September 2014
Washington Statewide Wood Energy Team Project – 2014
U.S. Forest Service Funds:
Cooperators Matching Funds:
Key Project Contact:
Chuck Hersey, Forest Health Specialist
WA State Department of Natural Resources, Resource Protection Division
1111 Washington ST SE, MS 47037
Olympia, WA
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site:
Project Abstract: Washington State is home to about 22 million acres of forested land. By one estimate,
logging residuals and forest thinnings could generate 3.78 million dry tons of biomass to produce 3,835
GWh of power annually (Pacific Region Bioenergy Partnership: Washington State Biomass Inventory).
Many forests, especially in eastern Washington, face elevated risk for severe wildfire and insect damage
due to overstocked forest conditions and altered species composition. Wood energy presents an
exciting opportunity to provide markets and financial incentives for low-grade material, which can
improve forest health by accelerating the pace of forest restoration. This project will focus on
promoting the development of wood energy clusters, targeting forest collaboratives in eastern
Washington and timber dependent communities in western Washington with the following activities:
 Work with forest collaboratives and other partners to assist high priority wood energy projects
in various stages of development with technical, financial and outreach assistance.
 Develop wood energy feasibility studies through targeted awards and a competitive RFP process
that will support high priority wood energy projects.
 Develop outreach strategies and communication tools that build a track record of success in
wood energy systems.
Goals and Objectives:
1. Support the creation of viable wood energy systems that provide markets for low-grade woody
biomass and increase the pace of forest restoration.
2. Collaborate with partners in priority focus areas to promote the installation of wood energy
3. Implement competitive RFP process and targeted support for feasibility studies that fund
projects with the highest probability of success.
4. Develop and deliver outreach strategies and communication tools that build a track record of
success for wood energy in Washington.
Planned Outcomes:
1. Six wood energy systems planned, with three systems installed during the project. This is
expected to be in addition to the two school-based wood energy projects that will be installed
with $500,000 in state capital funds.
Core Team Members:
Chuck Hersey, WA State Department of Natural Resources
September 2014
Doug Hooks, WA Forest Products Association
Dylan Kruse, Sustainable Northwest
Peter Moulton, WA Department of Commerce
Richy Harrod, US Forest Service, Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest
Ron Saranich, US Forest Service, State and Private Forestry
David Sjoding, Washington State University
Randy Baird, USDA Rural Development
Stephen Bernath, WA Department of Ecology
Lloyd McGee, The Nature Conservancy
Nate Ulrich, Mount Adams Resource Stewards
Brad Hunter, Craft 3
Gordon Chaffee, Willapa Bay Hardwoods
Rebecca Chaffee, Port of Willapa Harbor
David Bowen, CWREC
Jason Campbell, Arete Development Group
Paul Spencer, Wind River Biomass
Dave Olson, Gifford Pinchot National Forest