do not have enough planning time with PLC, phone calls to parents sometimes 3 times a week to
the same parent, having IEP meetings during planning time, parent meetings during planning time, not getting planning time due to
a specials teacher being absent. This seems to be an ongoing event at some schools. I personally have spent 20 to 30 minutes in a
day just dealing with student behavior and it happens every day. Students have left classroom without permission, shown disrespect
to adults, bully other students, and the list goes on and on and on.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
Being asked to cover classes becomes a source of stress and resentment as I need all the planning time I am given.
We have been given an unrealistic amount of requirements to meet in regards to discipline, data collection and workload. Couple
those things with comments such as "you can do that over the weekend", "you'll have to do that before or after school", etc. and the
lack of respect is just as overwhelming as the workload. Students who are chronic discipline problems are not dealt with by
administration. "These kids need to be kept in school" is a comment that has been made concerning those children. No
consideration is given to the remaining children in class whose learning is being disrupted over and over or to the teacher whose
lessons are also disrupted over and over.
We have nothing in the way of discipline. The parents blame the schools and the principals say use more positive methods. I would
like to see some methods put into practice. We are told how to deal with a situation, who do we do when it doesn’t work. I need to
know if I am doing anything wrong. I want to be a better but some classes I deal with individual students; more than teach my
subject and the students. Many of the students want to learn, only a few cause the problems. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am not in support of PLC's every day nor the external requirements of my classroom set up. Policies have been put into place that
takes time away from my planning and making my classroom run smoothly. I have been allotted a 50 minute planning period but my
time is spent following requirements from the district to have content standards, learning goals, objectives etc. that I am teaching at
that time. It may seem insignificant but it is time consuming and for a moot point. I would like to use my time planning and creating
lessons to better suit my students and to call parents when needed.
Our planning time is taken up by PLC/planning meetings every week. The data we collect has to be done on our own time. Although I
don't have discipline issues in my classroom, the discipline plan for the district is awful. There are things that are illegal that are only
a long term suspension. The district will see fewer and fewer teachers staying if Neu continues with most of the programs he
started. We have way too many people working at the board who should be in the classroom instead of wasting time up there.
Completely overwhelmed with the current situation. I am a seasoned teacher, but I feel like my head is just above the water each
and every day. I have a proactive and supportive principal but his/her hands are tied with this new "discipline" plan. We have some
VERY unstable students in this district and they are not dealt with accordingly.
Student behavior needs to be met with traditional methods, like spanking. Community service by picking up trash and cleaning the
building also is a good idea. Some people at my school have started this community service discipline, like picking up trash. Running
laps in the gym is also good discipline that the p.e. teachers have implemented. Running laps is also good exercise. I wish we had
exercise bikes or treadmills for kids to use when they have excess energy and can't sit still in the classroom. They could go work out
on the equipment for a time out. I've seen pictures of classroom where every desk had a bicycle thing attached so they could
exercise their legs while doing their work or big balls to sit on and balance instead of chairs.
It has been a great year at (deleted name of school) so far!
We are required to spend time on ineffective things like team PLC and team meeting. I It has become such a load to keep up with
the amount of paper work and tracking that it has absolutely taken a toll on my family. It has started to cause health problems and it
has really impacted the love I have for the kids and teaching. I have thrown my hands up and can't even digest all the work load. I
have resorted to picking and choosing what I get done. don't have time to correctly plan for my classes. Data, data, data is a joke.
The students are not concerned with Data!
I have not had a lot of discipline problems this year. I have written 3 green slips, but no office referrals. I usually deal with discipline
on my own. I feel if we had fewer duties, and my students were sent to my class at 8:15 instead of 8:00, it would be beneficial. I feel
like most of our PLC meetings are useless, and would prefer to have that 40 minutes to grade, work on lesson plans, call parents, etc.
I changed schools so that has had the biggest impact on the decrease in the behavior I am having to tolerate this year. Most of it is
verbal rather than physical and it is usually not directed at me, and usually just a student expressing their want to not try to do
something. The majority of my stress however comes from lack of understanding/compassion from my administration. Rather than
asking why something isn't done or what the issue in the way is for some task not being completed or to their standards, or dealing
with a student's behavior on an incident I was not aware of, it is more of an attack and telling me to call the parents (I refused not
knowing the incident) and they only listen to a person who was in my room just over an hour on one of the most unorganized days
of the week due to an event on campus that was out of my control. This does not go for both administrators. The Assistant is
extremely supportive and helpful and communicates very well. I feel like, on the whole, our staff is not very connected. We are not
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
allowed to use the school wide email to communicate with each other and while those on our lunch duty assignments are typically
close, the rest of us are not and may speak only in passing if at all. When my immediate administrator is in the room or the person
asked to come in from the district, I feel as though I am being judged for everything I am doing "wrong" rather than what is being
done correctly and what positives there are in the students' growth. It is not at all inspiring or encouraging to come to work when
you know you are just going to be told that you are messing up or not performing to their standards despite the positive, and
unexpected, feedback from lower grade students who are excited to come to your room to work when their teacher is out or from
upper grade students who simply see you in the hall and from the growth of my own students on their Star360 scores over the last
month. But none of that is taken into consideration, only that I may clock in 5 minutes late (after over an hour of a commute), or
that the classroom is unorganized (as I took over from another teacher and am organizing and rearranging as we go), and our AC was
broken and it was extremely warm in our room so the kids were totally antsy on the day my administrator recently decided to
observe. While we need supplies and have a class supply budget, I feel like we are raising a lot of money (popcorn sales etc.) that
could be going toward projects, assignments, and materials for the classroom but is instead going into a "field trip" fund when I have
been told, in the past, it was for class funds.
We definitely need more planning time to accommodate the special assignments and intervention for the students who keep the
other students from learning the curriculum.
Ability to have alternative placement for Emotional Disturbed students on an IEP out of regular education classroom.
My school administration is amazing. It is the district level administration that is hurting our schools. Being a priority school, we are
entitled to have a cap of 24 students per class. We have teachers that want to come work for us, but because there are schools
without teachers, we are not allowed to hire anymore teachers.
Also, we are unable to keep our students safe when we have a student that has assaulted a teacher and three other students, one of
which had his nose broken in two places, and is allowed to return to the classroom. The district wants us to draw another line in the
sand with a second BIP, but when he has a parole officer, another BIP isn't going to do any good. The district (assuming anyone is
left) is completely oblivious to our concerns and would rather burden us than support us. They should clean up their mess before
blindly judging ours.
I am a Special Ed. teacher and deal with kids that have significant behavior problems and should be in ED or some alternative school
setting. We are having to go through several BIPs and weeks of recording their behaviors before they can be placed elsewhere.
These kids we have hit others, fight, kick over furniture. They have been dangerous to themselves and others. One was placed and
two others are being monitored a few more weeks before we can possibly place them in ED classes.
We're overloaded with too many duties...I have two duties daily and bus duty at the end of the day many days goes way beyond
3:30 p.m. and we're on duty until 4:00 +, every Tuesday Faculty Meeting and Faculty Advisory Committee Meeting after that or Safe
School Committee Meeting, twice per week PLC Meetings with administrator(s)...and we're being urged to meet with grade level
teachers for PLC time during our week. The district's discipline forms are so lengthy and detailed that it's so time consuming and a
daunting task, so many times behavioral issues don't get addressed.
Too much paper work and lack of time to write and implement behavior plan and other programs required.
More planning time needed.
Student behavior is not like I would like it to be. I don't know what the new discipline policy is in the district. My workload has
increased with the new Star 360 assessments for RSA. The documentation for RSA has increased as well.
No recourse for disrespect or defiance. Students allowed back in classroom even after "talking to counselor" or a timeout. I want
them to learn but they are not and it is also taking away from the other 26 first graders I have. Workload is overwhelming. Typically
dealing with behavior issues and parent calls during my scheduled plan time therefore all planning, grading, reflection, and copying
must be done on my personal time which is difficult considering I'm enrolled as a full time graduate. These circumstances have me
considering leaving teaching even though I will graduate in May with my MEd.
Discipline-I have a problem with student not wanting to work and then decide to walk out of class. That particular offense has
inadequate consequences (except for counting them absent) according to district policy. . I see this as a potential hazard, not only to
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
that student, but possibly to others and causing chaotic classroom disruption. Workload- On average I spend 15 to 20 per week at
home to just keep up with grading/lesson plans. The extra work of paragraph writing is adding to that workload of 10+ hours on
that. According to our Administration it is only "5 minutes per student, are they not worth that?" I agree our students definitely
need extra help. Could there not be a Plan B to alleviate the workload that is already placed on teacher's time? Could more English
classes be required to those students identified as in need of extra Language Art help? I simply cannot afford to give any more time
to school work that I already do because my own area of certification is suffering because of the extra time I spend on paragraphs.
I would love to have an ISS center so that students actually receive consequences for their behavior, rather than just get suspended.
There are some students that just ruin for everyone else and the "good" kids go unnoticed. For the repeat offenders they should be
required to attend some form of behavior intervention so that the teacher can teach and the students can learn.
Until we value the education we give them and make them see they can't have it if they don't behave they will not. There must be
I would describe my principal as slightly responsible & unsupportive. She will come collect the students when they are overly unruly
& disruptive. However, she has yelled at the classroom teacher & I (special ed when co-teaching) when she has had to come get the
same boys that are repeatedly disruptive. They've been out of control for years, so how it is our fault is beyond me! The fact that
bad behavior is rewarded and the classroom teachers are the ones that get in trouble only encourages them to continue being out of
control and impeding learning.
-I'm not aware of what our schools discipline plan actually is, however, we all call the office for support when behavior is over the
top and of course they are the only ones that can give out of classroom consequences is an administrator.
-Those students don't feel like they have any consequences for their behavior, so their bad behavior is, of course, only increasing.
Other students feel that those students who behave horridly don't have any true consequences for inappropriate behavior are
becoming disillusioned and wondering when they are going to be able to learn & why they should really try, since they the class will
most likely only be disrupted and they won't be able to finish anything they start. While some other students are joining with the
disruptive behavior since that seems to be what is acknowledges and rewarded most.
-I wish there were a Behavior Intervention/ In School Suspension rooms, with a teacher and an assistant, where these students could
go to learn, while allowing other students to learn. I think it's imperative that each of these rooms should have 2 adults for many
-If things don't change significantly, this will be my last year teaching. The amount of time that is required to is incredible! I could
have 2 fulltime jobs and not put in any more hours per week, with of course the second income. Not to mention, the frustration and
risk from some student's horrid behaviors that are continued to be allowed to go on within our schools.
Planning time has almost disappeared at our school. We have 5 planning periods a week. Two are taken with meetings. The other
three are consumed by the need to complete discipline paperwork or take care of a kindergartener that has soiled himself. The
students are required to urinate on a schedule this year. Discipline problems are time consuming. The new plan is not really clear
and not all papers that are turned into the office are worked on. Also, a lot of teacher designated lunch time is taken away for
discipline issues. For example, Instead of having a student free lunch, some students get to eat lunch with their classroom teacher
because they are incapable of eating in the cafeteria with their peers. Or another example, students that refuse to come in from the
playground must be allowed to remain on the playground with a staff member until they are ready to go in. The office is called but
they cannot always make it out to help with the student.
Not sure if any of these apply. Discipline is very limited due to what could be a upper management policy (in my humble opinion
from a business aspect) so the question should ask what level of administration is the problem. I do not believe the first level of
management should be combined with the upper level of management, separating them would be a better gauge of what teachers
I am not a classroom teacher this school year. I am a Reading Specialist, so I have fewer behavioral issues. The issues at our school,
include fighting, disrespect, and uniform violations. Our administrators are supportive for the most part; however teachers
sometimes get blamed for reporting misbehavior in their classrooms. I know this causes frustration among some of the teachers.
