The Great Gatsby Treasure Hunt/Web Quest
1.List the major events of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life. Cite the website.
2. After the war ended, the economy skyrocketed, making it possible for people to spend more time and
money on leisure activities. List three major innovations that came out of the World War I experience.
3. Using the same website, list the dominant postwar American attitudes and major movements of the
1920s. Pay close attention to the attitudes of the “lost generation” and the “Prosperity and
Consumerism movement.
4. List three major events of 1922, the year in which the novel is set.
5. What right did women gain in the passage of the 19th amendment?
What exactly did the 18th amendment abolish?
What is a speakeasy? Based on previous questions, Why do you think speakeasies
started to pop up around the country?
6. List three elements about Arnold Rothstein’s character that interest you.
7. Explain the term “Flapper Jane. What does it show about the 1920s?”
8. After reading some articles about Flapper Jane, look at pictures of Louise Brooks. Do the pictures fit
the profile discussed in the articles? Why or why not?
9. Why were cars considered the most important catalyst for social change in the 1920s?
10. Take a look at these photos of automobiles.
11. List five 1920s slang terms and definitions from this site and write them down in your notes. Why
did you choose these?
12. Listen to a couple songs or parts of songs from the following site. List two of the songs and write
down the titles and your thoughts and feelings about each.