6-3-15 Minutes - Community Wellness Council

Board Meeting Minutes
June 3, 2015
1:00pm-3:00pm Wellness Center
 Call Meeting to Order – President Ginny called the meeting to order at 1:02 pm.
Ginny, Fr. Mundy, Diana, Carol and Bart present.
 Welcome Guests - Michelle Skrupskis, DOH
 Agenda – Fr. Mundy moved to approve the Agenda, including the Consent
Agenda with no exemptions. Carol seconded the motion. Motion passed
 Consent Agenda
o Minutes of April 1, 2015 and May 6, 2015
o Treasurer Summary
o Coalition Reports
Social Media/Website Report
 Consent Exemptions
Final Planning for the June 10th Community Crunch Event – Ginny will
check on internet availability at the Transportation Center. We estimate
the need for 8 tables with chairs which we will set-up; Jacobo will print all
the large documents to be hung on the walls. Attendees will be given 5
large dots with which to mark priorities of concern from the data-driven
options provided. Carol will pick up paper goods from Peggy who is
unable to attend, as well as deliver PO Box key. CWC board members will
arrive at 10 am to prep and set-up, check equipment, etc. Carol will take
notes and prepare sign-in sheets.
DOH Funding Deliverables FY15 (Ginny) – Notes will be completed after
data is collected at CRUNCH. Continued work on assessment with
Presbyterian, and approximately one week after the CRUNCH we expect
to have the final DOH deliverable completed.
United Way Grant/Media/LED Sign Update (Diana) – Diana has emailed
the contract for the LED sign purchase to all board members. Please
review to consider approval of expenditures for the funding received from
United Way.
Community Health Assessment PHS (Ginny) – Goals were reviewed for
the Healthy People 2020 Initiative to determine the applicability for use
with the DOH goals. We need to utilize the same measures, however;
national data is always older so data cannot be from the same years.
Investigating those goals where New Mexico is 10% or greater than the
national numbers available. There are some where Valencia County, if not
New Mexico, is greater than the national average. The data will need
consideration, as will our capacity to make an impact upon it.
CWC Rio Communities Assessment Update (Peggy) - Tabled
Action Plan/Follow Up on Action Items – Ginny will send via email
Presentation: SIM Training presented by DOH – At this time Diana
introduced Michelle Skrupkis with DOH, and together they presented the
State Innovation Model (SIM) Initiative. The focus is on innovation with
funding to design a new healthcare system with the goals of reducing costs
and improving health. The State Model mandates inclusion of prevention
and control of obesity, diabetes and tobacco use. Notes and handouts from
this presentation are incorporated herein.
Additional Items of Discussion
 Adjourn – President Ginny adjourned the meeting at 3 pm. Next meeting
scheduled for July1, 2015 at 1 pm, at the Wellness Center.