Last year we had a better discipline plan from OKCPS district. This year administrations and teachers are under pressure, because
they have to limit suspension.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
Rarely get plan time, never get full 30 minute lunch, students are fighting in my class and administrators don't want to hear about it
until blood is drawn. The district needs to remove the handful of students that disrupt the learning of the rest of the student
population, and place those disruptive students in an alternative learning environment.
The district needs to remove the handful of students that disrupt the learning of the rest of the student population, and place those
disruptive students in an alternative learning environment.
Enough is enough. There are students who continually detract from the learning potential of those who want to make the most of
their education. I have 5 to 6 kids per class (average class size is 30 students) who ruin it for everyone else. I spend approximately 2025 minutes per class trying to manage their behavior. Yes, they get suspended. However, after a week they're right back in my class
causing havoc. There needs to be an alternative school. ALSO, the ISS (In School Suspension) at (deleted name of school) is very nonconducive to discipline because their classroom is in the same hallway and next door to regular teacher's rooms. These students
bang on the walls, yell, cuss, peek through classroom windows, and randomly open doors to teachers’ rooms as they pass through
the hallways on their bathroom breaks. There MUST be a separate portable for the ISS students. Please do something about this
issue because it is the number one reason teachers are getting burnt out and leaving the profession. No one should have to endure
such conditions especially our students.
We have breakfast in our classrooms so, we get students at 8:00 am every day. My support from my principal is supportive, however
the principals support and what teachers are now expected to put up with is not supportive from the central office.
We currently have a collective planning period with our grade level to participate in PLC time or time to meet with a district paid
facilitator, all other grade levels are provided with this opportunity.
Paper work takes the majority of my time. I can't teach because I'm so worried about paper work and testing. I have a child the
physically hurts me, and disrupts the entire room. Referrals are not worked. I will be leaving the profession next year. I came in
loving this job, and now I dread going each day. Bin not a babysitter. Admin will never help. All they do is intimidate us and yell at us
about our poor management. It would be more than one kid if it was my management. I'm a good teacher that loves my students,
but I can't teach like this. I won't.
I don't have that many discipline issues but the general atmosphere of school is disrespectful!
Class sizes have been increasing with students being enrolled daily. This has increased the number of discipline issues the teachers
face. The school administration tries its best to be supportive, but the district administration's policies concerning discipline
undermine this support and effectively choke education. Students know they can get away with nearly anything because there are
no real consequences. After misbehavior occurs, a parent is contacted, and a BIP can be written. However, if parents refuse to sign
it, the student can (and does) continue engaging in the behavior. Even after a BIP is signed, if the student engages in the behavior,
even violent behavior, it only results in another meeting where much discussion takes place and there are very few consequences. A
functional behavior assessment, takes place and another BIP meeting if we can get the parents in to sign. For example, Student A
student got their nose obliterated by Student B, but Student B only got a five day suspension. This happened because Student B's
parents refused to sign a BIP after many attempts, and it was declared that Student B's BIP certified mail confirmation receipt was
received too late. If that behavior had happened off campus, the offender would have likely been arrested for assault, but we will
have to continue having a repeat-offending, violent student in class after the five days are up to menace others because of their
parents' apathy and refusal to sign needed paperwork.
There are teachers having to cover for vacant positions during their planning time. For example, I have had no planning time since
two weeks after school started when a position was vacated with little to no notice. A colleague of mine has had to miss lunch to
cover for the same vacant position as well as cover for another school, due to this vacancy. This results in many late hours after
school and late at night to begin being prepared for the next day as it we have had to prep for two additional grade levels worth of
material on top of our already four grade levels. This is not ideal even if we are receiving some compensation (1 hour's worth for
each day). Needless to say, sleep deprivation has become a fact of life. The school administration is being supportive, but we have
been told nothing can really be done until we can fill the vacancy.
I do agree with the mentality that students should not be suspended. Suspensions keep students away from the educational process
and we all know that when students are absent from the class their educational growth is limited. Suspensions are also seen as
vacations to many of these students.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
I am filing out this survey but nothing will happen. The union couldn't even effectively negotiate a fair contract. You have a mass
exodus out of the district for a reason. Look to the administration downtown and at the farce of a union we have.
Many of my colleagues and I come in early and stay late (as much as 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening just to get things done. We do not
have time during the day to get things accomplished. Also, I always have to take things home on the weekends as well to stay on top
of everything.
I realize that the role of a teacher has changed since I started teaching in 1971...I did take 10 years out to be with my 2 wonderful
kids....but I still feel that this school district needs to be broken down into smaller "territories" where administrators can deal with
the needs of the students in their "territory". The students at my school are not like other students, as a whole, in the district. To
make policies and procedures for the whole district does not make sense. My husband was military and I have lived in 13 different
states. In the 13 states that I have resided in, large school districts have not been effective. When moving into a new state, I am told
over and over by parents/friends...don't work in (large school district's name). I have been blessed to work in some great school
districts...none of them as large as OKCPS. I ended up in this district because of a "challenge" given to me by a principal who knew I
had "retired" from another school district in this state. I am teaching in this district, not because I like or agree with the
decisions/policies that is made for "all" students, but because I have found a school where I see the need for quality teachers and I
want to help these students make a difference in "their lives"!!! Behaviors problems will occur in any school district, any school, any
classroom...what I have seen at my school is that teachers are unwilling to "forgive" a student's mistakes from yesterday, and start
each day anew. These are children....who, in many instances, have poor home environments, who are raising themselves...and are
doing a lousy job of raising themselves. If I had been asked to raise myself...I would have done a poor job of it myself. Negative
student behavior needs to be addressed, don't get me wrong, but this district needs to look at positive incentives to change the
negative behavior. I am very proud of my school's attempt to provide incentives for "positive behavior"...it works!!! Does it eradicate
all bad behavior...of course not...we live in a diverse society...but we have a start!!!!
Student's extreme behavior is most troublesome because it is taking away valuable instructional time from my other students. It
prevents me from doing my job, and prevents other students from growing academically. I have 40 minutes of scheduled plan and
30 minutes of scheduled lunch each day, but rarely get to utilize it because I am dealing with discipline issues. This year I have
acquired multiple bruises, bite marks, and a knot on my head from a student pulling my hair so hard. This is very frustrating and
makes me feel very helpless.
I get that the building has nowhere else to send him/them but it's miserable watching the clock because you are ready for them to
get out.
Recently a teacher was assaulted in school and the resource officer stated that they are NOT allowed to file a criminal complaint
charges in schools any more without permission from the District even for actions like physical assault on a teacher.
Simply refusing to work referrals does not make the offending behavior go away. Yes our infractions are down according to the data
being collected. But the data is skewed based on a concerted effort to make things look better. The students have a sense that there
is little to no discipline being enforced and it is only a matter of time before the safety of other students and faculty are threatened.
The attitude of the administration towards teachers is disrespectful and hurtful. I foresee a greater teacher shortage as many of the
teachers in this district seek employment elsewhere.
I have been told that my school has close to or at a 40% enrollment of special needs children…ranging from moderate to severe
learning disabilities, moderate to severe behavior issues, English as a second language learners, to high functioning autism as well as
many other special needs. This has made it very, very difficult to teach in a standard classroom setting, even with interventions like
co-teaching with a special-Ed teacher (for only 1 time-block per day). 40% special needs enrollment versus district average of 17%
with forced immersion along with impossible time and work requirements outside of traditional teaching with a compensation
package ranked 48th or worse in the nation makes this career path/choice laughable.
What we really need are smaller class sizes and more teachers. Twenty seven students in one classroom is too many.
Let teachers decide how we need to spend our planning time. Teachers share information and data every day during our lunch.
Programmed PLC's often feel like busy work. In general, students spit on teachers, curse them out, walk out of the classrooms, climb
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
on furniture and jump off and there are no consequences. They get to play games in administrators’ offices. Going to the office
means nothing to them.
AS a PE Teacher I do not tolerate misbehaving students.
95% of planning and grading done on my own time which is not compensated. I do not feel like volunteering more of my time to my
job and additional committees for discipline. My family and myself deserve to have a life. Some of the above appear more extreme
due to one student. If you remove him from the mix, the only ones from the first question that would be checked are: physical
violence towards other students (at recess), not following rules and refusal to work. Although I am not sure what the required plan
time is, our team has specials at the end of the day, so we get 30 minutes, often less if the teacher before us hasn't picked up her
students yet.
Being pulled out of the classroom for training is getting ridiculous. I have more people in my room watching me teach than ever
before. Math coaches, instructional coach, reading coach on top of my admits. LEAVE ME ALONE AND LET ME TEACH. We are pulled
out for EM training. We are pulled out for A+ training. We are pulled out for science curriculum training. We are pulled out for star
test training. Our staff meetings last longer because of the learner first stuff. Often until 5:00. We are required to look at more data
with less time. When the learner first people get pulled out, we have to take their students. In 20 years with the district, I've never
felt more stretched or more behind than I have this year. Please help us.
I am a special education teacher and I work predominantly with 6th grade lab students. There is a big difference in the amount of
behavior issues that we have in 6th grade as compared to some of the other grades. My opinion is that 6 th grade does not belong in
the elementary school setting—it changes the dynamics at our school as they are the group that have the highest amount of
discipline issues.
I haven't written any referrals because there is no point in it. Nothing will be done.
Teachers and Administrators are working together to help solve the students behavior, discipline problems that can occur.
There is too much paper work. I spend hours of my own time each week trying to complete all the required paper work.
Our students eat breakfast in the classroom.
Thank you for caring and listening.
The discipline need to be brought from the top (Administration). The communication need to be address (very poor communication
between Administration and Teachers).
Our assistant principal is (and has been) very helpful with discipline (when not busy, which has been the case this year). Our principal
has not been as helpful, and has advised to "hold off" on writing students up. Our write up system is somewhat different than the
districts, but still is not effective if the principal does not do the necessary steps.
So far this year we have had 2 students bring pellet guns to school that received 7 days suspension, 1 butcher knife that received 45
days, 1 machete that received 45, one 5 inch bladed knife that received 10 days suspension, and one student that is NOT special ed
but is allowed to roam our halls without fear of discipline. We've actually been told to go about our teaching and just mark him
absent. This is crazy house. Our students are out of control at my school. We have observed a significant rise in violent negative
behavior this first nine weeks of school. We have had multiple incidents of weapons (e.g. 2 pellet guns, machete, butcher knife, etc.),
fights, threats (against students and teachers), and blatant disrespect of any type of authority. I would estimate it is only about
5-10 % of students that behave this way. When these students are not separated from the student body for large offenses it acts like
a cancer and the discipline problem grows exponentially because most students are followers and it sets up a culture of non-learning
and idiocy. We have heard from students that they will not be suspended for these behavior issues so why should they act right.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
I get to the school at 6:45 in the morning. I do not leave until 6:00 at night. Saturday, I get caught up on rest, house-cleaning etc.,
The present system is not workable in the amount of time we are at school. 3:30 to 4:30 is often taken up with committee meetings
because there is no time allotted during the school day. Consequently much of the work load is done after 4:00, and at night at
home and on the weekends. Our principal is pushing hard for 30 grades per quarter per student when the district policy is 18 grades.
Every teacher is expected to be on at least 3 committees. Not every committee meets every week but again, it is always after school
on the teacher's time. Then we have Parent Partnership Nights where we are expected to come for at least two hours for a reading
or math night. No compensation, no thank you...we are just expected to come on our time.
I believe that our workload have gotten out of control. The green folders takes up a lot my available planning time. I believe with the
green folders it has changed the whole dynamic of the instructional day, because those students in the red, yellow, and blue have to
be progress monitored 2 or more times a month. This is not a complaint it's REAL.
Nothing is really done about the same students over and over again who get into trouble at school. The same students are always
disruptive to other students learning and the teacher trying to teach. Not strict enough against students at all. With PLCs covering
for teachers who are not at school (or are here but in OTHER meetings!), attempting to make parent phone calls to deal with
behavior/academics, write and or modify IEPS and modify work……..your planning time is eaten up!
