Annex A
Modular Structure of Undergraduate Programmes
Revised guidelines following the Senate meeting of 29 June 2005
All taught undergraduate modules should have a credit value of 10, 20, 30 or
40, and should be of either one or two semesters’ duration. Any formal
written examination should take place during the end of semester assessment
Full-time undergraduate students will normally study modules with a total
value of 60 credits in each semester of the academic year. Programme
Regulations will stipulate if variations from 60-60 credit units are permitted
across the year, in which case the range must lie between 50-70 and 70-50
and have the permission of the Programme Director.
All year-long modules, with the exception of final-year projects and
dissertations, must have at least 20% of their formal assessment in Semester
1. In the case of final-year projects and dissertations extending over both
semesters, departments should ensure that students receive interim feedback
on the way their work is progressing.
Module Specifications and Programme Regulations will indicate which
modules extend over both semesters.
Programme Specifications will indicate how students with few formal written
examinations in Semester 1 will be engaged during Week 12-15 of the

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