Lion Pride Magazine
April/May 2014
Volume 42 – Issue 6
Lions and guests from across the state will soon reunite for a weekend
of fun, fellowship, business and more. Planning to arrive early? Join us
for a picnic-style dinner at Cornwell’s Turkeyville, just minutes from
Battle Creek. Enjoy great entertainment by the Douglas James Band during
the Welcome Celebration and buffet dinner on Friday, as we kick-off the
weekend with a “Race to your Dream” theme. If you can dream it, you can
do it!
Register today! Convention forms and details are located on-line at, or clip the form located in the Lion Pride.
“Tips on Becoming an Extraordinary Lion” is a session designed with the
newer Lion member in mind, as well as a re-charge for Lions everywhere!
Led by District Governor, Tim Anderson, 11 E1 and Lion Laura Hunt, 11 D1
and audience participation.
“LCI Convention Elections” is your opportunity to learn more about the
process. This session will be moderated by Council Chair Brian Shepard.
“Toronto Travel Tips.” Heading to Toronto for LCI-Con? Is your
passport up to date? Let us help in your planning! Travel tips on how to
get there, information on Michigan Night, the Midwest Breakfast,
International Parade participation and more will be the theme of this
MD-11 Convention Speaker
The MD 11 State Convention Planning Committee is pleased to announce this
year’s convention speaker - WAYNE A. MADDEN, IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT, LCI.
Wayne Madden, of Auburn, Indiana, USA, was elected president of Lions
Clubs International at the association’s 95th International Convention, held
in Busan, Korea June 22-26, 2012.
Past President Madden is an insurance agent and a certified insurance
A member of the Auburn Lions Club since 1984, he has held many offices
within the association, including club president, zone chairperson, region
chairperson, state council chairperson and district governor. In addition, he
is a past president of the Indiana Lions Foundation. He served as a District
Governor-elect Seminar faculty member five times and as Campaign SightFirst II
sector coordinator for Multiple District 25.
In recognition of his service to the association, Past President Madden
has received many awards, including the 100% Club President Award, Life
Membership in the Association, the Senior Master Key Award, four Extension
Awards, an International President’s Leadership Medal, nine International
President’s Medals and the Ambassador of Good Will Award, the highest honor
the association bestows upon its members. He is a Charter W.P. Woods Fellow, a
Kentucky Colonel, a Duke of Paducah, a Helen Keller Fellow and a Progressive
Melvin Jones Fellow.
In 2008, he was recognized for his humanitarian service by the governor of
Indiana as a Sagamore of the Wabash, the highest honor the governor can
In addition to his Lion activities, Past President Madden has been active
in numerous Professional and community organizations.
Past President Madden and his wife, Linda, also a Lion and Progressive
Melvin Jones Fellow, have two daughters and five grandchildren.
MD-11 Convention Friday Entertainment
They’re back by popular demand! The Douglas James Band is a crowd
favorite and we’re excited to have them perform on Friday, May 17 during
our Welcome Reception “Pit Stop.” Join in on the all the action as we
fire-up this year’s convention with Happy Hour, a buffet dinner and
dancing to your favorite country music performed live by the Douglas James
Upcoming Events
Leo Club Awareness
Donate Life Month
White Cane Week
April 27-May 3
Mother’s Day
Sunday, May 11
5th Council of Governors Meeting
May 17
MD 11 State Convention
May 17-18
PDG Association Breakfast/Annual Meeting
May 18
LCI Convention, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
July 4-8
Michigan Night
Monday, July 7
For complete calendar of events, check our website:
Executive Director’s PRIDE
Family and Friends…
Or is it friends first then family? We oftentimes confuse the two, but
what I know about Lions is that their Lion Friends are their Lion’s Family.
That being said, consider the upcoming MD 11 State Convention a family
“A family reunion is an occasion when many members of an extended
family congregate. Sometimes reunions are held regularly, for example on the
same date of every year.” That would describe us quite accurately!
This year will be our 94th consecutive MD 11 State Convention. If you
are a newer Lion member, welcome to the Family! If you’ve been a part of
the family for years and have missed a few reunions, consider attending this
year. You may be in for a pleasant surprise.