This is my 32nd year of teaching in the OKCPS system. By far, this is the most ill-disciplined group of kids I have ever taught. We have
severe issues with discipline, class-size, lack of support and realistic leadership in our building. Data and its retrieval are paramount
in our school. Data counts more the well being and learning of children. The staff and teacher morale in our building is in the toilet. It
is the lowest I have ever experienced in 32 years of teaching. Something is seriously wrong with the direction of our building and our
district are taking. Teachers are angry. Your district "business model" has failed.
I am working 10-12 hour days at least 3 times a week in order to complete everything that needs to be done. If I am to be an
effective teacher, planning, preparing, grading, paper work, deciphering individual student needs, English language learner
accommodations, etc. then I need MORE time. I believe it would be beneficial to build in teacher work days, especially around
crucial times such as report cards, STAR testing/APP forms, etc.
I teach upstairs in the corner that is completely opposite from the gym and music rooms. It takes at least 5 minutes to take my class
to the gym and 5 minutes to pick them up.. By the time I do that I have no time to accomplish anything in my classroom during
planning. It's a joke.
One student is very difficult. He is on an IEP and has neurological problems. He is always shouting out that people are making fun of
him or people are making violent gestures to him. He has already been suspended for fighting and should be in a self contained
classroom. He rarely does work and spends his instructional time drawing, sleeping, or having outburst.
Students are testing to see where the boundaries are. For the most part, the students are rising to expectations. There is a small
number that still need more work.
This is ABSOLUTELY the WORST year of teaching I have EVER had! I have NEVER received a referral back from the Administrators and
I only write them for SEVERE behavior. The kids are out of control and the school is failing.
I plan on getting out of OKC. It is pathetic what teachers are required to do and what we have to tolerate.
Way too much to while NOT getting even a cost of living raise! Too much DATA!! We cannot teach because we have to come up with
a test to Apply to their DATA wall. The administration allows people to take up our instructional time while not bother bothering to
ask how we feel about it. They want 5000 steps BEFORE they will EVEN take a referral! So a disruptive student can and does disrupt
the class so that NO ONE learns just because I haven’t got to “call” the parent due to the parents phone number is out of service!!!!!
Teachers are ready to walk out! I have been teaching for 20 years and have not ever seen it this bad!!! We are ready to strike!!!
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
One administrator has been around the district to 4 schools in the past 4 years and is not supportive of teachers nor completes her
job with discipline in a timely manner.
Too much emphasis in being placed on the wording of lesson plans and does not add value to the classroom instruction.
I feel we need more time do to green folders-RSA. I feel that I need more time to just get things organized in my room for the
next week. The children’s behavior is getting much better. It just took positive reinforcement of expectations, consistency and
My class is self contained so it's a bit different.
As an elective teacher, I am undervalued by my administrators. They have no idea what I do for our students. They try to evaluate
my class the same as one would a math class, but a fine arts class will never fit that same mould. My classes are quite large ( 30-36)
and I have only one planning period. During this planning time, I am often asked (told) to cover other teachers classes. This one
planning period is hardly enough to take care of the regular business of the classroom. I regularly take work home with me, and stay
after school for several hours to try to stay caught up. I also recently had a baby and am nursing. As such I need to pump on a regular
basis to maintain my milk supply. If I was a regular teacher with 2 planning periods, this would be simple. I would be able to pump
for an extended amount of time, and thus go longer between pumping sessions. Because I have just the one time, I had to ask other
teachers to come into my room to watch my students for 10 minutes at the beginning of the class twice a day. When they are not
here, I am to find a replacement or skip that pumping session. 10 minutes is not enough time to do what needs to be done, but it is
all I can afford to take. Myself and many other teachers feel that we cannot count on our admin. team to back us up when
necessary, and to follow through on disciplinary actions. Student behavior and disrespectfulness has increased, not necessarily in my
classroom but in general. This is because admin. allowed students to behave poorly last year, and those that are back for another
year have been empowered to behave badly. They have seen for themselves that there are no consequences for their actions. Dress
code is a big issue. Students walk around in clothing that does not meet dress code constantly. They are told to turn their shirts
inside out, but as soon as the student is out of range, they flip it back or pull it out of their bags. Yelling at students to do something
is worthless unless you are able to follow them to ensure compliance. Simply confiscating the offending article would be the easiest
and most effective solution, but it doesn't happen. Admin has been mere feet away while a teacher is collecting non compliant
clothing ( sweatshirts and hoodies mostly) and done nothing, not even stopping the students who walked past the teacher. The
situation is deplorable, and it is no wonder at the current state of morale amongst teachers and the poor behavior of the students.
I don't have my classroom during my plan (or lunch) due to a traveling teacher. I don't believe I should have to resort to babysitting
an offending student during lunch detention (which would be more inconvenient to me than the student). I feel like I must punish
myself in order to punish a student. We only get paid for 7 hours of the day (as per deleted name of person). That's the 5 hours I
teach, PLC time, and the before/after school time. I technically don't even get paid for my plan or lunch. Plus we have duties and
staff meetings. No, I haven't written any referrals, because I've been told it doesn't amount to anything. It's a waste of time and
paper, then I would get reprimanded for not first giving lunch detention.
We have meetings during our plan times at least twice a week. After school we have teachers' meetings or committee meetings at
least twice a week. Administrators use the evaluation system to make people do things beyond our contract. It is used to intimidate
us. It is a horrible feeling to enter this building. I can't wait to get out of here! There is no encouragement or appreciation. The
students are totally out of control with no consequences. In lunch teachers send 300 students to eat without walking them into the
cafeteria, and the students have nothing to do but wait and hurt others. The bullying we see is outrageous, but nothing is done to
change the format planned by the administration. As long as administrators don't have to deal with the problem, they refuse to
discuss it. This will end in a lawsuit when a child is hurt terribly or killed. This is an elementary school!!!!!!!
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
As an OKCPS third grade teacher I spend 12-14 hours daily during the week completing what is required by OKCPS and the state.
Now, with Foss Science, it will be more. With larger classes and 3 grades per student, per week, per subject, that adds up to 18,00020,000 papers we must grade and put on the computer each year. What teacher should have to grade that many papers, and what
student needs that many grades to show accountability? As always, OKCPS is insane in its requirements. The left hand never knows
what the right hand is doing in this district. While FOSS is an awesome science program, who can possibly implement that and Core
Knowledge, which is HUGE in itself? TOO MANY PROGRAMS! We are spread so thin! WE do a little bit of everything in a scattered
way to meet another new set of requirements,, instead of implementing a few great programs with breadth and depth. Until we
return to structure and discipline in our schools, we will achieve nothing as a nation of educators. The parents and children are
running our schools. We no longer can give them an opportunity to receive an education, which is what every child deserves. The
parents and their children tell us the way it is going to be, and our administrators back them, every time.
We were told that referrals would not require suspension, "unless there was blood." Students who are referred do not seem to
worry about consequences and are seldom taken out of class, even for a talk with an administrator. There was an instance of a oneday suspension for a premeditated fist fight that occurred as two classes passed each other in the hall. Four students had planned
this; one student got suspended for one day . They do not respect consequences. Our planning time is used at the whim of
administrators. We are not valued or respected. We are forced to abide with behaviors that we would not accept from our own
children, and are not given the smallest consideration of our need for time to do our work. I work for 10-14 hours at home weekly.
I'm a 19 year veteran. I cannot possibly do everything expected of me. I have emails from admin when I have asked I'd be glad to
forward... Just tell me where!
There needs to be a total overhaul of how administrators/principals are selected. Instead of evaluation of teachers there needs to be
an evaluation process implemented on evaluation of administrators/principals. This is where the problems lie.....we have no
leadership abilities at the principal/administrator level. This is appalling and is the main reason for exodus of good teachers. It's sad
to see young administrators who have very small if anytime in the classroom assumed positions they are not qualified for.
Kids are out of control, dress code is not being enforced. Cell phones should have never been approved. Teachers at my school are
counting the days until they can get out of Education. I hate to admit it but I am one of them.
We have had more fights in the first 9 weeks than we have had in 5 years. HS is being run like a MS. It does not work. The principal
locks herself in her office and is seldom in the hallways.
The behavior in the classroom this year has become so disruptive this year that it is hard to even teach a lesson. I feel that there isn't
enough time to take care of all my responsibilities. I often have to take things home and work until far into the evening. If I choose
not to take things home then I'm behind.
Our students do not have breakfast in the cafeteria. They come straight to my room at 8:00 am with breakfast in hand.
I am fortunate to have a new principal who is far more involved in helping maintain respectful behavior in our school. The last five
years were a very different scenario with regard to administrator engagement.
I feel that when we used Assertive Discipline charts, the children understood that certain behaviors were not being tolerated. Even
though it might be the same child changing a card, the others saw a consequence and it kept them in line. Even though we speak to
the children who are not following directions, the other students do not see that as a consequence and therefore they may join in
the same behaviors. I like Great Expectations but I feel that the color charts did more good than harm. With regard to Marzano, it is
entirely too much paperwork. I would rather spend my time creating interesting lessons to reach all the learners than answer the
same question slightly modified time and again. They also need to keep our principals in their schools. Stop all the extra professional
Students have no consequences for their actions. They continue to defy authority and disregard the consequences of their actions.
As a new teacher with a new assistant principal, I am having trouble understanding the discipline procedure. It also is very
developmentally inappropriate for young children. I'm not sure what my administration expects of me, when they feel it appropriate
to remove student from classroom etc.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
This is the worst student behavior I have seen in over 30 years of teaching. The violence in the hallways is extreme. We have too
many kids in the classrooms, but the demands on teacher time have not changed. We are micro-managed to the point that there is
no time to go to the bathroom at the end of a class period if you are talking to a student and have to be at a meeting. There is not
time to eat lunch because we are doing lunch detention since most of the time ISI is packed full. There are no alternative in school
places to send students who misbehave. The bad behavior is extreme. I am looking for a new job outside of teaching and will take it,
no matter what time of the year it is. Our principal is creating more behavior problems around the building, but there just too many
reasons why this is so to even mention. Parents are not and have never been held accountable. All we do is babysit kids who are not
taught at home to respect their teachers and their free education. This is just the tip of the ice berg.
I have a student with a BIP, it is followed on a daily basis, but the plan simply says "re-direct" and "re-read rules". That's crazy.
There is not enough time during the work day to complete all that is asked of teachers. Teachers have to use too much free time
after school and on weekends to complete all required paperwork, and not seeing extra money added to paychecks for the money
teachers spend on classroom supplies.
I spend more time crowd control instead of teaching. I do not feel safe at work. Unnecessary stress. Violence is off the charts and
weapons being brought into school but punishment is based on intent. Threats from head administration on unclear matters.
I feel overwhelmed, underappreciated, and ineffective.
I rarely get a lunch time because my students eat in my room, and my assistant needs my help in getting the lunches set out so the
children can have a recess and she can take her lunch during the recess time.
The students do not improve their behavior. The number of students in the classroom is too many for today's society of little respect
for authority. These children need more one on one help and the classes are too big, so they act out. They can't learn with so many
distractions from the "misbehaving badly" bunch. I feel so bad for the students who have such a desire to be taught and they have to
constantly witness crowd control from their teacher. In-school suspension would help get the disruptions out of the classroom.
Smaller class size means more classrooms and more teachers. We all understand that classrooms and teachers cost money that does
not exist. But I will promise you, the current workload has many, many teachers seeing a different professional future.
One student told his administrator that I was "singling him out" among other misbehaving students in my class although I had
conferenced with him and separately with them. They improved; he did not. Therefore, I wrote the referral. I feel he is trying to use
that comment as a tactic for me not to follow through in my discipline efforts with him, as he has already had ISS several times and is
undergoing the PEER police mentorship program instead of OSS.
