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Bonus Reading Assignment Cannabis and Opioids- Jack Gettys

HORT 2050
Reading Assignment #4 bonus
Due: April 20, 2022
Homework Value: 15 bonus pts.
Can Cannabis Solve the Opioid Crisis?
by Jonathan N. Stea
Scientific American, March 15, 2019
After reading the article, answer the following questions.
Approximately how many chemicals can be found in cannabis?
Cannabis is a mixture of over 500 chemicals with varying combinations of
Has cannabis been thoroughly researched to support its use medicinally?
Cannabis has not yet technically been thoroughly researched. There have been no
randomized controlled trials evaluating cannabis specifically for the treatment of
opioid addiction, very much due to the limitations for research.
What are the chances of an individual developing a cannabis addiction?
According to the article, there is a 1 in 10 chance of an individual developing a
cannabis addiction from its use. They go on to say despite these odds, it might
well be the worth the risk for people with an opioid addiction.
Where does Dr. Jonathan Steal live and practice clinical psychology?
Dr. Jonathan Steal is a registered and practicing clinical psychologist in Calgary,
Alberta, Canada, and adjunct assistant professor at the University of Calgary.