RADIANT Summer Institute
August 2013 – Summer Institute
Neurotechnology Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship
Shaun Boe
Dr. Shaun Boe is our 2013 NICE Director
and is an active RADIANT Faculty
member. Shaun provides training in basic
and applied aspects of neuroscience
including diagnostic and rehabilitative
interventions for neurological disorders
and diseases. He is also trained clinically
as a physiotherapist and has research
expertise in the areas of basic and applied
neuroscience and neuro-rehabilitation. His
research applies advanced technologies
such as MRI, EEG, MEG and TMS to
investigate brain function and aid
functional recovery. Shaun also holds the
positions of Assistant Professor in the
School of Physiotherapy, Department of
Psychology and Neuroscience, and School
of Health and Human Performance;
Affiliate Scientist, Capital Health; and
Adjunct Scientist, Toronto Rehabilitation
Gail Eskes
Dr. Gail Eskes is our 2013 Interim
Director of RADIANT and an active
Faculty member, providing training in the
development of tools for
neuropsychological assessment, diagnosis
and rehabilitation, knowledge translation,
research ethics, and clinical research. Gail
is a registered clinical neuropsychologist
with clinical and research expertise in the
assessment and rehabilitation of cognitive
disorders associated with brain damage,
aging, or psychiatric conditions. She also
holds the positions of Associate Professor
of Psychiatry, Psychology and Medicine
(Neurology), Affiliated Scientist, Capital
Health, and is Past director and developer
of Psychiatry Resident research training
and Past Executive Chair of the Capital
Health REB.
Our Speakers
Welcome to the RADIANT Summer Institute! Our two-week
course is a component of the Rehabilitative and Diagnostic
Innovation in Applied Neurotechnology (RADIANT) program at
Dalhousie University. The RADIANT Summer Institute will
develop a new generation of neuroscientists with the mindset of
innovation and design thinking. Our speakers have a variety of
backgrounds from University Faculty to Leaders in Industry.
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August 2013 – Summer Institute
Neurotechnology Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship
Shannon Johnson
Dr. Shannon Johnson provides training in
diagnostic and rehabilitative strategies for
neuropsychological disorders, and provides
opportunities for trainees to gain clinical
exposure. Shannon is a registered Clinical
Psychologist trained in Clinical
Neuropsychology and directs an integrative
research program in neurodevelopmental
disorders such as autism spectrum disorders,
and also has expertise in neurodegenerative
disorder. She also holds the positions of
Assistant Professor Psychology, Pediatrics and
Psychiatry, and Staff Scientist, IWK and QEII
Health Centres.
David Roach
Dr. David C. Roach is an Assistant Professor in
the School of Business Administration at
Dalhousie University where he teaches master’s
level courses in entrepreneurship, innovation
and the commercialization of biomedical
technologies. He also lectures internationally in
the areas of innovative entrepreneurship,
product design & development and marketing
technology products. Dr. Roach has been
instrumental in many early-stage companies
ranging from aerospace to biotechnology and
brings a hands-on approach to the innovation
process. He sits on the board of directors and
acts in an advisory capacity for several small
and medium-size enterprises in Canada. His
research interests include product management
practices of SMEs.
This wide background in experience and knowledge
will provide our students with a clear understanding of
what it takes to move a successful idea from the lab
out into the world through commercialization, free
distribution, writing, or some other entrepreneurial
We are pleased to introduce our Speakers for the 2013
RADIANT Summer Institute. Please see the column
on the left for more information about these talented
and motivated Speakers:
Shaun Boe, NICE Director & Faculty
Gail Eskes, RADIANT Interim Director & Faculty
Shannon Johnson, Faculty
Ray Klein, Faculty
David Roach, Faculty
Ed Leach, Faculty
Mary Kilfoil, Faculty
Stan Matwin, Faculty
Roch Comeau,
Doug Berger, Innovate
Gordon Haid, Elekta Neuromag
Mrim Boutla, More Than Money Careers
Erica Fraser
Peter Moreira,
Ed Leach
Mike Hadskis
Jesse Rodgers
Brian Lowe, First Angel Network Association
Chris Cowper-Smith, SpringLoaded
Tim Bardouille
Daniel Boyd
August 2013 – Summer Institute
Mary Kilfoil
Mary Kilfoil’s fields of
concentration are quantitative
analysis (econometrics), research
methods, and labour economics.