I handle my own discipline. Very rarely do I write referrals. So, when I do write one, I expect it to be worked with consequences
other than what I have already assigned the student. It is not physically possible to complete all the tasks we are asked to do within
the school contract day. Formalities, red tape, and paper work fill up PLC and planning time. It feels like "busy" work. My time would
be better spent reviewing and analyzing student work so that I can address the specific needs of students. My kids are still being
over tested. What happened to the big idea of cutting out all unnecessary tests? My kids are now taking a STAR and PSAT in addition
to all the others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many specials teachers are crammed with classes throughout the day, with only lunch break and maybe 30 mins of plan. Some
reasons for this crammed day includes: taking double classes (because regular teachers need plan time coverage and there are too
many classes to fit in the schedule), classes starting at 8:20 (thus 8-8:20 is counted as plan time), and shorter class instruction time
(30 mins). If we are evaluated on effectiveness of teacher and high achieving students, I feel it is not equitable to put that stress load
on ANY teacher, especially specials, who are also evaluated.
As a second year teacher, I have learned that discipline has to be handled by the teacher and the parent. Working together, makes a
huge difference in the child's life.
Less tolerance and excuses. Parent education as and saturation. A general acceptance of teachers as doing well rather than sweating
over the choice of a choice of a certain word in lesson plans.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
Even my other students have commented that it is too hard to learn because of the negative behaviors and constant outbursts of
"problem" students. My administration is definitely working with us, but our school is committed to keeping students in the class as
much as possible. Support for dress code violations. Parents should not be allowed to come and call a child from a room to leave
without a note and without talking to the adult (generally a teacher in charge). Sometimes we are watching 75 kids to 100 with only
one other person if we are lucky. We don't know the parents of all the kids we are watching. Sometimes we don't even know our
own kid's parents if they have never come to visit. Safety..............kids should not be able to leave without some type of verbal or
written note..............parents should not be able to slap on a badge and walk about the building calling out their child. When the
teacher says something the teacher is in the wrong. hmmmmmmmmmmm
We still have administrators that do not know how to deal with or handle students of different colors and backgrounds. All of our
administrators are one color so sometimes they don't know how to deal with certain behaviors I feel appropriately.
I spend 15 to 20 minutes per class dealing with behavior issues. The students, who want to learn and are not behavior problems, are
being pushed aside and teaching is not being done as I would like. It is not fair to those students who want to learn and must wait
while we try to address each situation. Many times we have been cussed at, threatened, argued with and have been shown a total
lack of respect. I am so frustrated right now, I may not return next year. We are not being paid to be treated this way. We get little
help from administration, and when we do, the expected behaviors do not last long. Very little parental support also.
Since we have started the PBIS many things have changed with the students. All the teachers are implementing the same
Planning time is not available sometimes because the PE teacher is gone so much.
I think the most frustrating thing about the discipline plan is uncertainty among the teachers as to what's "allowed." There's a feeling
that the district administrators are not going to support any sort discipline that would take the student out of the classroom because
of any level of misbehavior. It's frustrating because teachers feel their hands are tied and that student behavior will be overlooked
because of the "lawsuit" word. This is creating low morale among teachers and in schools overall.
While we have a personal planning...it usually gets full of dealing with students in the hallway...helping with disruptive students from
other classes so those teachers can teach, calling parents, things are worse because ISI fills up and we have no way to remove
disruptive students. It is exhausting. Kids wandering the hallways and not going to any class all day, admin knows...and they don't
intervene....but ask teachers to keep writing them up. When do we get to teach and plan? Being asked to mentor struggling
teachers...but no common planning....but then being told to tutor before and after school. There is not enough time. If we were
allowed to plan and prepare....maybe our teaching would improve and we wouldn't need as much intervention. Just saying.....let us
be professionals. Too much micro managing. Worthless meetings.
Elective teachers teach 6 class instead of five and due to sub shortages teach all 7 with no break when they have to cover
They don't get PLC's so they are left out of the loop and of new technology training.
I have found that while I see behavior problems in my room, the same as any teacher, I am able to deal with them effectively in my
own classroom. Suspending students DOES NOT WORK. I have never seen a student return from a suspension and their behaviors
are miraculously better. Maybe if we spent more time training teachers on engaging their students and building relationships with
them and less time whining about how we have bad students who shouldn't be in our classrooms, our students would behave. I am
not part of the union because of surveys like this. I hear again and again how administration should DO something about our
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
students who are behavior problems. Suspending them is not the answer. Our kids who need us the most are acting out and we are
responding by saying, you don't belong at school. Let's work on implementing other strategies that teach students to be good
SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! If I had the time to write it all down it would take too long and I have to plan how to handle tomorrow disruptions.
I feel like the discipline policies suffer from the same issues the expectations for the teachers suffer from: the administrators are not
informed enough to communicate effectively and support the teachers no matter what the subject is.
Too many steps to manage effectively the discipline plan. It is easier to deal with the behavior on my own, than to find the time to
fill out a page-long form to have a student talk to an administrator. I have NO time to get things done at school due to training and
meetings that don't directly impact my classroom. I spend hours every night at home just to keep up with the minimum. Too many
new initiatives and not enough time to do the basics. If things don't change soon, I will be changing districts, and very likely careers if this is the state of education today. Thank you for your time.
When students consistently do not respond to an authority figure's request to adjust and modify their behavior to a positive and
productive demeanor, ALL students in the classroom do not get a quality education. This scenario happens even when teachers are
well-trained in classroom management. Look at the statistics of teachers recently retiring or leaving the district or the profession.
Imagine all school board members doing their own personal agenda activities at a board meeting, being asked by the superintendent
to cease and desist, and the school board members continue with their previous behavior; repeat, repeat, repeat. Doing the same
thing expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. OKCPS does have disruptive students who are not being dealt with
appropriately and well-behaved students are being adversely affected.
I am to a point where I am looking for another job. I can NOT come to work and deal with what we are dealing with on a daily basis
anymore. The steps that administration has in place are not working and it is worse than ever now. We have dealt with weapons and
our school daily and I do not feel safe coming to work at all. The administration makes it seem like there is nothing to worry about
but they don't sit in these rooms with kids that carry these things on a daily basis. Their lives are not at risk because they do not deal
with these children. It’s a constant battle to get these kids to do what they are SUPPOSED to do!! I do not have enough time to plan
what I need to plan for the next day because I am writing referrals, discipline actions or calling parents during that time. We are
constantly in meetings just to say we are in meetings and having quote PLC time.
I do not know the framework for PBIS so I do not know if it would make an impact on teacher effectiveness in the classroom.
There are so many fires to put out that there is simply not enough staff to manage behavior. We need more security and monitoring
of hallway behavior.
I came out of retirement to help out. I've been ready to walk out at least three times a week. Kids are rude and confrontational,
parents are either uninterested or unable to help. It is impossible to teach or implement learning opportunities with these kids in my
classroom. There are a large number of SPED kids in my remedial class. I get no co-teacher because I don't teach a core course even
though they are required to be in my class and not allowed to opt out. I need help. I'm depressed that things are this bad. I've
worked as a teacher coach, an administrator, a curriculum director and a teacher and never seen this level of defiance, disrespect
and confrontational behavior in kids. It's frightening and dangerous.
This school is a great school. Most of the children come with respect for teachers and students taught at home. Teachers mostly
show a united front to students and the vice principal is never too busy to help with serious discipline issues. There is not enough
time in the day to get lessons ready and/or to research new ideas in teaching. I spend an average of 10 hours a week extra after
school and 3 hrs on weekends.
Overall I have a better class this year. It has nothing to do with discipline not being implemented, it has to do with the quality of
students I am teaching this year.
The students this year seem to have a general disregard for teachers as people. It is frustrating feeling like I'm the only one in the
classroom who cares about their learning.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
The administration in the building is not the problem with behavior in the school. It is the situation that they have to follow in order
for the problems to be solved. There are too many conferences with the students before any major consequences. Until teachers are
afforded the ability to enforce traditional discipline methods for offensive, disruptive, and violent behavior by students, it will not
matter if we are using Common core, RTI, or whatever curriculum is the "flavor of the month"...students cannot learn in a disruptive
environment. Principals are telling teachers that THEY are being told NOT to write referrals and NO suspensions. This means that
teachers must DEAL WITH IT!! Parents don't show up for behavior meetings, so writing B.I.Ps is a joke. Teachers should NEVER have
to choose between defending themselves or losing their job!!! Also, I don't understand why schools get "graded" on issues for
which they have NO control (student tardies, student absences, students not coming to intercession).
Kids are beginning to realize that nothing is being done so they are acting worse.
It doesn't do any good to write a referral as nothing will happen. At best, a day or two of ISI. Big deal. The kids don't care if they have
to go there or not. A kid caught with drugs barely got 10 days. Does that tell you anything?
Between the phone calls I have to make in regards to student's behavior, usually 2 for each inference, and the team meetings, I
don't really have time left over for writing lesson plans or creating new materials to use during instruction. I have been taking at
least 3 hours of work home every night and I'm just now getting caught up...but I will get overwhelmed again when report cards are
due at the end of the quarter. But my administration has been great with removing out of control behavior students out of my
classroom and is very supportive with extremely disruptive behavior.
Too much paperwork takes away from my teaching, data reviewing and planning.
Students that are removed the classroom are being sent to another teachers room. This only moves the problem to another room
for another teacher to have to deal with the discipline problem.................this is not correcting behavior it is only giving the student
another audience to perform for.
I have one student with 17 referrals and no discipline administered and student is continually disruptive in all classes and hall. She is
allowed to do whatever she wants and is not on an IEP or BIP.
As a first time teacher, I was NOT trained properly. So I have NO idea how to run a classroom, prepare my planning time, prepare
lesson plan. put GRADES in the grade book, but everything still has to run its course. So my question is how is this going to be fixed if
teachers are not prepared? Who is going to be responsible? I never had teacher orientation.
I do not write referrals because there are not consequences given to the student which affects their behavior.
Most of my discipline problem students have parents who are ineffective at helping change the student's behavior. I feel that
parents need to be held as responsible as teachers in getting these behaviors under control.
Of my 100+ student caseload I only have approximately 5 students whose behavior is greatly inhibiting the education of the others
in the class. It doesn't seem like many but it is enough that the entire learning environment is affected. The behaviors I see from
them daily are yelling across the room, cussing at other students, interrupting my instruction, bullying other students. It is a very fine
line when considering discipline. I want to be able to teach EVERY student. I don't want the students to be disciplined out of school
because I know the environment could be much worse out of school. In School Suspension works to an extent but I have not seen
that it actually deters any behavior. Classes are getting too big and I feel that I am working harder and harder to provide an
appropriate education for my students. I need help. Not just some broad program geared toward general teaching efficacy... I need
help with the specific students and issues I have right now.
The fact students know they can get away with improper actions or behavior & not have any type of disciplinary action as a result.
This is a precursor for other life issues that will make or break a successful student's educational journey.
In our school, we have a daily assembly at 8:00. This requires teachers to be "on duty" beginning at 8 everyday. We don't get until
8:20 without students. This starts the day off very intense (in my opinion) Chronically disruptive students need an alternative
placement other than the regular classroom. We are sacrificing the learning of 25 for 1. The students know that there is not much
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
that can be done. Occasionally parents are helpful, but not usually. This leaves the teacher to deal with the problem all day every
day. These students are sometimes in line to be "tested" but our psychometrist does not want to move too fast.
Student behavior is definitely an issue. There is a sense to hold off on making certain action (i.e. sending kids to the hall), changing
schedules to other hours, and/or taking up cell phones in order to appease some administrators. Administration at my school as a
whole is supportive and certain individuals are incredibly supportive but there is a sense of a disproportionate amount of
responsibility laid unto the teachers for student discipline.
I could write a book, but I don't have the time. In a nutshell, there are not enough hours in the day for me to do everything the
administration wants me to do; I could work 36 hours a day and still not get everything done. The administration keeps piling work
onto our requirements, but they never take anything OFF our plate. It doesn't help that we have NO time during the school day to
grade papers, so we have to grade ALL the papers of around 150 students all at home. Believe it or not, teachers have chores and
activities at home as well, so students can never really get timely feedback because it takes so long for us to actually get something
graded since all grading must be done at home. Also, all this obsession over data is ridiculous. I was hired as a teacher, not a data
processor or statistician. Private companies would have a whole department to analyze data, but as usual, in OKCPS, this task has
again fallen to the teachers, taking more of our time from grading and getting feedback to the kids, which is what they really want to
see--they don't care about the numbers on the data walls. They really don't. And I'm willing to wager the school administration
doesn't either; it's just so they can make a check on the evaluation. And people wonder why there's a teacher shortage.
