Classroom Discipline Plan: Mr

Classroom Discipline: Mr. Yamato
Dear Parent,
I am delighted that _____________________________ is in my class this semester. With your encouragement, your child will
participate in and enjoy many exciting and rewarding experiences this academic year.
Since lifelong success depends in part on learning to make responsible choices, I have developed a classroom discipline plan
that will guide every student to make good decisions about his or her behavior. Your child deserves the most positive
educational climate possible for his/her growth, and I know that together we will make a difference in the process. The plan
below outlines our classroom rules, positive recognition for appropriate behavior and consequences for inappropriate behavior.
They are:
1. Eat and drink outside the classroom.
2. Have all electronic devices off while in class.
3. Be prepared and on time for class (bring appropriate materials and be in your seat when the bell rings).
4. Respect people and classroom property (don’t interrupt when someone else is speaking).
5. No profanity, teasing or yelling.
6. Follow directions and wait for teacher dismissal.
If a student chooses to break a rule, however, the following steps will be taken:
First time a student breaks a rule:
Second time:
Third time:
Fourth time:
Stay in after class
Call Home
Removal/Referral to office
Severe Disruption
Removal/Referral to office
With regards to Electronic Devices (Cellphones, music players, etc.): The device will be taken away and returned to
the student at a later time by the administration.
With regards to Dress Code Violations:
1) Hats and hoods must be removed while in class. Hats will be taken away after the first warning and
returned at a later time.
2) Offensive attire (logos/themes/showing of mid-drift, wearing tank-tops, showing cleavage, etc.), the
student will be sent to the office to arrange appropriate clothing.
Be assured that my goal is to work with you to ensure the success of your child this year. Please read and discuss this
classroom discipline plan with your child and return the form below. Feel free to call me anytime you’d like to talk something
over at (909) 397-4400. Class Website:
Mr. Yamato
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