Staying connected with Lions from around the state and exchanging ideas
helps to keep us motivated. Who has time to reinvent the wheel? Learning
from other clubs is an excellent way to keep current and fresh in your
membership drives, club meetings and fundraising efforts. The convention is
designed to offer opportunities to connect and communicate with Lion
leaders, and create learning opportunities for you to share with your fellow
club members.
And, because we are Lions, it also involves a whole lot of fun! Make
plans to attend this year and see for yourself. Registration forms and
complete convention details are included in this issue, or access them
online at
I look forward to seeing you in Battle Creek.
Yours in Service,
Lion Wendy Burns
Executive Director
The reason that I first joined the Lions is simple, I was asked. I was
nearing the end of a 29½ year involvement with the United States Naval
Reserve which took up sometimes one night a week, sometimes one weekend a
month, sometimes more than the weekly or monthly commitment, and always
two weeks every year. I knew that I would have some extra time and a
neighborly gentleman asked me to attend a Lions meeting with him. I did
attend and liked what I saw, and also liked the opportunity to serve my
The reason that I remain a Lion is more complex. I remain a Lion
because of the feelings I get when I am able to perform a good deed in the
name of Lions-such as when I delivered a food certificate supplied our
Lions club to a family of a mother and two teenage children. All three
spontaneously hugged me in appreciation of the gesture. Or when I
delivered a Lions-supplied food certificate to a family of five, and the
father did not say a word, he just gave me a huge hug. I later learned he
had just learned of the death of his mother. Or the appreciation received
when our club was able to get assistance from the Michigan Service
Foundation to provide vision-restoring cataract surgery for a local lady.
As a Lion, I have also experienced the gratitude that many people feel
toward Lions for past good deeds. Many times, while standing in the
middle of the street promoting white cane sales, people have stopped to
donate and oftentimes follow up with a story of the time the Lions
provided them with eye glasses or some other Good Deed. These are just
four of many experiences a Lion Club member may encounter for his/her
involvement. I also feel a deep pride when I witness fellow Lions drag
themselves out to the streets to solicit for Lions projects-even if they
are ill or otherwise handicapped.
Individual club and district awards and/or recognition are nice, but
pale when compared to the appreciation expressed by the people that we
help. The appreciation we experience for our good deeds is something that
no amount of money can purchase. That is why I remain a Lion.
Our challenge as LIONS in growing Lionism are twofold. First of:
attracting new members. The obvious solution is to “just ask”. We have
all heard that if each Lion recruits two (2) new members, one (1) as a
personal replacement and another for growth, we (Lions) will be in good
The second part is in retaining a cadre of veteran Lions and that
requires a bit more than just asking. It takes involvement of our newer
members in club project and fund-raising activities. It also involves
educating our new members through an orientation program tailored to our
individual communities. There are few feelings in life as good as the
feeling one gets from receiving a “Hug” or just a “Thank You” from a
recipient of a good deed. It is GREAT to be a Lion! Have a great month.
District Governor District Governor Wes Wagester, District 11 D2
From the Desk of District Governor Betsy Farrell, 11 B2
What is the definition of the word trust?
Trust (noun)
1. Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person
or thing; confidence.
2. Confident expectation of something; hope
3. A person on whom or thing on which one relies. God is my trust.
Governors, how much do you trust your Cabinet? If you are not there,
will they do as you have indicated or will they act upon their own
initiatives? I trusted the District 11-B2 Cabinet and they didn’t
disappoint me.
I offered to step down because I didn’t know what was going to happen
after being diagnosed with cancer. I was told to concentrate on getting
well and not worry about running the district. The Cabinet would handle
things until I returned. They would keep me informed of things and if my
input was needed or a signature required, I would be contacted. Guess
what? The only things they had questions about were related to our
convention and the awards being presented. What a wonderful feeling to
relax (?!?!?) and concentrate on getting well. That emphasis on
recuperating and the power of prayer made me able to attend our recent
convention in Holland.
We truly are a pride of Lions. If nothing else, this illness has
taught me that. I received so many cards from individuals and clubs.
Thank you – they lifted my spirits when I was down. I still don’t have a
lot of strength so I must keep this blurb short. However, I am strong
enough to say, and to keep saying, Thank You.