Being a first year teacher in a school environment that I joined 3 weeks into the year, I'd feel that the administration would have
been much more supportive in outlining the day and getting the students on board with being the new teacher. I was thrown into
the classroom and then asked "why aren't you doing this?" "Why are you not doing that?" "where is this?" "when are you going to
start doing this?" I have a class that I'm doing my best to provide instruction to with constant disruption from students, bad behavior
and dealing with it all essentially alone....then questioned by administration when I'm not doing things the way they want yet they
haven't told me what their expectations are.
Why write a referral when nothing will be done. The students get away with everything and we the teacher gets blamed for it!!!!!
I don't write referrals because they are no longer dealt with. The students are just sent back to class because the administration is no
longer allowed to suspend students that need to be out of the classroom. They just get sent back and I'm told to contact parents. I
spend so much time every day on the phone and messaging parents just to get some support for the shenanigans I'm forced to put
up with due to no real consequences for behavior issues. And it's not my administration's fault, it's the district as a whole making
this stupid decree that suspensions have to be kept to a minimum. OK well what about the teachers? Glad that we're so important.
We have 2 of our plan times every week for PLC's which is just ridiculous. On top of that, every week we're allowed to have staff
meeting we do. It's so much of my time. I no longer get everything done each week even though she increased our plan time by 5
minutes every day. It's just insane how much work we have to do.
Students are learning more than curriculum whether we want them to or not. Students are disrespectful to teachers and people of
authority. What is that teaching them? We are growing our future in our school systems. We need to stand by our teachers and
allow them the right to teach those who are willing to learn, not hold a few back because we can't give them an education while
they are suspended. It's only hurting the future of our children. And eventually the bad will rub off on the good and excelling
students. Teach them to respect and to live with the consequences of their actions.
Do to the change in the districts discipline policy change I will be leaving OKCPS. I have been with the district for 10 years. I student
taught here and instantly wanted to teach here but with the change in the support (lack of), classroom size (I have had 30 students
for 2 years now and have been told we are not getting another allocation) and the extra duties required of us I will be leaving and
teaching in another district next year.
We really don't have any discipline problems compared to other schools. Therefore, the positive intervention works really well at
our school!! The amount of time that is required for us to write "MARZANO" appropriate lesson plans, far exceeds our planning
time!! Not enough time to prepare!!!
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
Today I ordered a student out of my room that was not supposed to be in it. The student refused to leave. It appeared as though he
was instigating a fight so I grabbed him and pulled him out of my room. I was so exhausted that I had to take a few minutes to catch
my breath before giving instruction. We have some extremely loud and obnoxious students in this school. I am seriously considering
moving to another state and quitting the teaching profession. The only way I would stay in it is if they bring the paddle back. I had to
break up two girls yesterday. They were about to get into a fight because one thought the other pulled an extension out of her hair. I
have bus duty in the morning. School does not start until 7:35 and the buses are dropping students off at 6:30 with no one to
monitor them. There is a very disorganized line before I get here and when I tell them to get into a straight line they look at me like I
have horns growing out of my head. The noise in the lunch room is unbearable. I truly feel we are getting the worst students in OKC
to teach. I know lots of them come from the shelter and juvenile hall. It's just a matter of time before something bad happens over
We need to be able to suspend students for repeated bad behavior. After so many referrals or in house suspensions they need to be
suspended or sent to an alternative school.
We have planning time of 40 min. It is just not enough time to do what you need to do. Some of the things I need to do I am doing
during my lunch. If anything needs to be copied that takes a lot of your time. We have a lot of very organized and get the job done
teachers and every teacher is saying they have no time to get stuff done. So very hard to do when you get home with the family.
Discipline is non-existent. They are not afraid of any repercussions and have no respect for authority. Sometimes we joke in class,
but there are times where they flat-out refuse to do anything. It is at the point that I allow them to sleep so they don't become more
of a distraction. I also don't feel that if I write a referral that it will be enforced and any punishment actually be given.
With the new behavior incentive, I feel as though we are going away from discipline. I have witnessed a child who has kicked me and
others be brought to the office, and the AP asking, "Was that a strong choice" and then he was back in my class. THIS IS
UNACCEPTABLE! Children basically know they can get away with a lot before any "serious consequences" are taken. IT IS NOT
All schools need active and working school counselors that jointly are working with discipline problems. I think the referral or
behavioral problems should be done through an APP or a program. I think if we are really able to keep electronic records there
would be accountability with all administrators and counselors. The paper referral is out dated. Please develop an app to use.
All parents need to have working e-mails on all children. Then parent contact through Smartweb would be more efficient. Our school
may have 20 parent e-mails out of 900 elementary students. Most districts rely on e-mail to contact parent, not phone calls, they
rarely answer them. Schools of 600 or more should have a full-time social worker, school nurse, and two school counselors that
meet with classes and children weekly or bi-weekly. Teachers are overworked and underappreciated.
I teach Kindergarten and so many of the behaviors I see are so severe! I've been hit, kicked, bitten, and pushed. Each time if I sent
the student to the office, they were back in my classroom an hour or so later. One time when I was punched the student did stay in
the office the rest of the afternoon. I've seen my colleagues get even less support than I do. I have one colleague with an
exceptionally difficult class, she has 3 or 4 students who throw fits and hit her and others consistently. These students will throw
chairs and other things. When my colleague calls the office she gets little to no help or support. She also has now been told that she
isn't allowed to call the office for help unless she's called another teacher in to try to get the student to stop the behavior, even if it's
dangerous. It's frankly ridiculous!
The workload is too much. No planning time, or free lunch time, and Marzano is a JOKE!!!! I have been teaching 20+ yrs and have
always been praised and received great reviews. Now I get beginning, developing, barely applying, and no innovating?????!!!! No
wonder this district has 100+ openings for teachers and they have to go to Spain, Puerto Rico, and other out of country to get
teachers. Shaking My Head at the way teachers are disrespected by administrators in this district. No wonder our students have no
respect as well.
There are way too many "discipline steps" to go through at (deleted name of school) until a student actually sees results that might
inhibit their offensive/disruptive behavior. The job of dealing with discipline is left to the teacher and with only withholding recess as
an option, students do not any consequences to their behavior and therefore repeat it again and again and again.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
Most behavior issues I have endured are self-harming only, meaning it doesn't directly impact other student's ability to learn. This is
the only reason I haven't written referrals.
Time is the biggest issue as a teacher for me. I am paid "$27/hr" according to the district because they base the number on the
number of SCHEDULED, IN-CLASS HOURS for only SCHEDULED, IN-SCHOOL days to pull a bogus number and claim I am paid that
well. What they ignore is the time before/after school I am required (by reality, not the district) to spend planning, writing lessons,
making power points, procuring or prepping materials, etc for class. Their "$27/hr" claim is based on 180 school days, 7hrs a day.
The reality is that I work closer to 10hrs a day, including some weekends, and during my holiday breaks and summer as well. I attend
meetings (unpaid), plc (unpaid), and PD (unpaid) or even spending time in my classroom cleaning/organizing/etc as well as at the
store buying supplies for my class. None of that factors in to my "$27/hr" which when you consider the time and effort required for
this job, is actually closer to $16/hr, and even less than that when you consider the amount of student loan debt required to earn
the degree, take the certifications, do background checks, drive all over the place, etc... Student class sizes are also a major pain, as
every additional student is more disciplinary issues, more time, more effort, more stress.
I put in 10 or more hour days. I feel more time to plan and less students would solve all of my current discipline problems.
Administrator only given student warning, move them into another teacher's class.
The OKCPS district has a very challenging job. Simple yes/no or multiple choice questions such as these do not and cannot accurately
tell the entire story. Discipline has been and continues to be a challenge. This is my 7th year in the district. In my opinion, the
student behavior has steadily improved, similar to our EOI and graduation rates. Is it at a rate that we would all like to see? No.
Sometimes it's one step forward, two steps back. Overall, there is improvement. At the same time, blanket procedures rarely work.
Great exclamations or plans that come from the "Ivory Tower" without any input or buy-in from those of us in the trenches are likely
to fall flat, or worse, fail miserably.
It just upsets me that I hardly ever turn in a referral, and when I do it is not worked and nothing is ever given as feedback to me.
If I actually had 45 minutes of planning time a day that was not taken up by meetings and additional items I needed to take on.
I spend each weekend on average 60+ each weekend trying to complete the tasks that I cannot complete during the week including
lesson planning, grading, writing RTI paperwork, data collection and numerous other items. I get no time to be with my family,
friends or fun.
I've been treated disrespectfully by administrators because I filed a complaint on three other teachers last year for harassment; so,
the majority of my referrals are not worked. I've been informed IN FRONT OF MY STUDENTS that I need to learn better classroom
management skills and have more compassion for our students, that they have a lot to deal with and I need to overlook some
behaviors. This was told to me in front of my class regarding a student that cursed me out in front of the class and was sent back to
class after denying what happened. The administrators are believing the students over the teachers; this will cause a failed system to
occur. There is no way to win in this type of situation. So, with 27 years of experience and with the last 7 years of having the highest
test scores in the building, I will be leaving at the end of this year. I've heard several other teachers say the same thing, the majority
of our best teachers. It's sad when the district is hurting for good teachers.
A disruptive student cannot be allowed to deter the classroom teaching, or activities that we are hired to accomplish.
I think Positive Behavior Interventions are a good thing. However, results are not immediate and students with chronic behavior
problems are still in the classroom, often times creating environments not conducive to learning for the class. It is unfair for a couple
of chronically misbehaving students to keep 25 other students from learning. How can we have alternate, more independent, and
supervised spaces for them to spend their time at school when necessary? This is an immediate need, but we do not have enough
staff currently in buildings to provide this. Suspension isn't productive, but neither is having these students in class.
Student bad behavior is the number one hindrance to education.
The TLE, in my opinion, does nothing to make me a stronger teacher. It is time consuming, stressful, and unreasonable as far as
making my lessons better or my teaching stronger. Students require more "attention" than 20 years ago......testing is more critical to
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
all of us than it was 20 years ago......teacher evaluation process is ridiculous.......and it's amazing more of us haven't walked out! I
struggle everyday to remind myself to be creative and positive in my classroom.....when I am SO bogged down by forces outside of
my control. I hope I can stick around long enough to see the educational pendulum swing back toward more reasonable
expectations. The regular classroom teachers are now the disciplinarians, counselors, as well as special education teachers. All of this
with unprecedented testing pressures!!
I think that greater enforcement and a positive behavior system of interventions go hand in hand. Successful models are made from
both work cooperatively. I do feel I have adequate support from the admins but their hands are tied with what they can do.
It is a shame the way teachers are being treated, our opinion does not count. We are at the expense if the higher bidders and we are
made to play their game . Shame on all who support the bureaucracy and the lack of common sense that prevails. Is there any
representative that will really raise the voice and rights of educators?
Sending students home for misbehavior is not any kind of a punishment. At home, they are allowed to sleep late, watch tv, play
video games and enjoy themselves. Saturday school is much more effective if parents could be forced to comply with bringing them
to school. Making students pick up trash around the school, pull weeds, clean bathrooms they have trashed, etc., and requiring them
to openly apologize to whomever they offended, assaulted, etc. If students who are chronic offenders could participate in a Scared
Straight-type program I believe it would help point at least a few of them down a better path.