While at the School of Public
Administration at Dalhousie, Mary
has taught courses in Quantitative
Methods, Economics, Research
Methods, and Public Policy and she
has been actively involved in
professional teaching seminars
offered through the Office of
Professional Development,
Dalhousie University. Dr. Kilfoil’s
academic research interests are in
the areas of labour economics,
income inequality, public policy,
economic well-being, and child
poverty. Mary is also a senior
economist at Gardner Pinfold
Consulting Economists in Halifax.
She has conducted a wide range of
economic analysis in national
studies involving public policy and
has extensive first hand experience
in research methods and
quantitative analysis.
Stan Matwin
Dr. Stan Matwin is a Professor of
Computer Science, and the Director of
the Institute for Big Data Analytics at
Dalhousie University. He is also
Distinguished University Professor
(Emeritus) of Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science at the
University of Ottawa and affiliated
with the Institute for Computer
Science, Polish Academy of Sciences.
His research interests include: Data
and Text Mining, Text Analytics,
Artificial Intelligence, Machine
Learning, Data Privacy and
Bioinformatics. Another field of
interest for Stan is technology transfer:
the process of interaction between
university-based research and the
industrial R & D and he is involved
with the Ontario Centres of
Excellence, a leading Ontario
innovation technology transfer
Neurotechnology Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship
Roch Comeau
Gordon Haid
Gordon Haid studied physics at the
University of British Columbia
before becoming involved in the
medical device industry. As a
physicist for CTF Systems Inc., a
Vancouver area company that
specialized in low amplitude
magnetic field detectors, particularly
those emanating from the human
body, algorithms. A career change
later led to roles in marketing and
sales, just as accelerated growth in
the field was beginning. He
currently is a consultant and the
Director of North American Sales of
MEG equipment for Elekta
Neuromag (a Finnish subsidiary of
the medical device company Elekta,
headquartered in Stockholm), the
leading manufacturer of such
Doug Berger
Doug is Managing Director of
Innovate LLC, experts in Breakaway
Growth and Business Innovation.
Our goal is to put our clients onto
higher growth trajectories well above
their historic trend lines. Our Old
Game – New Game Growth
Methodology is a proven system for
closing critical gapsin clients’ growth
missions. This includes shifting
people’s mindset, creating
compelling growth opportunities,
and embedding new thinking into
strategy, execution and leadership.
Doug is a sought after speaker. He
publishes the highly acclaimed
electronic magazine, The
Innovators. He has written
numerous articles on breakthrough
approaches to business, strategy &
innovation, and the real-world issues
of execution. He is the author of The
One Hour Breakthrough:
Translating Aspiration into Action.
Mrim Boutla
Dr. Boutla is a cognitive
neuroscientist turned career coach
and social entrepreneur. At Brown
University and the Kelley School of
Business (Indiana University), Dr.
Boutla coached hundreds of MBA
and PhD graduates, helping them
secure well-paying values-driven
jobs in CSR, sustainable business,
and social enterprises. In partnership
with Dr. Mark Albion (Co-founder
of Net Impact), she founded More
Than Money Careers, which helps
students and professionals get clear,
get connected and get hired for
wellpaying jobs with high social and
environmental impact. Dr. Boutla
earned her Bsc in Psychology from
the Universite Catholique de
Louvain, and her MA and PhD in
Brain and Cognitive Sciences from
the University of Rochester.
August 2013 – Summer Institute
Erica Fraser
Erica Fraser holds degrees in
Engineering and Law, and brings
her experience practicing law and
working the software industry to
Dalhousie University’s Industry
Liaison and Innovation Office.
