Errors and Layers

a) While drawing a continuous line, curve, or arc you can UNDO the last
point selection by pressing the ESC key.
b) If you complete the placement of an object in error, you can click on the
UNDO tool
in the diagram program.
c) You can ERASE unwanted objects in the drawing by selecting them and
pressing the DEL key.
Managing objects on different layers allows you to display or hide objects in
your drawing, letting you control what is displayed.
Put your recent outline work (body, chair, and table) on a different layer.
a) Select the body, chair, and table outlines. Click on an object to select it.
Hold down the CTRL key to add more objects to your selection.
b) Click on the Layer button in Properties.
c) Click on Show More Layers.
d) Select a layer to place the outlined objects on.
e) Hide or Display layers from the Layer Manager
tool found on the
f) Select the layer to hide or display in the layer manager and click on the
Display/Hide button to toggle the layer on or off.
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