Neu said that he wouldn't. Our work to better support staff and students in regards discipline issues has garnered a great deal of
attention over the last six months. Our struggles here in Oklahoma City are not unlike struggles throughout the country. Urban
school districts have been wrestling with these same issues. The Miami-Dade School District, which serves approximately 1 million
students, started this school year with a new initiative that bans all out-of-school suspensions. Last week, the Seattle school board
voted to eliminate out-of-school suspensions for elementary school students; two years ago the Los Angeles Unified School District
took on this issue by banning all suspensions for "willful defiance;'" this eventually became state law in California. Let me be clear eliminating all suspensions is not the approach OKCPS is taking to address discipline issues; we are implementing support, training
and new programs to address the needs of students and staff.
Thank you to everyone who completed the short survey we sent to all staff to gather input on the proposed Student Code of
Conduct, I want to share with you what our staff had to say about the proposed plan: (you must be signed into your Google drive
account to access the survey results)
Percent Rating
7% Excellent
25% Very Good
31% Good
19% Fair
17% Poor
The results show that 83% of staff who completed the survey give it a rating of "Fair" or higher and 63% of staff members who
completed the survey have rated the proposed code of conduct as "Good" or higher. The Student Code of Conduct committee
continues to meet and make changes to reflect the input of our staff. As you know, we have been cited in a report from the Civil
Rights Project at UCLA for leading the country in suspensions during the 2011-2012 school year. We are nearing resolution from our
2013 charges of disproportionate discipline from the Office of Civil Rights. Last year, our district had 8,182 out-of-school student
suspensions while Tulsa, serving 40,000 demographically similar students, had 4,917 out-of-school suspensions. Our current
suspension data shows that we have reduced suspensions by almost 43% over this time period last year. While I see this as positive,
I do not claim this as a victory. Fewer suspensions do not mean improved student behavior. It does mean we are viewing the use of
suspensions differently. I do not expect you to be miracle workers. I will not ask you to tolerate unsafe or consistently disrespectful
or disruptive behavior. We know that this isn't true because students are continually disrespectful and disruptive. Their behaviors
are increasingly worse making for conditions where students AND teachers are going to be seriously hurt. When are we going to
take a stance and get the media (facebook, tv, etc) to put pressure on the admin to protect students who want to learn and teachers
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
that are here to help them? I have taught for many years and have decided this will be the end. I am in sped and there are extremely
few, if any, that can do my job of teaching math, English and SS.
Marzano is too complicated. There are other systems available that provide the same quality information. There needs to be less
spending in upper administration so that resources can be directed to students and student learning (e.g. providing EACH student
with textbooks, workbooks, and other class materials.) Teachers should be focused on planning and implementing instruction not
filling out administrative paperwork. There are plenty of tasks that teachers are asked to do that upper administration can do
themselves. They just pass is downhill because they know teachers can't do anything about it. (e.g. special education child count.)
The school I am in has a great working relationship this far between administrators and teachers. I have not had a student yet that I
felt I couldn't handle. The last question does not have an answer that I feel reflects my thoughts. So, I am telling you the answer that
I feel would greatly give teachers the confidence and direction that is needed desperately in schools, is LESS. I feel there are too
many different and conflicting programs that teachers must follow. Between Marzano, A+ Schools, Great Expectations, PLC, and the
Oversight, Professional Development, and ongoing Education that teachers are required to have, more so than even doctors or
lawyers. All of these requirements and yet our income is barely enough to keep a family of three out of Welfare assistance.
You may wish to discard my answers, as I am only a counselor. All of my answers reflect information I learn from teachers and
students. Every staff member (including counselors who don't have a planning period) is overwhelmed with what is being required
of them. There are not enough hours in any day. We have few processes and procedures at the district level. We are often asked to
complete tasks by folks who don't know what a school day looks like. Thank you.
Being forced to cover is constantly taking the place of plan and PLC time. PLC time should be paid because what was supposed to be
done during PLC now has to get done on our "own" plan time.
Regarding referrals, I have been told that a student would receive ISS, but they have not.
Having my own classroom would be a good start.
We are always having to cover due to vacancies so it is hard for our teams to meet. I have students that would benefit from an
alternative school but are here anyway. Admin is stretched thin and they only have so much they can do with the kids that should be
punished but can't be because of their classification.
Morale has continued to diminish as the school year goes along. It seems as though the teachers are not being listened to.
I don't normally write referrals because I try to handle discipline within my classroom. When I have written referrals in the past they
have not always been worked in a timely manner and sometimes not at all.
I taught in OKCPS 2 years ago, and came back thinking it would be different....Nothing has changed. Administration, misleads
applicants, offers them 1 job & then after the contract is signed, gives you another job. I would have not took this job.
Administration, tells the staff the discipline action & then they do not follow through with it, instead it's the teachers fault and they
have no classroom management. I feel, at OKCPS, teachers are more of the students than the students themselves. Teachers are
constantly having to receive PD. I agree with PD, but not when it's because of bad test grades, bad behavior, that gets pushed off as
the teachers fault. I might get 1-2 plan periods a week, but yet more and more expectations and assignments to get done by
administration, on top of grades & parent contacts. I cannot wait till the end of the year, to get out of here...if not at semester. Once
again, I feel that downtown administration and building administration keeps saying the "system/teachers" are failing the kids...I
believe it's administration that is failing the teachers and kids.
Phones should be banned from classrooms.
I am a traveling teacher, some of my schools the problem is not the students it's the teachers yelling at the students and the
students crying and being traumatized by teachers’ response and lack of self control. Other schools the lack of administrative
support...principals dump the discipline workload on teachers and don't support teachers in front of parents or staff. The emotional
needs of the students are becoming too great and there's no emotional support. This is affecting their learning academics. Where
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
are the counselors? where are the psychologists? I've been very close to reporting these issues to DHS. If Oklahoma city schools
tackle emotional needs of individual students along side with academics we will have a turnaround. We desperately need the
support of community agencies that have the power to meet the emotional needs of the students. Team work?
Submitted referral to administrator, he took 11 days to work referral.
I teach Elementary school, K - 2nd. In my 25 years of teaching I have noticed a sharp spike in the # of students with ADHD. When I
started teaching you might have one case per class. 8 or 9 years ago, if you had 3 cases in one class, we felt bad for you. Today if you
ONLY have 3 cases in your room you are a seriously lucky person. I don't know if this is a national trend or just in OKC in the area
where I teach, but it is having a significant influence. We've been trained how to deal with ONE ADHD case in our room - no one told
us what to do with 7. As for principals - it would be great if a teacher could know that she will not be blamed for all of a child's
behavioral problems. While the teacher controls a great deal, eventually SOME of the responsibility has got to be on the student.
Due to GE most teachers/principals are afraid to give a kid a stern talking-to. But sometimes a kid NEEDS a good stern dressing
down. It doesn't have to involve name-calling or threats, obviously, but a loud stern voice coming out of an authority figure goes a
long way. It requires no paperwork and only lasts a few minutes. I miss it a great deal.
Students are sent up at 7:20 am from the cafeteria at (deleted name of school). This is causing teachers to have to be out in the
hallway at 7:20 am. Teachers are not supposed to be on duty at that time. Or so we thought...... We do not have ANY administrators
on duty upstairs at that time or down hallways. We have way too many students in our school.
I am very fortunate to work in a school that does take care of discipline problems before they can escalate. Our administration does
a very good job of handling this but because of the district we do not have adequate time for planning or grading. The Marzano
evaluation system is the worst evaluation system we have used in the last 30 years. It does nothing to help anyone become a better
teacher. The lesson plans are time consuming and cannot be used for actual class.
Despite all of the discipline problems, it has gotten better and continues to get better.
Student behavior has gotten worse from where I was last year. Out of about 75 students there are about 10 that are constantly
disrupting classes, walking out of class, or refusing to follow directions. My assistant principal has been trying her hardest to help us
out with the majority of the issues. Anytime we talk to the principal it feels as if she is making it our fault for student behavior
because we "don't do anything positive." I try compliments with those students who struggle when they are having a good and the
next day its back to the yelling etc. We have had one student sent back to class with a message for the teacher telling her that it was
not a "referable" offense because the principal did not read the entire referral. We struggle most days to teach anything because of
the few that keep disrupting the rest of the class.
We have really good teachers and administrators where I work. I feel the problem is when you tell us that we aren't/can't suspend
as many students as in the past. We have so many great students where I work and the chronically disruptive students are ruining
the education of others.
The students here are out of control because there are not any consequences for their behavior. They need to be disciplined for
their incorrect actions. We are not teaching the students to be successful because they cannot behave appropriately. When they are
in the "real world" they will not understand why they cannot keep a job because of their behavior.
The current system in place is incredibly ineffective - I do not know how much more we can take.
I came from (deleted name of place) and still suffering cultural shock since a discovered that when a student older than 15 in my
class does something wrong it's not his fault but mine. I hadn't written so many referrals in the seven years I was teaching in Spain
and I think that in part it's because the first referrals didn't have consequences.
Students are defiant; they talk during instruction which makes educating them and their peers very difficult. The students do not
believe that they can be suspended and it is carried forward by administration by them not suspending students. A 63 year old
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
teacher was assaulted by a student who received a 5 day suspension and was then returned to her classroom. Students bring no
discipline into the room and believe that they can get an attitude with you when you work to correct their behavior. I can only do so
well in my evaluations when students refuse to do work and refuse to stop talking. Referrals, calls home, and one on one discussions
do nothing to help the situation.
IT is the STUPID cell phones that the students refuse to turn off and put up ... they refuse to remove eye buds, release the phone,
text in halls during break, etc. The policy needs to return to NO PHONES except before school and at 2:25.
The school, learning environment, should be one where rules are enforced. If rules are not enforced, new normal are established,
thus limiting or greatly diminishing the overall achieved learning objective. Administrators should quickly and decisively enforce
rules as it sets the climate for learning and fosters good behavior----necessary for good order and discipline to be in effect.
Teaching in a self contained room is a completely different rodeo...so as a fairly new self contained teacher having a mentor or
veteran teacher who has experience in teaching in a self-contained classroom would be great.
The office handling calls home for kids and severe discipline issues. Taking up too much time.
The students don't fear anything they know they are going to get away with anything and at worst spend a few days at home playing
video games and then getting to make up work. Where are the consequences to be able to correct this behavior?
I'm repeatedly told I need to make parent contact, which I do, but I need the disruptive student out of my room first.
I experienced behavioral problems the first two weeks of school which I attribute to the students testing an unfamiliar teacher. I
have not had to issue any referrals because I have been able to handle the problems through different avenues (lunch detentions,
calls home to parents, seat changes, etc.). Behavior issues have greatly subsided.
I have a lack of planning time because I am covering for teachers who have quit. I would have a class period per day for personal
planning except for this situation.
I often feel my hands are tied. The greatest obstacle to teaching is discipline in the building. Student behavior has gotten worse
every year. It does not help either when teachers are to the point of frustration that yelling seems to be the norm and not the
exception. My workload is such that if I want to stay on top of everything, I have to remain at school after hours or take it home. It is
almost impossible to find time to do everything during an average school day.
Last year I moved to Prekindergarten after 20 years of teaching Kindergarten and it was mostly due to discipline issues,
overcrowding in the classroom and over testing these young children with no help! Several years ago I started the year with 32 5
year olds! Needless to say I spent the night in the hospital with chest pains. After many tests, they determined it was stress.
Teachers have got to start getting the help they need in the classroom to prevent health issues. If not, it's very probable that more
teachers will be taking early medical retirement!
I believe that there is going to be a serious incident where a student is going to be severely hurt. The student or students will not be
suspended. The school environment will be dangerous.
There is a disconnect between the administrators and the lack of consistency contributes to the discipline issues. The schools are not
safe environments for students or staff and it is just a matter of time before it becomes a bigger issue. How do you focus on test
scores and improving grades when the behavior issues are out of control and the students know they are not held responsible for
their actions? The majority are not here to learn, they are here to be away from home and socialize. This denies the students who
truly want to be here to learn the opportunity to succeed academically. As educators we are punished for not having the time to
raise scores, but most of our time is spent dealing with the behavior issues in the general education classroom. We need to call a
spade a spade and realize that the general education classroom is no longer a place of learning, it is a chaotic mess, with very little
learning taking place.