Peter Moreira
Peter Moreira spent more than 30
years in journalism in Asia, Europe the
U.S. and Canada. His tenure with The
Deal included six years covering
M&A, private equity and VC markets
in the U.S. and Canada and four years
as London Bureau Chief. He served
four years with Bloomberg, where he
covered European and U.K. banking.
He previously covered banks and real
estate for the South China Morning
Post in Hong Kong, markets in Seoul
and Hong Kong for Knight-Ridder
Financial and worked as an
editor/reporter in the Canadian Press's
parliamentary bureau in Ottawa. His
writing has appeared in USA Today,
the Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star,
National Post and Independent on
Sunday (London). Peter is a graduate
of the Canadian Securities Course and
known in Atlantic Canada as a frank
and entertaining speaker. He is the
author of Hemingway on the China
Front (Potomac, 2006) and Backwater:
Nova Scotia's Economic Decline
(Nimbus 2009). He is now working on
The Jew Who Defeated Hitler, the
story of Henry Morgenthau Jr.’s work
in financing the Allied effort in the
Second World War.
Neurotechnology Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship
Ed Leach
Jesse Rodgers
Dr. Ed Leach teaches the
communications and entrepreneurship
components of the RADIANT program.
He also holds the positions of Director of
the Norman Newman Centre for
Entrepreneurship and the Site
Coordinator of Entrepreneurial Skills
Program (ESP). Ed also works on the
major e-health initiative, Connecting
People for Health, and won the 2007
Teaching Excellence Award from the
Faculty of Management. As well, Ed has
been awarded with the 2004 Brain
Farhlinger Award for emerging
entrepreneurship researcher.
Mike Hadskis
Brian Lowe
Mr. Lowe is co-founder and a
director of the First Angel Network
Association, Atlantic Canada’s
largest association for private
investors and is a shareholder and
director of several operating
companies throughout
Atlantic Canada. He has been
involved in a number of start-up
companies throughout his career and
raised millions of dollars for these
companies. Past experience includes
serving as the
President/CEO/Founder of three
environmental companies based in
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He is a
director and past chairperson of
BioNova, Nova Scotia Life Sciences
Association, a past director of the
National Angel Capital Association
and a current director of
Springboard Atlantic. Mr. Lowe is
Entrepreneur in Residence at the
Norman Newman Centre for
Entrepreneurship under the Faculty
of Management at Dalhousie
University. Mr. Lowe is a member
of the advisory board for the
National Research Council (NRC).
August 2013 – Summer Institute
Chris CowperSmith
Chris Cowper-Smith is CEO of
Spring Loaded and a PhD level
research scientist with highly
relevant expertise in neuroscience
and kinesiology. Chris has worked
extensively with both medical and
industry practitioners, and has an
established track record of bridging
the gap between science and
business. Chris brings a passion for
innovation and creative problem
solving to the Spring Loaded team.
Tim Bardouille
Neurotechnology Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship
Daniel Boyd
Steve Beyea
As an IWK Research Scientist and
the Scientific Lead for the
BIOmedical Translational Imaging
Centre (BIOTIC), Steven is
responsible for directing the overall
research program of a diverse team
of scientists, engineers, and
technologists, with the goal of
improving Canadian healthcare
through researching and
commercializing diagnostic imaging
technologies. He is also associate
professor of radiology at Dalhousie
University (with a cross-appointment
to the department of physics), where
he teaches several courses in the
physics of medical imaging at both
the undergraduate and graduate
level, and supervises graduate and
undergraduate honours students. An
imaging physicist by training, his
own research focuses on developing
novel imaging acquisition and
analysis technologies that improve
the diagnosis of human disease
(primarily in the area of brain
imaging) and rapidly translating
them into the clinical setting.
RADIANT Summer Institute is
generously supported by:

Gail Eskes - Dalhousie University