Performance Award policy

2015 Reward and Recognition Scheme
Performance Awards
Performance awards are payments awarded in addition to the normal salary increments
(where applicable), for exceptional performance. These payments fall within the following
three types of award:
Contribution point(s) (Incremental progression above the main scale for the post);
Accelerated incrementation within grade (more rapid progression through the main scale for
the post); or
One off payments (a non-pensionable and non-consolidated award).
The performance award procedure applies to all members of staff in grades 1 to 10. Individuals
must have completed a Performance Appraisal Review with their manager. Separate
provisions exist for professorial staff.
Consideration of Applications
Performance award applications for all staff will be considered by a Performance Award Panel.
The Panel to consider applications for academic staff will be chaired by the Principal and
include the Deputy Principal, Faculty Deans, and the Director of Human Resources.
The Panel to consider applications for Professional Services staff will be chaired by the Vice
Principal (Staffing) and Dean of Arts & Social Science and include the Registrar and Director of
Operations, the Director of Human Resources or Deputy, and a departmental superintendent
will provide specialist input relating to technician roles.
The HR Policy and Reward Manager will act as secretary for both Panels.
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Applications will normally be considered on an annual basis by the Performance Award Panel.
The review period for awards is 1st August to 31st July.
Applications will be invited in September with the deadline for applications the end of October.
Awards will be effective from 1st August that same year. Panels considering the applications
will meet in November and payments actioned for the December payroll. Confirmation of the
closing date for applications will be confirmed on the University Intranet and the Human
Resources’ website.
While it is expected the vast majority of cases will be reviewed as part of the annual cycle linked
to the Performance Appraisal Review timetable, exceptional cases such as those relating to a
large project that was not yet completed, can be considered outside of the usual cycle subject
to agreement by the Chair of the Panel.
Where a case for a performance award is made, the Panel considering the application will
decide the type of award to be given. This is to ensure all applications are given equal
consideration and awards are made on a consistent basis. If successful, staff will only be
awarded one type of performance award.
Recommendations from managers and individual applications from members of staff should
only be submitted where an exceptional case can be made. Applications will only be approved
where exceptional levels of performance can be demonstrated.
For personal applications, the Head of Department/School must add a statement at the end of
the application form indicating whether or not they are supportive of the case.
In all cases confirmation from the Head of Department/School that individuals have completed
a satisfactory Performance Appraisal Review is required to ensure performance has been
satisfactory in all aspects of role in addition to those mentioned in the application
One off payments will be used to recognise an individual’s contribution in achieving College,
Faculty, School or Departmental objectives that are over and above the normal expectations
for the role and which do not generally form part of normal day to day duties. They must refer
to actual achievements. One off payments may be awarded where an individual:
takes on additional, but time limited responsibility, of a significant nature, extending beyond
the usual requirements of the role e.g. one off project work;
contributed to the School’s/Department’s greater efficiency, improved quality, cost savings,
achievement of objectives;
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achieves particularly challenging goals or objectives, overcoming significant obstacles to
ensure deadlines are met.
It may be appropriate to award a one off payment to a team where there is evidence that all
members of the team have worked together to achieve a significant objective.
Additional increments and contribution points are paid to recognise an individual’s application
of additional knowledge, skills and additional duties that are ongoing and increase their
contribution to the School/Departmental objectives, over and above the normal expectation
of the role and which do not generally form part of the day to day duties. They may be awarded
where an individual:
is progressing within their role at a rate faster than would normally be expected and is
demonstrating sustained performance that allows their role to be achieved more effectively on
an ongoing basis;
has taken on significant additional responsibility on an ongoing basis but where the level of
that responsibility falls within their current grade.
Where additional duties or responsibilities form a permanent change to the member of staff’s
job description or task list, it may be more appropriate for the role to be considered for HERA
re-grading. Further advice on HERA and re-grading applications is available from the Human
Resources Department
Making an Application
The application form (Appendix A) should be completed by the line manager and verified by
the Head of Department/School as appropriate.
Heads of Departments/Schools may submit applications on behalf of a member of their
department without consulting the person concerned if they wish.
Individual members of staff can also submit applications personally, in which case they should
complete the relevant section of the application form before passing it to their Head of
Department/line manager for approval.
Please include a copy of the individual’s up to date job description or task list.
Once fully completed, applications should be returned to .
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Following the meeting of the Performance Award Panel, the HR Policy and Reward Manager
will confirm the outcomes to Heads of Departments. Employees may ask for feedback from
their Head of Department.
Letters will be sent to individuals via Heads of Departments confirming the decision of the
There is no right of appeal against the non-award of a performance award. The decision of the
Panel is final.
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