The policies for student discipline need to be established prior to school starting and then enforced. The wait and see method does
not work. Have a plan for the PLC / planning time and don't think that your time (administration) is more valuable than the teachers.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
Student poor behavior is enhanced when teachers enforce policies and the higher up (either building admin or district) decide that
the policy you were enforcing is no longer worth their time. If that is so, take it out of the student handbook and change the written
policy and stop setting the teachers up for failure.
In our school, students who have referrals written up on them, are sent to ISS. ISS is usually a Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom.
These students have been in the early childhood classrooms for up to 5 days (without any direction from an administrator). They are
sometimes sent with "busy" work but are definitely not being given any instruction on their own grade level. These students are
generally sent back to their regular class after the PreK/Kdg. teacher confronts an administrator regarding the length of time they
have been in the early childhood classes. We also had an incident where a 1st grader was running on top of the tables in computer
lab. His teacher was trying to redirect him while maintaining order for the rest of her class when he jumped on top of the file cabinet
and then ON TO her, knocking her to the ground. He was given 2 days in ISS (Kindergarten room) and then moved to a different class
the following Monday. Sorry, but these district policies and current principals are UNACCEPTABLE!!!
I do not waste time writing referral because nothing will be done about it. When a student is allowed to kick another student in the
head and nothing is done by the administration a clear message is being sent. The inmates are running the asylum.
Class Time: Our school calendar and class times (45 - 50 minutes) are not conducive to teaching. Forty-five minutes is sometimes
more of a detriment to our students and to us as teachers than it is a benefit. As soon as students get to class, you must get them in
the learning mode. Not all classes need this to happen, but for the most part, most teachers have at least two to three classes that
need extra time to settle in class. The amount of IEP students that are in classes are also a challenge. When classes are only 45
minutes, a teacher (I am an elective teacher) cannot spend much time with those student to insure that they are receiving what they
need from the curriculum being taught in class. We can send them to their resource teacher, but if the resource teacher in not
knowledgeable in that subject area, the student is still not being service fully. School Calendar: Just not working. Right now we are
beginning the second quarter. One week in and then we have two weeks of fall break. New curriculum cannot be introduced to a
student under these circumstances. We need to go back to the original calendar. Discipline: Watered down! I understand that
suspension is not good, but when a student has committed a grievous action, suspension is in order. The message sent to the
student is that "I can curse a teacher, threaten a teacher and go to ISS/ISR for a few days a return to class." The Superintendent has
stated that too many of our minority students are being suspended. If you look at the breakdown for the ethnicities for most of our
schools, you can classify us as a "minority district"; therefore, the majority of the students who are being suspended are
"minorities." Putting the core responsibility on the teacher cannot be the answer. We can't teach and handle grievous discipline
situations and education our students to the standards that this district has placed upon us. Workload: When do I have time to
teach? Data processing, scaling, etc. WHY? Are or students are any more the better for it because we have so much "outside"
activities to complete, I don't think so. Again, 45 minutes for a class period; it just doesn't work. We take home work. I have just had
to come to the decision that work has to stay at work. When I go home, I must debrief, yes, debrief because sometimes it is as if we
have been in a war zone; and, it is not always about the kids. Sometimes, to tell the truth, it isn't the kids. It is all the mandates,
initiatives, etc. that are directed to us that we have to involve ourselves. I truly do like working for this district. Please don't read me
wrong. But, at some point in time, we must be looked upon as humans (who by the way are working for almost little to nothing as
far as pay is concerned) who care for our students, our colleagues, and this district. We can do only so much. A great burden of our
students’ education must be spread to our parents and our students; they must realize that we are here to educate. Parents are to
support and help us with the educating or their students, and students need to know that they are to come to school to learn. The
latter doesn't seem to be something that this district seems to relate to our stakeholders. I'm truly a proud teacher of this district. I
truly love and enjoy teaching kids. It has just gotten extremely hard to do so in the last four to five years.
My site has competent administration. A contributing problem is that my site is a priority school, as designated by the SDE of
Oklahoma. This means classroom cap sizes are at 25 students, but the site administrations' direct superior steadfastly refuses to
comply with this LAW. He believes that this LAW is not applicable to him. I believe the overcrowded room situation is a hindrance to
learning, as would academic research that asserts numbers greater than 21 is where problems begin to escalate. The MAJOR
problem is the lack of autonomy by principals to suspend violent and disruptive students. Any time a parent disputes their child's
punishment, downtown administration walks lockstep with whatever they say. This position of, "referral czar" is absolutely
preposterous. Is it possible they themselves are creating the behavior problems by letting students who match specific demographic
categories go unpunished for violent behavior? Are we so ignorant to believe when said students engaged in chronically violent
behavior (including students in elementary school with PAROLE OFFICERS) won't pick up on the fact they no longer get in trouble for
being violent? We must be, because that is the situation. Political correctness be damned. When we will we realize the demographic
segment that has been effectively placed above the law is also the same segment MOST harmed? We won't. And, that is why I am
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
actively pursuing a way out of this chaotic and poorly managed district. I have been around almost 10 years and I have NEVER seen it
this bad. Supt. Neu has noble intentions, but no longer suspending or expelling chronically violent and disruptive students is not the
way to move OKCPS forward.
I stay a minimum of an hour and half extra each day to get paperwork done and attend meetings. As this is technically volunteer
working time I feel less obligated to help with other extra-curricular activities and that is sad and not what is best for the students.
The more teachers that are involved in the extra-curricular the better for the school culture.
Where does the union stand on forcing teachers to have their planning time start at 8:00? I never see the results of any referral form
that I submit. Last year I had a student attack another student and pound his head on the desk, the student remained in school and
continued to have problems. The school put the teachers and others at risk from his behavior. The lunch schedule takes advantage
of one of the assistants.
Most of our administrators are supportive of teachers, but it is obvious that at least one is trying to minimize suspensions by
ineffectively reducing consequences for negative student behavior. I believe that parents are hard to reach and are less and less
involved in student discipline. A community outreach and more mentoring programs are necessary for students with repetitive
We as teachers & administrators can only do so much. At some point we need the parents to step up & help with the discipline of
their children, since they were their 1st teachers.
Students are often singled out or favored by members of the administration. Students, parents and teachers are at times subject to
aggressive behavior from administration.
Teachers lose planning time because they have to cover classes. Teachers are also often unable to have PLC because they have to
cover classes. Some teachers have to teach extra classes because there is not a teacher for that class. Teachers are spending far too
many hours during their own time at home taking care of school non-negotiables. Teachers are exhausted. Teachers would be easily
able to tell the district how to retain teachers. The district does not need to pay someone to do this for them. The district seems to
be implementing PBIS, but none of us have been trained. Everything seems to be the teacher's fault regardless of expertise in the
classroom. There is no respect for the teachers. The teachers are dedicated and want each child to be successful. All of the above
make this very difficult. Every year we lose good teachers for these reasons. This year we will probably lose more.
I have had kids punch me in the stomach and kick me repeatedly along with foul language directed towards me. Our principal’s
discipline is to let the student run errands for her all day or sit them on her lap and give them candy. Just crazy!!!
The administrators try to make it a problem with the teacher not the students. My high school students have not had one referral
written on them. The middle school academic achievement class for 7th grade is where all my referrals have occurred. It is the same
five students that talk across the room and during test and are disrespectful and refuse to follow directions.
It would be nice if lab classes with 5 or ED students in the building had an assistant.
Sorry, there were three above. I have different class every hour plus student organization. I teach with someone who has one prep
and gets to leave early and come in late because she is done with her planning and grading. I don't have time to make parent phone
calls - or write out what needs to be said to non-English speaking parents for an interpreter. Referrals won't be worked if we have
not had communication with parent.
This district seems to think that creating more administrative positions to come up with things for teachers to have to do will make
things better. Smaller class sizes and removing chronic discipline problems is the only thing that will help. Parents are upset too. TLE
is a waste of time. Principals and secretaries do not get to work on time in the mornings. Teachers come early and stay late to get
their work done. Neither is acknowledged by the district. Also, students whose parents threaten to go to the board are allowed to
act up with little or no consequences. And we do not need more professional development. They need to make what we already are
forced to do not such a waste of time.
I am currently teaching a course I have not yet been trained for.
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
Our school is implementing lunch detention starting this week for tardies and that helped last year so I am hopeful it will make a
We spend time preparing charts and graphs, power point presentations and a plan to be sure all pass the test. We use planning time
and personal time to accomplish these tasks. All lesson plan preparation, grading papers and posting grades is on personal time and
often at home taking time from my family. Other time is disrupted by two students continuously forcing me to stop teaching. One
has poked students with sharp objects, steals from students and the teacher, crawls around on the floor, and throws books. He is
still in my room. Administration has us do many things that are the responsibility of administration and the principal will bully
teachers to do it. A data wall in the conference room helps no teacher teach and no student learn. A power point demonstration
where each grade is for reading and math that is prepared by the teachers and then will be shared at a staff meeting so we can see
how others grades are progressing does little for me and my students. I will leave or retire at the end of this year if I make it that
long - this bullying by the principal and tons of paperwork by OKCPS is excessive and not required by other districts.
Very little attention is given to the children who are well behaved. The children who see school as a place to learn are in large part
ignored. Most focus is, by necessity, given to managing students who go out of their way to make sure the lesson does not start let
alone continue. Teachers are afraid to pause and let students process for fear that it will leave an opening for disruption.
We get good support from our vice principals, we do not get consistent support from the principal. The principal refuses to follow
district guidelines for the referral process. Children are sent back to class after repetitive highly disruptive and often aggressive
behaviors. The learning process is interrupted in most classrooms be highly disruptive students who have no consequences for their
I am a first-year teacher, so I am not always consistent with my discipline. My administrators have worked with me to help me plan
and implement procedures and consequences. The most difficult aspect however, is a lack of classroom space. I have a traveling
teacher that has poor classroom management and often calls on me to help him while I am working at my desk during plan.
I rarely have discipline problems in my room with the exception of students who are still at our school, yet cause(d) complete chaos
in my classroom and other teachers' rooms. The behaviors ranged from running out of class to threatening other students and
teachers, stealing, refusing to do anything asked, and disrupting any semblance of learning One of these children is a Sp Ed. student
who would refuse to go to class or who would jump up at inappropriate times and say he was going to Sp. Ed., but would not show
up there. I was threatened by his father because he thought I gave the authorities his address---which never happened. Repeated
referrals resulted in an occasional day home, but most of the time, he would stay in the office with the secretary!! Or with the
principal to "hang out." The student would be sent back to class to wreck havoc again. I am a seasoned teacher who loves what I do,
but for an entire year I felt helpless and hopeless and downright abused. . Nothing I did worked. One cannot teach in chaos. If I had
been a new teacher, I would have quit!! And that is ONE student. It is no wonder that teacher morale is low. Just imagine a teacher
with three, four, or five students whose needs are way above your skill set!!! What is needed for these kinds of situations is full
service schools with full time counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and DHS personnel!!
At the elementary level the planning time is not accurate because it does not count for the time taking the students to their special
and picking students up from their special. The same is true for lunch out of the 30 minutes 10 minutes is used for walking the
students to lunch and picking them up after lunch.
The students this year are aggressive. They will tell you no or just look at you and continue doing what they are doing. They have no
problem using fowl language such as cussing calling each other names, standing on their chairs and tables. I think they do a lot of
this because we are told to do a lot of testing instead of teaching. Short notice and no training for the Star 360, we were told on
Monday to start and that they were to be finished the following Friday along with the letter and number test we have to have done
every week by the time of our PLC meeting which consist of testing our class for letter recognition, sound and writing it, recognition,
counting and writing the number for the week. We all feel overloaded and are constantly playing catch up.
I need Professional Development for what to do with kid who doesn't respond to any behavior modifications that we have ever had
training on before.
