C. S. Lakin
Workshops for Writers’ Conferences
Bio: Susanne Lakin has penned thirteen novels and contracted nine to publishers in the last three years.
Her relational drama Someone to Blame won the 2009 Zondervan First Novel Contest at Mount Hermon
Writers’ Conference and was given 4 stars by Romantic Times and a “highly recommended” by Christian
Retailing. She currently has a seven-book fantasy series for adults with AMG/Living Ink Publishers, with
the first five installments already in print. The Wolf of Tebron (book one) was a finalist in the prestigious
ACFW Carol Awards 2011. She works professionally as a copyeditor and writing coach, and is a member
of numerous editing and writing groups. She also guest blogs on the top writing blogs, such as Writers’
Digest and Grammerly, and teaches workshops around the country.
Her blog Live Write Thrive won the top ten blogs for writers in 2012 by Write to Done and provides yearlong instruction for novelists with exciting, fresh courses in weekly posts. She has also compiled her first
two courses into nonfiction books (soon to be in print and eBook): Writing the Heart of Your Story and
Shoot Your Novel: Cinematic Secrets to Supercharge Your Story.
Susanne comes from a background of screenwriters. She grew up reading scripts and working on TV
series development with her mother, an award-winning screen writer and television producer, and was
also influenced by her stepfather, a TV director and producer, and her brother, a TV producer and
screenwriter. The rich influence of script structure influences her novels, and she utilizes many
screenwriting techniques to construct scenes. Sol Stein wrote in his book On Writing: “Twentiethcentury readers, transformed by film and TV, are used to seeing stories. The reading experience for a
twentieth-century reader is increasingly visual.” Novelists today need to learn to use techniques found
in current film and TV movies to create novels that are dynamic and are structured in a way modern
readers want in their stories. Both workshops delve into the secret of how to “show, don’t tell.”
Workshop: Shoot Your Novel: Cinematic Secrets to Supercharge Your Story:
We live in an era where readers are used to the fast-paced, visual play-out of movies and TV stories.
Days of long passages of narration and distanced description are gone. How can a writer utilize the
techniques of screenwriting—specifically a variety of camera angles—to play out a story so the reader
can “see” it and experience it as powerfully as a film? We’ll explore terms like Zoom, Match Cut, Close
Up, Pan, Pull Back, Establishing Shot, and others with examples from successful novels to show how it’s
Workshop: Sizzling Scenes: Creating Unforgettable Scenes the Really Cook:
This lighthearted workshop fills a need for writers of all levels to explore the various ways scenes can be
constructed and the elements needed to make a scene sizzle. Good writers are like good cooks—using a
variety of ingredients and spices, simmering until boiling, and leaving a surprise twist or lingering
aftertaste to keep the reader wanting to come back to the table for seconds. We will look at the three
major components of a scene—the beginning, middle, and end, and judge at random excerpts from
best-selling novels to evaluate what works and doesn’t work in their scene construction. Bon Appetite!