Our numbers are now: 0844 387 8357 And

In order to enhance patient
care and access, we have
implemented 2 new telephone
numbers for your convenience.
Our numbers are now:
0844 387 8357
0203 675 0752
With the 0844 number and this new telephone
technology you will receive the following:
Your calls will be allocated more
efficiently and answered more quickly
your calls should be shorter
Callers never receive the engaged tone.
Automated system, you will be greeted by
an automated message and directed to
the person or department you need the
most, ensuring you speak to the right
person quickly and staff members do not
have to redirect calls, for example you can
press 1 or 2 for a repeat prescription line
or an appointment booking line. During
busy periods the new telephone system
also enables you to queue calls. With the
queuing system, you will be informed
where you are in the queue, for example:
‘you are 3rd or 4th in the Queue etc.
Music on Hold – Royalty free music or
With the 0203 number you will receive the
It can be included as part of any inclusive
calls minutes or discount schemes as it is
a local rate number.
When you call us you will hear a message
offering numbered options. Once you’ve
chosen a service option you will be put
through to the right person to deal with
your call.
Calls from mobile phones to 0203
numbers are subject to the providers’
charges and tend to be included in calling
plans or ‘bundled minutes’, although this
depends on your provider. Therefore you
may find it cheaper to ring the practice on
this number.
The local rate number does not have the
benefits of queuing up calls, if it is busy
you will receive an engaged tone and will
have to ring back at later time.
Whilst we appreciate that change can be
inconvenient, we are confident that you will see an
improvement in the telephone service we are able
to offer you.
Our current telephone system is over 8 years old.
Due to the high volume of calls we receive every
day and due to the difficulties patients are
encountering to get through to us it has to be
Frequently Asked Questions:
Is the 0203 a local rate number?
Yes, this number is charged at local rate and can be
included in your package. (Please check with
contract provider)
Will the 0844 number cost me more?
An 0844 number is not a premium rate number.
Not only is the cost of the call comparable to one
made to a local number, but because the telephone
system is more efficient, you should be on the
phone for less time.
Many Doctors & Dentists surgeries with the
Surgery Line system have found that average call
durations have decreased by up to half, meaning
that it should take you less time to book an
The patients who will pay more because of their
telecom provider’s rate package will only find
themselves paying on a few pence extra for the
call. We do not make a ‘profit’ out of the 0844 calls
- this is written into our contract.
Calls from mobile phones to 0844 numbers are
subject to the providers’ charges. All 08 NGN (non
geographic numbers) tend to be excluded from
calling plans unless you specifically state these
numbers as part of your ‘bundled minutes’,
although this depends on your provider.
Some patients therefore will benefit from this
change and some may not. Generally though,
patients as a whole will not be worse off than they
are now, and those that are paying more will find
that over a year it is only a few pence.
I cannot emphasise enough that this change has
been introduced only to improve the service we
give and for no other reason.
Thank you.
Cindy Mootoosamy
For and on Behalf of Dr Holloway, Dr
Pierpoint, Dr Melchor and Dr Nguyen
4th March 2013