The Great Gatsby Assessments
For your end-of-the-unit assessment, you will choose projects from the
list below. CP will choose one project, while honors will choose two.
These will be due on
1. Political Cartoon Analysis
a. Analyze 8 of the 15 political cartoons on the PDF. Number
and answer each of the questions that appear on the first
page of the file. Your analysis should be at least 500 words
2. Complete one of the two Final Writing Prompts on Academic
Merit’s Literary Companion for The Great Gatsby. Your essay
should be at least two pages, double spaced, 12-point font with intext citations. Academic Merit rubric will be used. At least 500
3. Write a movie review
a. Write a movie review for The Great Gatsby. Include your
likes and dislikes, what was the same and what was
different. Were the characters like you imagined them to
be? Was anything missing or added? Evaluate those
elements. If you disliked anything, how would you have
done it differently (scenes, words, cast, music, wardrobe,
etc.)? Essays should be at least 500 words.
4. Movie vs. Novel
a. Pick one character, theme or motif/symbol from the Great
Gatsby. How was it/he/she portrayed differently from the
book to the movie? Would you have done anything
differently? At least 500 words.
5. 1920s Journal
a. Create 5 journal entries in the voice and diction of someone
from the 1920s, each at least 100 words each. DO NOT PICK
NICK. You can pretend to be a character in the novel or
invent your own character. You must correctly use 25 of our
vocabulary words. Please bold or underline and use context
clues. Please double-space your entries with 12-point font.
Avoid talking too much about what has already been
discussed in the novel. Instead, try to fill in the perceived
gaps Nick leaves in the story.