This sample customizable template contains 11 sections that may be useful to include in job
descriptions. These suggested are best practice options, so if your municipality has a different
layout that is equally informative, feel free to continue using it. Section titles may differ; you
may prefer to include more sections or subsections (such as Supervisory Responsibilities,
Required Certifications, or Travel Requirements) or a different order.
The intent of this sample is to provide members with a useful structure to either develop new job
descriptions or review ones currently used. This template requires tailoring to include the details
for specific positions in your municipality. Please fill in applicable blanks and add any categories
(such as Pay Grade) that might apply in your situation.
Examples are italicized and underlined and illustrate the type of wording that might be included
in each section. Remember to remove the examples and replace with the relevant details
that apply to the specific position in your municipality.
Bear in mind that job descriptions are “living documents.” As such, they should be reviewed and
updated regularly to reflect changes in job duties, union contracts or municipal policies.
Note: We plan to write samples for some common municipal positions, such as road crew
member or road foreman, and we will notify members when they are available.
Supervisors, managers, and selectboard members may request additional guidance related
to this sample template by emailing [email protected] or calling Jill Muhr, VLCT
Human Resources Consultant, at 800-649-7915.
VLCT Sample Job Description Template
[Insert Position Title]
[Insert Name of Municipality]
*FLSA Status:
[Insert Exempt OR Non-exempt]
Reports To:
[Insert job title (not name) of supervisor or Selectboard.]
Example of Objective/Purpose wording for Road Crew Member position:
Under the general direction of the Road Foreman with ultimate responsibility to the Selectboard,
this position advances the safe and effective functioning of the Town’s highway and maintenance
operations through skilled, safety-focused, and efficient labor in municipal construction projects
and maintenance of municipal roads, sidewalks, vehicles, and equipment.
Examples of Duties and Responsibilities (for various roles):
 Performs routine maintenance and minor repairs on municipal trucks and equipment and
ensures regular oil changes and other needed maintenance to preserve vehicle longevity.
 Participates in all offered safety training opportunities and follows safety procedures and
precautions at all times.
 Serves as liaison with colleagues, town officials, and the public, ensuring that all forms
of communication are always friendly, polite, and helpful.
 Recommends timely Selectboard agendas for biweekly and special meetings along with
related documents that provide the Selectboard with useful information.
 Plans, organizes, and directs all programs and activities of the municipal Recreation
Department to meet the changing and expanding needs of all citizens of Any Town.
 Provides coaching and timely performance feedback to staff members.
Examples of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for various roles:
 Ability to comprehend and follow written and verbal instructions;
 Knowledge of basic arithmetic in order to perform the duties described;
 Considerable knowledge of maintenance or construction activities in equipment
operation, repair, and maintenance methods;
 Ability to maintain composure when interacting with colleagues or members of the public;
 Ability to solve problems using strong reasoning and analytical skills;
 Ability to use good judgment to respond quickly and appropriately to emergency
 Demonstrated aptitude and enthusiasm for learning and following recommended safety
precautions and procedures.
VLCT Sample Job Description Template
Examples of education, training, and experience (for various roles):
 High school diploma or equivalent required; Associates degree preferred;
 Valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Level B required; Level A preferred;
 Bachelors degree required; Masters in Public Administration preferred;
 18 months-2 years of related or transferrable experience preferred; 6-12 months of
related or transferrable experience required;
 Requires Bachelors degree plus one year of relevant experience or Associates degree
plus three years of relevant experience or five+ years of relevant experience, regardless
of degree status.
Examples of Tools/Technology (for various roles):
 Must be able to safely operate machinery and equipment including but not limited to plow
truck and wing, dump truck, loader, grader, excavator, tractor, roadside mower.
 Must have in-depth understanding of Microsoft Access or similar software and
demonstrated ability to quickly learn a new database software system.
 Experience with Microsoft Office (or similar software) including Excel, Word, and Power
Point is helpful.
Examples of Physical and Mental Demands (for various roles):
 Must regularly and repeatedly lift or move up to 40 pounds 10-20 times on a daily basis.
 Requires dexterity to safely operate manual and power tools.
 Must remain alert and in a stationary, upright posture for prolonged periods of time to
safely drive a municipal vehicle, including in darkness and challenging weather
 Must be able to abruptly switch focus 5-10 times throughout the day to address frequently
changing priorities.
 Requires the ability to maintain mental focus to produce accurate spreadsheets and
monthly and quarterly reports within a noisy, open office atmosphere.
 Requires the ability to prioritize multiple pressing issues and make presentations to the
Selectboard and the public that distill technical information into concepts and terms that
are succinct and easily understood by them.
 Demonstrated ability to handle stressful conditions that include competing priorities,
multiple constituents, and tight deadlines.
Examples of Work Environment/Conditions (for various roles):
 Duties are primarily outdoors and require the ability to endure exposure to extreme
weather conditions for long periods of time that last 8-12 hours per day.
 Duties entail intrinsic exposure to roadside danger.
 Frequent night and early morning work required throughout snow events in all Vermont
VLCT Sample Job Description Template
Travel to trainings or meetings within the state of Vermont is required several times a
The above information is intended to describe the general nature of this position and should
not be considered a comprehensive statement of duties, activities, responsibilities, and
requirements. Additional duties, activities, responsibilities, and requirements may be
assigned, with or without notice, at any time.
This job description is neither an employment contract nor a promise of work for any specific
length of time.
The [Town/City] of [Insert Municipality Name] is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.
Employee Acknowledgement
I have received and understand the requirements, essential functions, and duties of this position.
____________________________________ ________________________
Employee Signature
Supervisor Signature
Town Manager Signature
Selectboard Signature
VLCT Sample Job Description Template

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