Enerliance Recognized As Leading Green Company In Orange County
Manufacturer Makes OC Metro's 2013 Green Team
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Irvine California May 5th, 2013 —Enerliance has been recognized for its positive contribution to the
environment, being listed as a member of the "2013 Green Team" by OC Metro magazine.
The recognition stems from the environmental benefits of the company's LOBOS platform, a system that
goes to work in large buildings making occupants more comfortable while at the same time significantly
reducing energy consumption and offering fully automated demand response capabilities during times of
energy grid congestion.
The listing as a 2013 Green Team honoree recognizes both the company's past accomplishments and its
future potential.
"Our system has been installed in more than 40-million square feet of commercial space, with another 34million square feet planned for 2013," said Ray Pustinger, Enerliance president. "Right now, it's saving
more than $3-million worth of energy every year."
In terms of greenhouse gas reductions, the system's current energy savings are equivalent to keeping
over 4,000 cars off the road for a year.
The future holds even more promise. An independent study commissioned by Enerlaince found that if its
LOBOS system were installed in every compatible commercial office building in the country, it could
reduce energy consumption by more than 46,000 gigawatt hours annually. In terms of emissions, that's
equivalent to keeping nearly 10-million cars off the road every year.
Increasing energy-efficiency isn't the only environmental benefit of the company's LOBOS system. It also
plays a critical part in helping to realize the promise of the smart grid through its automated demand
response capabilities.
Periods of peak-demand on the electric-grid can cause blackouts and other issues. The automated
demand response capabilities in LOBOS help to solve these issues, without requiring that additional
power plants be built.
Currently, LOBOS systems are already delivering 16 megawatts of automated response capacity to the
Southern California electric grid. If the system were deployed nationwide in compatible office buildings it
could offer more than 25 gigawatts of automated demand response power reduction. That's equivalent to
the electricity generated by 21 nuclear power plants.
"Demand for LOBOS is being driven by the combination of the system's environmental and cost benefits,"
explains Pustinger. "Companies who install LOBOS don't have to pick between being green or saving
money. They get both."
For Enerliance executives, building a product with such significant benefits is a rewarding experience.
"This work lets me indulge my natural inclination to engineer things," says Scot Duncan, Enerliance CEO
and founder. "At the same time, I get to make a meaningful contribution to leaving a better planet for my
Enerliance and the 11 other 2013 Green Team honorees were recognized at a reception held on April
10th at the Orange County Great Park.
About Enerliance: Enerliance is the company behind LOBOS, an intelligent optimization system for
large-scale, air conditioning systems that offers improved comfort, energy-efficiency and fully-automated
demand response capability that materially improves bottom lines for building owners and occupants.
Currently, LOBOS systems are delivering more than 16-megawatts of fully automated demand response
capability to the grid along with more than $3 million in annual energy savings. The core technologies
behind the LOBOS platform are protected under patent number US 7,890,215 B2.
Enerliance works with energy solutions providers, mechanical contractors, building automation
contractors, controls manufacturers, utilities and other LOBOS-certified partners to integrate LOBOS
systems in buildings across the country. www.enerliance.com

Enerliance Recognized As Leading Green Company In Orange