E. NIS Educational Field Trips
Grade 3 visited Al Dar Island for an extended day trip in May. Grade 4 students
visited Hawar Island for a one night/two days Educational Trip in April. Ms. Adele,
Ms. Jacolien and Ms. Ranya attended. Parent and student support were
Grade 5 students visited Dubai in April for three nights/four days trip. Thirty students
joined the trip accompanied by Ms. Adele, Ms. Manal, Ms. Angie and Ms. Karlien.
They visited the Dubai Mall Aquarium, Burj Al Arab Museum, Dhow Cruise, Burj Al
Khalifa Tower, Evening Desert Safari and Kidzania (Dubai Mall).
Grade 6 students attended the Absolute Adventure Camp at Dibba, Oman for their
overseas Educational Trip in March. The trip was conducted for three nights/four
days. The trip was very well supported by parents and student. Their feedback was
very positive, and it was well executed by the teaching faculty, Ms. Jo, Mr. Martin
and Mr. Abdalla.
Meetings were held for parents to prepare for all of these trips. The feedback from
parents and students was extremely positive.
Educational Trips were carefully planned. ES students visited the Old Age Home, Al
Areen Wildlife Park, National Museum, Bakeries and Supermarkets.
The Grade 10 students, accompanied by Ms Jameela Saif, paid a visit to
the Al Amal Institute for younger mentally challenged students in Isa Town.
This activity formed part of the Middle School’s outreach to the community
and also fulfills an MYP requirement of Community and Service. Our
students presented the students there with appropriate gifts. Naseem
students imparted their care and love for those students by conversing and
interacting with them in a friendly and polite way. It was wonderful to see the
appreciation on the faces of both their students and our students. This
affection and compassion for others less fortunate, is encouraged at NIS as
it strengthens our student’s understanding of the CARING Learner Profile
attribute, which is intrinsic to the IB programme.
The Grade 12 students visited the NBB Home for the Elderly in Isa Town as part of
their CAS programme. The students presented the elders with tasty delicacies and
lovely gifts. The students also spent some quality time conversing and interacting
with the senior citizens, who are mainly over sixty years of age. It was wonderful to
see the appreciation on the faces of both our students and our senior citizens. This
love and care for the elderly is encourage at NIS as it strengthens our students
understanding of being CARING.
HS Ski Trip to Switzerland - As part of NIS annual school activities a group of
Grade 11 students embarked on an educational trip to Geneva in Switzerland from
10-17 December 2011. They stayed at the well known La Tzoumaz Ski Camp and
had access to the world famous Four Valleys Ski area.
F. ES, MS & HS School Activities:
Extra Classes for students at all levels in Arabic, English, Maths, IT, Mad Science,
Football and Netball were conducted throughout the year.
The 6th annual Grade 6 PYP Exhibition was held in the school auditorium in June.
All Elementary school teachers were assigned mentoring roles for students.
Students presented a programme exhibiting their skills in English, Arabic,
Music/Drama, IT, and Art. The school community was invited to the students’
presentations of their individual research projects. The central idea of the exhibition
was: - We strive to make our world a habitable place.
Drama Production – The Arts form an important part of the Middle Years
Programme and thus the Drama Department staged a production called Alice’s
Adventures by Kathleen Lockwood. This adaptation from the Lewis Carroll classic
‘Alice in Wonderland’, was performed over two nights on the 9th and 10th of May.
The performances were very successful and the students had a wonderful time
showing off their talents. This major theatrical production in the Middle School was
made possible under the direction of the drama teacher, Ms Alena Siargeheva.
Bahrain Marathon Relay – a team of Middle School students successfully
represented our school in this annual event and contributed to yet another win in the
Scholars Division
Go Green - Many students were keen at making the school surroundings more
beautiful. A group of Grade 10 students initiated a greening project and started to
involve all the students in greening the school environment. Students from Middle
and High School rose to the occasion by bringing and buying numerous potted
plants and trees which were planted all around the school. A special ‘Green Day’
was held on Thursday 29 September on which everyone dressed in green, ‘go
green’ bracelets were sold to students and some classes did special activities to
mark the day.
Walk for Hope - As part of the school’s Community and Service programme, we
encouraged all students to participate in this fun walk held in Arad on Friday 28
October. Many students brought their families and friends to support this worthy
cause and bought a T-shirt for the occasion. The money raised was in aid of the
Bahrain Cancer Society
Ministry of Education Art Competition - Students from Middle School and High
School represented our school in a National Art Competition hosted by the Ministry
of Education. The competition entitled “A Canvas of my Country”, took place
during the week of 27 November to 01 December 2012. The students proceeded to
the Al Hunainiyah Gardens where they chose a scene from around the area, made a
draft in pencil and then completed it as an acrylic painting on a canvas. On Tuesday
14 February 2012, the students were invited to an Award Ceremony held at the
Ministry of Education Hall where art works were put on display and students were
issued with certificates.