So much time and effort is being placed on meetings to learn new strategies, and techniques. We are met out! But I feel that we
have gotten away from the basics and our students are suffering because far too many of them are struggling with just writing a
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
basic paragraph. Teachers are tired and feel like we never get caught up. Like the dog chasing his own tail. Changes need to be
made. A teacher should also not have to put up with a defiant student. One who refuses to work daily.
I am used as a specials teacher; therefore, the students behave worse when their regular teacher is not present. Our administrators
are doing a very great job with the discipline issues, but the problems are so numerous. I try to handle my discipline problems myself
by using warnings, time-out, and parent phone calls. However, I really do not have much time to call parents, so sometimes that
doesn't happen as often as it should. I have each class for 40 minutes, so I just "survive" until their 40 minutes is up.
Marzano may be designed as a system to help teachers, but in our district and possibly our state, it is used more as a form of
punishment. It also seems frequently inappropriate for the youngest age levels as well, and not always entirely appropriate for
other teachers, such as arts teachers. I have more experience than most others, having been on a TLE committee and having helped
to write scales for my age level for the district, but I still find many parts either confusing or inappropriate. Also, Marzano's
appropriation of normal terminology to mean specific and quite different things makes it more confusing for many. It is a constant
source of frustration at our school and both last year's principal and this are supposedly good with explaining it. This year's is also
supposedly good with PBIS. But the truth is, when you have a disruptive and severely mentally ill student in a class of 30 in a small
room, no teacher is going to be able to make things okay. This continues to happen at our school, and rarely will the parents allow
any treatment of the students, even when they are eligible for inpatient treatment!
Need to understand how to work the discipline matrix better.
I am so tired of the district giving us time to work and then filling it with crap that doesn't matter- PLC time, professional
development, Marzano Training. I am tired of taking home hours of work because they fill every second of my day. I need time to
pee and grade- that is all!
I work in an elementary school. My principal has been supportive however she is not supported by the district. The administrators
have no control over how discipline for extremely disruptive and violent student behavior. They are told to keep the students in
school. They are not supported at all which in turn means teachers are not supported and other students are negatively impacted in
their learning and physical well being. I have been bitten, hit, kicked, had books thrown at me and hit in the face by them , watched
students tear up classrooms, hit other teachers and the principal. When a teacher was instructed to call the police and the school
police were not available we were instructed to call 911. The police said they cannot take a report on a child under 12 regardless of
the assault. The school police man the next day said he could not take a report for a student under 12. Students are permitted to
bring realist play guns to school with no recourse. In our school a student brought in a realist play gun and was suspended. The
parents went to the Board and complained. The principal was called and told to remove the suspension. So, in the future we can
only hope that all guns are play guns and not real. Hard to tell the difference. Prior to teaching I worked with street gangs ( in the
Northeast, and spent many years in community programs doing casework in gang infested neighborhoods (of which I also lived). We
buried 14 kids in a year . Ten due to guns. The ages ranged 10 to 18 years old. So, in the end, there is no support for assault of
teachers on an elementary level or any level. At this point, retaining personal lawyers to protect teachers seems to be the only
recourse. This makes no sense. When do teachers have a real voice? When does the Union step up instead of continued talks that
lead nowhere. You guys have spent years trying to talk things through. The district doesn't seem to respect you anymore than they
do teachers and principals. When does the Union organize its members who pay dues to create positive change? This District is
much changed for the worse over the years. It is sad to see. HELP. PLEASE. THE KIDS OF OKLAHOMA CITY DESERVE MORE. WE ARE
Kids have to want to be at school. Kicking them out doesn't seem to be the answer. They are glad to stay home, I would like to hear
of other districts that had success in this area. What did they do?
Behavior/Discipline: I have been lucky as far as discipline goes in my classroom, however, students in other classrooms who have
been written up numerous times, or who have on one occasion been involved in a (minor) physical altercation, have been sent to my
classroom for SIT time, basically a time-out for a day in another classroom. This "punishment" inconveniences no one but the
teachers. The homeroom teacher provides their student with work, then the student goes to SIT time in another classroom where
the student then becomes another teacher's problem. In a class with 29 students of my own, I don't feel that it should be my
responsibility to supervise discipline problems. There is supposed to be a rotating schedule of which classrooms discipline problems
are going. Workload: Students are released from cafeteria to arrive to class at 8:00. In the past we have received students at 8:15
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
which gives a little time to prepare for the day ahead. We are given the minimum 200 minutes of planning, 40 minutes of which are
required for PLC. Lunch/recess duty has been required every day. Planning, grading, entering grades, copying, etc. must take place
during the 160 remaining minutes of planning that we have, which is an unrealistic amount of time to do all we need to do, plus
collect data for PLC meetings and take nine safety courses online. Each teacher was to sign up for three committees which also are
expected to meet after contract hours. When teachers have expressed concerns about lack of time to fulfill job duties, they have
been told they need to prioritize. Do it before or after school which goes well beyond contract time. I don't think any teacher
expects to be able to do all they need to do between the hours of 8:00 and 3:30, but they should not be made to feel that if they
need to spend time with family, go to doctor.
Appointments, etc. that they are uncaring towards their job or towards their students. We have been told via email that we should
try to make appointments after school or on evenings or weekends so as not to miss time during the day. While some clinics are
open after normal business hours and on weekends, many personal physicians are not. Again, teachers should not be made to feel
they are shirking their job duties simply because they want to go to their primary physician and not a random clinic.
Administrators have told us we aren't allowed to take recess, move children away from others, or any other restriction. They will not
take any students for discipline. I've been cussed at, flipped off, and things get thrown by a couple students. The administrators say
it’s my problem to deal with. I call parents daily and the administrators have me doing behavior notebooks where I stamp good
behavior in 30 minute increments. It’s a constant ring around the Rosie with these 6 students. You get one settled and another starts
up. I can't teach to the children that want to learn.
The school is out of control. Students in every grade are running wild. Even the worst offenders get a slap on the wrist and are sent
back to class. In this environment what learning can take place? What the students are learning is that it is they who have been
given the power. That is our job, the adults! Kids don't know how to handle power. But the district has turned over all the power to
them. GE is a joke and the kids know it. They mock it. Marzano is used as a tool for oppression of teachers. Workload? I often can't
leave the building till 5:30 or later. Next week I will have to take some sick leave in order to get the time to complete some required
paperwork. (ELLevation). In addition, the school demands that my department (ELD) take Special Ed students we are not trained to
handle and who are not equipped to learn in our classes. Of course there is no discipline for them. All avenues to learning have been
wrecked. It is mob rule at this school.
We have had at least three teachers that I know of quit working for OKCPS, some with no warning. I personally have been
threatened physically, but when I went to the administrator, nothing happened. Referrals are not being worked, and when they are,
minimal discipline is being handed out. I, personally, have been considering resigning and returning to driving a bus. I love teaching. I
love seeing the proverbial light go on when a student finally understands something, but I cannot handle this abuse. It is affecting
me mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Teachers in this district need help, badly. Thank you for being there for us!
I typically have to keep a student with me during my planning time due to behavior issues. I rarely get to have planning on time due
to restroom procedures, limited restroom facilities, and discipline problems. The restroom break procedures for our building is my
BIGGEST complaint. Students are not allowed to go individually or in small groups. We must go as a whole class. Further, they will
not be allowed to go during PE, music, art, or technology; therefore, we must take them before specials.
Student behavior problems are just sent back to the teachers. This year alone a third grade student brought an Exacto knife to class.
The knife was taken by the principal and the student returned to class. The teacher had to call the parent. This student has also
brought a BB gun to school and threatened students.
Planning is an ongoing joke. We have so many meeting that we do all of our planning at home. I come in at 6:20 am to make my
team copies because we don't have enough consumables for our students. This is a broken system.
Overall there are approximately 20% of the students who need strong discipline. If those students were sent elsewhere to be
educated our school would be a great school.
Each year, more is added to a teacher's workload. For example: ***3 grades per week per subject--required even for 1st grade. (This
is developmentally inappropriate and in no way enhances student learning.) ****The new student data folders---also required for
1st grade. My students are reading & writing below grade level and are now required to spend valuable time on data that has no
meaning for them. The attendance calendar confuses them from their math calendar because Sat. & Sun. are omitted. Besides, in
OKC-AFT Student Discipline and Teacher Time Survey Comments - 836 Responses - October, 2015
1st grade, attendance is a parent not student responsibility. Each year, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, I repeat, NOTHING is removed from a
teacher's workload. Why is everyone surprised there is a teacher shortage?
We need both traditional discipline methods for offensive behavior AND implementation of Positive Behavior interventions. There
are many basic social behaviors that these children just do not know, like working together without getting offended and retaliating
for the slightest infraction from a classmate or how to work that out, taking turns, and waiting. These seem like small things, but
when the majority of the class and/or school is dealing with lack of these and other basic social skills it causes larger issues (such as
heated arguments, putting hands on each other, fights, etc.) that need immediate and more attention from the teacher. These
students need BOTH the social skill training AND the traditional discipline methods that address unsafe behavior for us to move
toward success. WE, teachers, need BOTH the social skill training to train them and the support of the traditional methods that
communicate to students and parents that unsafe behaviors are going to be addressed in ways that are uncomfortable for both
student and parent.
In regards to the discipline referrals....we have a different system, I marked that I've written 1-5. Our plan is Green Sheets; it is a
documentation procedure. Until the child has more than 6, they do not require the "working" of an administrator. I document the
behavior and contact the parents and then make a copy and send it home for parent signature. I do have children that have over the
6. Since our green sheets require use of the copy machine & I can't leave my class to go there....it does cut in to my planning time to
complete the paperwork, phone the parent and then make the copies.
Sometimes we cannot get substitutes at our school. When we do not we have to cover classes and lose our planning or PLC time. I
know it cannot be helped. But if the sub situation is addressed by the district then we could have more time. Our schools time is
indicated as 9.05 to 4.40 I am sure no one wants to work this long and have to spend so much on gas to get to (deleted name of
school). We work until 4.40. Until people know this it is discouraging.
Need another spec ed teacher
I am a pre-K teacher so I don't do referrals even though I have experienced disruptive students. One student behavior is so
disruptive that even our school counselor said she can't help her. She hits me, runs out of the room, climbs up and jumps off of the
furniture, grabs things off my desk, steals things from other children, runs around the room with my scissors, gets incredibly angry
when asked to follow the rules, and screams and cries hysterically when in time out, which she does not do voluntarily. Pre-K is not
mandatory so why is this child in my classroom? This behavior has been going on since day one and has affected my teaching and my
sanity. The principal does not want to remove her because the Early Childhood Director says no child should be removed. All she
cares about are her numbers. She doesn't care about the teachers!
My students do not always make the best choices, but my principal has been absolutely amazing in helping me with discipline. She
has created ISS for my students. Many have been in it on and off for weeks. For the past week I have had all my students in my
classroom including those released from ISS and their behavior was much better and I was able to have my entire class for a whole
week and still teach!
I normally handle my discipline in the classroom by calling parents, documenting everything (time consuming). I have had support
from the assistant principal in the previous year for problematic children. Training on Marzano is a waste of time, required to attend
during our planning time. DO NOT have the district implement a behavior plan WITHOUT proper training provided to ALL classroom
teachers. DO NOT EXPECT us to understand a plan without the training and to enforce it correctly within the school and
expectations known that are required for administration. PLEASE!! Same thing happening with the RSA Star 360 testing. Expecting
us to implement without training, an incomplete testing system that doesn’t provide Progress Monitoring as required by RSA.
Check total number of tardies and absences per school- It is very difficult to teach those that are not here.
I drive 45 minutes to and from work every day. I arrive one hour to an hour and a half early most days and often stay after the school
day has ended for an extended amount of time as well. Often, I am at school from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm trying to get everything
accomplished that is expected of me and that needs to be completed in order for us to have a successful classroom experience. After
returning home I continue to work on grading papers, inputting grades, and making lesson plans.

I think we need to bring back in house suspension or after school