Amendment 02 - Roof Core Results

Summit Village Roof Project
Amendment #2
Roof cores were taken on Tuesday, November 24th. The results of these cores is as follows;
1) See attached pictures of 2 cores; one core taken at the ridge and the other near a scupper
on the Monarch House roof
2) The core near the scupper is approximately 6” thick and consists of 2.5” of ISO and 3” of
fiberboard and 0.5” of modified roofing
3) The core near the ridge is over 7” thick (actual dimension could not be determined as it was
deeper than the core tool). The best that can be determined is that there are 2 layers of ISO
with the top layer being 2.5” thick under 1” of fiberboard and 0.5” of modified roofing.
4) Based on the above the concrete roof deck is flat and that the pitch is ¼” per foot with ½”
per foot crickets.
Core near ridge:
Core near scupper: