1. What class of medication is cannabis in 49 states?
a. Schedule I
b. Schedule II
c. Schedule III
d. Schedule IV
2. Dronabinol is approved for which of the following indications?
a. Loss of appetite in patients with AIDS
b. Post traumatic stress disorder
c. Epilepsy
d. Parkinson’s disease
3. Nabiximols are currently being studied in the US for which of the following
a. Glaucoma
b. MS
c. Cancer pain
d. Crohns disease
4. CB1 receptors in the medulla are associated with which of the following?
a. Movement
b. Learning
c. Nausea/vomiting
d. Appetite
5. T/F Rating scales for spasticity are easy to administer and rate.
6. T/F The degree of ocular hypotensive effect obtained by cannabis in the treatment
of glaucoma is paralleled by the generation of euphoria.
7. T/F There are many properly controlled trials in the treatment of post traumatic
stress disorder.
8. Which of the following organ systems is most likely to experience adverse effects
from the use of cannabis?
a. GI
b. Nervous system
c. Renal
d. Hepatic
9. Withdrawal of cannabis includes which of the following adverse effects?
a. Irritability
b. Suicidal thoughts
c. Hyperthermia
d. Respiratory depression
10. Which of the following monitoring parameters is essential during the treatment
with cannabis?
a. Heart rate and blood pressure
b. Lipids
c. Renal function
d. Hepatic enyzmes