Middle School Sports Day - The MS Sports Day took place on the school premises
on Tuesday 28 February 2012 from 7:45am to 1:15pm. Sports events included 50m
and 100m sprints, Long Jump, Jail Ball, Medicine Ball and Basket Ball shooting.
Students also participated in a Volleyball Tournament, Soccer Tournament and Tug
of War competition. All students were divided into teams of Red, Yellow, Green and
Blue, which competed against each other.
Model United Nations (MUN) - MUN is an extracurricular activity where students
from different schools from around the world came together as part of a model of the
United Nations. MS students were afforded the opportunity to tackle real world crises
and develop a global understanding of the different situations occuring in the world.
The participants attempted to discuss, agree upon and recommend solutions to
these global issues.
Soft toys collection - As part of their outreach to the community, the Grade 9S
class initiated a project to collect soft toys for the children at a Bahrain orphanage.
Under the coordination and encouragement of Nouf Khalid (Grade 9N), many
students in the class and the rest of Middle School donated a large number of soft
toys of all kinds. A class visit to the orphanage was arranged when the toys were
presented to the children. The students were welcomed with wide smiles and the
gifts were well-received.
Rashid Football Championship in Dubai - The school’s under-12 soccer team
participated in a football tournament held during the month of January in Dubai. Our
team won the second place in this tournament. We were honored by the reception
and hospitality of the Director of Residence, Immigration and Passports at the Dubai
International Airport.
International Day - On Monday 12 March we hosted an International Day. This was
part of the school’s practice to encourage international – mindedness through the
development of students who keenly explore new ideas and issues. Each Home
Room class from Grade 7 to Grade 11, chose a country from around the world on
which to focus. Various important aspects of each country was explored including its
national flag, language, population, famous people, culture and traditions as well as
its historical and geographic significances. Students arranged visual displays in the
classrooms, did presentations and dressed up in their chosen country’s traditional
Annual Art Fair – This year’s annual art fair was held under the patronage of
Shaikh Abdul Aziz Attiyatullah Al Khalifa, advisor to H.H. Prime Minister for Security
Affairs. Shaikh Abdul Aziz also serves as the Chairman of our school’s Advisory
Board. The opening took place on Monday 28 May at 5:00pm and was well attended
by many parents, family members, friends and students. The art fair is a grand event
which, every year, showcases the artistic talents and creative abilities of all our
students from Grade 1 through to Grade 12. Part of the Elementary School’s display
was an interesting range of craft-work which focused on recycling and re-using
materials. A part of the Middle School’s display focused on the use and significance
of masks in African culture and the High School’s main attraction was the excellent
quality of works created by the IB graduates.
Science Fair - The Science Department hosted Science Fairs for Grade 7 and 8
students in the school auditorium on Wednesday 29 February and for Grade 9 and
10 on Sunday 25 March. A range of interesting experiments were displayed and
many exciting ideas were explored.
Spelling Bee - On Tuesday 13 December the English Department hosted this year’s
Spelling Bee. It was held in the school auditorium from 6:30pm – 8:30pm and
students from Grade 7 to 11 participated. All parents and teachers were encouraged
to support this exciting event.
TradeQuest - The Naseem International School TradeQuest team loops its success
to their co-operation, diligence and enthusiasm for this programme which
encourages students’ participation in a ‘real-world’ scenario. The Trade Quest
program is a virtual stock exchange server that applies to both the New York Stock
Exchange and the Bahrain Bourse. The ‘quest’ comprises of seven teams from
Bahrain who each serves a client who had retained their services as asset
managers. Each team has to invest the equivalent of BD500, 000 and $4,000,000
wisely throughout a period of five months.
The participants conduct research, create and analyze strategies, in addition to
assimilating economic and political reports in order to commence with the trading
procedures after an instruction from the governing authority.
Student Awards:
A number of students were awarded for displaying positive attributes of the Learner
Profiles every month. In this way we encouraged MS students to act with
responsibility and integrity. During April, students from each class were also
awarded certificates for Outstanding Academic Achievement during the First
Semester and they were placed on the school’s Honor Roll. Students were pleased
to have their work and efforts acknowledged

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