Robin Hood- (Loosely Based) History on Film
Background- Robin Hood fought with King Richard on the crusades to Palestine. He returns to
England under the guise of Sir Loxley, a knight. Lady Marion was this Knight’s wife. She lives at
Pepar Harow, the manor, with her father-in-law (Sir Walter of Loxley) in the county of
Scene 1
1. Watch the siege of a castle. What are three offensive tactics? What are three
defensive tactics?
a. Battling rams, archers, fire (oil), stakes, rocks
d. Rocks, archers, hot tar, cross bows,
2. How do the other soldiers regard the archers?
They were lower in status. They were serfs
3. Describe some examples of the Church’s corruption.
They did not help people in need
They took the seeds for the crops
They favoured the higher class if it favoured them
4. Why is the monarchy broke?
The king wanted money from the Barons to finance the Crusades
Armour very expensive
King was held ransom by French for 4 years
5. How does this affect the Barons of England? How does this affect the serfs of
 They have to pay more taxes
 The serfs starve
 Serfs look for trouble-eg. poaching
6. What will happen to Maid Marion’s claim on the manor and land if she is
 She will lose her fief (the land)
Godfrey uses the French troops to attack a lot of barons in the name of collecting tax for
King John. He is hoping to start a civil war between the monarchy and the disgruntled
barons, therefore leaving the country ripe for invasion from France.
The barons are NOT happy with the Kings treatment of them and their lands. They are
meeting to amass an army to fight against King John. King John tells Marshall he is
aware of their threat of civil war and will kill these nobles for not honoring their feudal
Sir Loxley explains to Robin that his father was instrumental in writing a Charter of Rights so
every man would have the same rights. Do you think this means that women have equal rights?
_________ Note the family crests of the nobles who signed it.
Scene 14
Why do the barons meet? To discuss a rebellion against the King because he is not fair
What are their demands? To be treated fairly, no unnecessary taxes, no imprisonment with
unjust cause, no attacks
What does Robin Hood want for the people of England? To be treated fairly and free to
support their family
Note that this scene is based loosely on the historical event of the Barons meeting King John on
the RunnyMeade to make him sign the Magna Carta. There is no evidence that “Robin Hood”
was there or that he made any speech.
Does King John honor his word regarding the Charter? No
What is his reasoning?

Robin Hood Movie- abridged answers