This document is an example email or memo to your tenants. To

This document is an example email or memo to your tenants.
To: [Tenant Office Manager]
From: [Property Manager]
Subject: [Project Name] – [Building Address or Name]
Tenants of [Building Address or Name],
As you have probably noticed, we have been upgrading [enter name of equipment upgrade, for example
“the lightiting systems”] throughout the building. [Describe the upgrades, and how they will affect the
tenant experience. For example: “Two different aspects of the system were modified. We have
increased the automation and level of control of the lights, and we have added a dimming capability.
With these completed system enhancements , you will have increased control over how bright your
space is, have more consistent lighting levels and you will have the ability to reduce your energy bill by
setting the system to only deliver the level of lighting you require to meet your needs.”]
We would like to help educate you and your colleagues about how this upgrade is designed to work.
[Describe how the new equipment will work. For example, “Each light has been fitted with two types of
sensors. The first is an occupancy sensor, so light can automatically switch on (or brighten) when people
enter the area that the lighting fixture serves. It also automatically switches off (or dims) when the area
is not occupied. Each light fixture has also been fitted out with a photo sensor. This detects how much
natural light serves the space, so the light automatically dims when natural light is already providing the
necessary lighting levels The controls also have a manual override that allows occupants to set the
lighting levels at appropriate levels. This allows you and your coworkers to dim the lights to reduce the
glare on a computer screen or increase lighting levels when doing intricate tasks.”] At other properties
where we have installed this system, the tenants have been pleased with how it has enhanced the space
and reduced energy bills; however, [include recognition of potential tenant reactions to the new
equipment. For example: “we initially saw a surge in work orders by people who thought that when a
light was dimmed or off during business hours, it was broken. If you can share this email or develop
some other way to communicate how this system works with your colleagues, it would be a tremendous
help to our building engineering staff.”]
We appreciate your patience during this retrofit process and hope you will be pleased with this new
lighting system. This project is part of a broader sustainability program that our company is
undertaking. If you have ideas or suggestions for additional sustainability measures, please get in touch
with our office manager.
Thank you for your consideration,
[Property Manager Standard Signature]