Wisconsin Society of Pharmacy Students
General Meeting
Oct 17, 2012
5:00 pm Room 2006
I. Welcome (1 min)
II. DPH-1 rep voting (15 min)
a. Stephanie Dougherty
b. Jeff Engle
c. Torie Grover
d. Danielle Mckimmy
e. Ivana Micanovic
f. Lee Severson
g. Kristin Widmer
h. Quinn Wonders
III. Guest Speaker – Chris Decker and PSW staff (Erica Horstmann, Kari Trapskin,
and Jess Zahn) (30 min)
a. Chris Decker & Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative (WPQC)
i. Retooling the community pharmacist’s role in improving health
outcomes and reducing health care costs
ii. Kari Trapskin was hired 7 years ago to start working on WPQC
iii. It is helping us to create a bright future in pharmacy
iv. Top 100 health care innovations in the country- voted by the
federal government
v. Designed to improve patient outcomes by improving medication
vi. Pharmacists receive financial reimbursement for providing care to
vii. Who’s eligible?- 1.5 million people in Wisconsin…but we hope to
see the program grow and expand
viii. Patient Populations (Disease States where there is poor control)
1. Diabetes- pharmacist based interventions directly decrease
medical costs per patient
2. Geriatric Syndromes- adverse drug events are common root
causes of many geriatric syndrome and in 2008 between the
4th and 6th leading cause of death in the US
3. Asthma- pharmacist intervention reduced patients with
emergency department visits and hospitalizations
4. Chronic Heart Failure- refill adherence is important, many
patients are discharged and not cared for. We want to
reduce hospital readmissions to improve the quality of care
ix. 80% of health care costs are used to treat patients with chronic
conditions! A great opportunity for pharmacists
x. Physicians can refer patients to WPQC pharmacists to manage
patient care
1. In Wisconsin, shortage of 1500 primary care providers
xi. Level 1 Services
1. Cost effectiveness, dosage/dosage form, duration of
therapy, medication device instruction, medication
addition, medication deletion, adherence
xii. Level 2 Services
1. Comprehensive medication reviews and assessments,
resolving medication-related problems
xiii. Aprexis Health Solutions
1. Will provide pharmacists with tools to document
2. Will enable health providers to directly contact pharmacists
–and inform pharmacists of eligible patients
3. Pharmacy Staff- students have a meaningful role in
establishing these programs and carrying them out
4. Evaluation and Reporting- it is not a research project, but a
demonstration project…are we able to improve and reduce
the cost of patient care?
b. Kari Trapskin
i. Students are important in implementing this project and getting the
word out to the community
ii. PSW has many opportunities for students- DPH-4 rotation, PSW
intern, volunteering
c. Erica Horstmann
i. Training and registration process was launched this week
1. Student Path- students register who work in a WPQC
2. Students will complete a home study
3. Questions can be directed to PSW
d. Questions?
i. Do students who have completed training have to re-do it?
1. There will be additions over time
ii. How long will the grant last?
1. 3 years
iii. Dave Mott is the principal evaluator working on the project
iv. How do we know which pharmacies are WPQC accredited?
1. It will be located on our website and all APPE sites will be
certified by next year
v. Can you clarify who is eligible?
1. Unity insurance and several other insurance plans in
IV. Hats Off (1 min)
a. Michael Nagy- Thank you for helping out with MEDiC!
V. WSPS Bylaws voting (2 min)
a. Chris Frye- motion to approve
b. Second
c. No obstentions—Bylaws approved!!
VI. MRM Proposals (10 min) 
a. Vote for which proposals will be submitted to APhA-ASP
i. APhA-ASP advocates for the inclusion of community pharmacists
in the access to Health Information Exchange networks and
ii. Proper Immunization Record Keeping
1. APhA-ASP encourages the creation and implementation of
state and nationwide immunization registries to aid
immunization providers in keeping accurate and up to date
2. ….encourages all immunization providers to update a
patients immunization record in the immunization
registration within 30 days of giving an immunizations.
iii. ….opposes the rescheduling of hydrocodone-containing
combination products from Schedule III or Schedule II.
iv. …encourages legislation restricting the ability of PBMs to force
patients to use mail order pharmacy through the use of mandatory
mail order or uncompetitive pricing.
v. Voting
1. 1st proposal wins majority vote
2. Bryant votes 1st as primary and Immunization one and
3. All say aye- approved
VII. Announcements (15 min)
a. OH- 3 screenings at the end of September, Screening in Cross Plains, 15
pts screened, upcoming screenings Nov. 6th and 20th…look for emails
b. OA- 1 screening last Sat, November events…look for emails
c. OSC- 1 screening in Oct, screenings will be announced via e-mail, will be
expanding OSC to pain Meds
d. OD- Screening the Fri at Porchlight from 4:30-6, screening Thanksgiving
weekend, November is National Diabetes month- Badger Herald Article,
“A day in the life of diabetes”
e. OI- Thank you to everyone for volunteering, HPV presentations in schools
were approved, Flu Clinic at the SOP on October 29th
f. CP
i. Med Drop- Medication Take Back at Oakwood and in Stoughton
ii. Gen Rx- presentations at Lafollette and Memorial High School
iii. PHP- Thanks for getting trained! First event on Friday, and next
event Nov. 16th
iv. ODA- Hockey Game next Sat and Badger Game this Saturday
g. MEDiC
h. Professionalism
i. Communications
i. American Pharmacists Month – Kristina
ii. Flash Mob in HSLC on October 29th at 1:05pm
j. MRM – Trevor- Get signed up!
Pres-Elect/PSW- See Christian if you are interested in Writing Club
APhA- Patient Clinical Skills Competition coming up
Student Senate Rep- Movie Contest! Contact Brittany if you are interested
Upcoming General Meetings – Ryan
i. November 6th and November 26th
p. DPH-1 Rep winner – Ryan
i. Congratulations to Kristen Widmer!!!!!!
VIII. Food 

Wisconsin Society of Pharmacy Students General Meeting Oct 17