Hoang Lai
1024 Ledro St  Cincinnati, OH 45246 (513) 659-3238  hoang.kn.lai@gmail.com
Objective ___________________________________________________________________________
Seeking an engineering position where I can make use of my educations, and best exercise lifelong learning,
creativity, organization and communication skills.
Education __________________________________________________________________________
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineer, Cum Laude
GPA: 3.593/4.000
Master of Science in Computer Engineer
GPA: 3.581/4.000
University of Cincinnati
September 2011
University of Cincinnati
December 2013
Skills Summary ______________________________________________________________________
Software: C/C++, Java, Python, PSPICE, Mathematica, Matlab, Microsoft Office, CUDA, OpenCL,
OpenGL, AHDL, VHDL, Verilog, Quartus, and PIC Microcontroller Programming.
Hardware: FPGA and Ample Knowledge of Computer Hardware and Desktop Computer Assembling.
Laboratory: Soldering, Installing/Removing Electronic Components, and using Digital Multimeter,
Oscilloscope, and Breadboard.
Bilingual: Fluent in both Vietnamese and English.
Professional Experiences ______________________________________________________________
Mason, OH
Cooperative Student
Designed and developed a graphical user interface for rapid prototyping of video processing algorithms for
Matlab development environment in conjunction with DALSA frame grabbers.
Evaluated existing infrared camera defective pixel detection algorithm. Analyzed and classified the pixel
defects. Improved the existing defective pixel detection algorithm and recommended an alternative.
Evaluated and fixed an existing multi-exposure FPGA implemented algorithm. Improved the existing
algorithm performances. Provided marketable videos demonstrating the multi-exposure algorithm capabilities.
Researched and evaluated the parallel processing capabilities of General Purpose GPUs in real time video
processing applications. Presented evidences of GPGPU video processing capabilities.
Researched and developed a new tone mapping algorithm for high dynamic range infrared video. Presented
and demonstrated the new algorithm capabilities and feasibility in implementation.
Assisted in the development of high dynamic range infrared video heat turbulence correction algorithm.
3/2008 -9/2008
Cincinnati, OH
Cooperative Student
Developed and exercised programs and simulations to evaluate image processing and automatic target
recognition algorithm.
Assisted in implementation of analysis technologies for aircraft radiographic, ultrasonic, visual, and other
nondestructive inspection image data.
Achievements _______________________________________________________________________
Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP)
University of Cincinnati Dean's List
Professional Practice Achievement
IEEE Tutoring Executive, IEEE Member
Graduated Engineering Courses ________________________________________________________
Digital Image Processing, Random Processes, Digital Signal Processing, Communication, Digital
Communication, Adaptive Signal Processing, Fundamental of Applied System, Advance Control Theory,
Complexity Theory, Intelligent System, Complex Systems and Networks, Fundamentals of MEMS,
Semiconductor Physics, Biomorphic Systems, Multivariable Control Theory, and Quantum Computing.