Tuesday 23rd July 2013
Press Release
Fanfare trumpets to officially open new exhibition at the Fusilier Museum
A new exhibition which tells the story of over 250 years of military bands in the 20th Regiment and
later the Lancashire Fusiliers is set to open at The Fusilier Museum, Bury this Saturday (27th July).
Strike up the Band will be officially opened by six fanfare trumpets from The Royal Regiment of
Fusiliers (Lancashire) Band.
For many years, military bands have served the regiments well by supporting soldiers serving in the
ranks and by entertaining families and local civilians.
“No one can say for certain where the soul of the battalion lives, but the expression of that soul is
most often found in the band. A wise and sympathetic bandmaster can lift a battalion out of
depression, cheer it up in sickness, and steady and recall it to itself in times of almost unendurable
stress.” Rudyard Kipling – 1915.
The exhibition which has been put together by Philip Mather, Research Officer at the museum and
bandsman himself goes back to the early days of military bands and tells the story of how they were
formed and what role they played in battles. It also looks at the importance of regimental marches
as well as the great bandmasters of the Lancashire Fusiliers.
Recently in 2012 the museum also featured in the programme Who do you think you are? where
celebrities trace their family trees. John Bishop comedian and actor traced his great, great
grandfather who rose to the rank of band sergeant with the 20th Regiment.
Helen Smith, General Manager of The Fusilier Museum, said: “Military bands have played an integral
role in army life and still do to this day so we are delighted to be able to tell their story in this new
and exciting exhibition. We have included lots of interesting exhibits in the exhibition including
instruments, music manuscripts and uniforms so the general public will be able to gain a valuable
insight into life in a military band both past and present.”
Strike up the Band will open on Saturday 27th July and runs till the end of the year.
The Fusilier Museum in Bury, Lancashire, is home to the collections of XX The Lancashire Fusiliers
and the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. Documenting over 300 years of history and heritage through
permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Museum tells the rich and fascinating stories of the
people who have served and continue to service in the Regiments.
The museum recently secured £1.4m funding for its ‘Onwards and Upwards’ project which will
include the development of new learning facilities and events spaces as well as providing improved
collections storage and exhibitions.
11am, Saturday 27th July 2013, The Fusilier Museum, Moss Street, Bury, BL9 0DF.
To photograph: Six fanfare trumpets and key representatives from the museum who put the
exhibition together.
If you would like to attend or send a photographer on the day, please contact Helen Smith,
General Manager of The Fusilier Museum, [email protected] / 0161 763 8950

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