District Governor District Governor Betsy Farrell, District 11 B2
2014-2015 Peace Poster Contest
“Peace, Love and Understanding” is the theme of the 2014-15 Peace
Poster Contest. Lions clubs can sponsor this art contest for kids in their
community for children in local schools or organized, sponsored youth
groups. Lions clubs interested in sponsoring the Lions International
Peace Poster Contest can order a Peace Poster Contest kit (PPK-1) from the
Club Supplies Sales Department at International Headquarters. The cost of
the kit is US$11.95 plus shipping, handling and applicable taxes. The kit
is available in all 11 of our official languages. Lions clubs must
purchase a kit for each contest sponsored. Each kit contains:
 Official Club Contest Guide and Rules
 Official School or Youth Group Contest Guide and Rules
 Participant Flyer to duplicate and give to participating students to
take home
 Sticker to place on back of winning poster
 Certificates for contest winner and school or youth group
You can order kits from the Club Supplies Sales Department at
International Headquarters from January 15 to October 1. To order a kit,
call Club Supplies Sales at (630) 571-5466 or 1-800-710-7822 (U.S., Puerto
Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Canada only). To order online, go to Club
Supplies (Item Search: Peace Poster Kit).
Lions of Michigan All State Band – Destination: Toronto!
We are pleased to hold our pre-tour band camp at the finest facility
around: Lions Bear Lake Camp! Camp begins June 30 and will head to
Toronto for the International Parade with pre-concert stops in Cascade
Falls and Niagara Falls.
Plans are in the works for a sneak-preview of this year’s LMASB on
Saturday evening during the MD 11 Convention in Battle Creek. There are
45 students from across the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan. LMASB
CEO, Lion Caro Uhlemann-Short, along with Band Director, Roger Wyersberg,
aka “Santa”, led the 2013 band to a second place finish at the
International Convention in Germany.
For more information on the LMASB, now in its 36th year, go to
“Protecting Our Environment” Global Service Action Campaign
The environment is a major concern for communities and people around
the world.
 According to the United Nations Environment Programme, only about 20
percent of the world’s population has access to clean water.
 More people die from unsafe water than from all forms of violence,
including war.
 During the last century alone, the world lost more than 80 percent of
its original forests, which provide a source of livelihood,
protection from natural disasters and absorb carbon dioxide emissions
that lead to global warming.
Lions have an opportunity to bring attention to the environment and show
the strength of our worldwide network during a special service action
campaign, “Protecting our Environment.”
Take Action
During April, we invite your club to join Lions around the world to
protect the environment. Help us raise awareness of the importance of
protecting the environment in connection with Earth Day. Or, organize
hands-on projects throughout the month that mobilize your club members to
improve your community’s environment.
Find complete resources on LCI’s website,
Mother Earth deserves our respect. Show your love this Earth Day by
incorporating ways to reduce Global Warming into your daily lives. Find
out more at issues
5 Simple Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming
1. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE: Do your part to reduce waste by choosing
reusable products instead of disposables. By recycling half of your
household waste, you can save 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.
2. USE LESS HEAT AND AIR CONDITIONING -Setting your thermostat just 2
degrees lower in winter and higher in summer could save about 2,000
pounds of carbon dioxide each year.
3. CHANGE A LIGHT BULB -Wherever practical, replace regular light bulbs
with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.
4. DRIVE LESS AND DRIVE SMART -Less driving means fewer emissions. Besides
saving gasoline, walking and biking are great forms of exercise.
5. PLANT A TREE –We have PIP Wing Kun Tam to thank for the planting of
over 15 million trees in 2012-2013 by Lions around the world!
Spread the Word LYEP: Host Homes Needed for International Stay
To see their applications, contact your district chair or state LYEP chair
Lion Debra VanTol, 989-430-1824 [email protected]
(It is not necessary to be a Lion)
France- Oliver Delemazure - 16 yrs. old
Likes: theater, movies, internet, tennis, swimming ...
June 28- August 9, 2014
Germany - Kyra Stettner - 16 yrs. old
Likes: Handball, bicycle riding, waveboard, skiing
June 28- August 9, 2014
Japan - 2 Ambassadors - month of August
To see their applications, contact your district chair or state LYEP chair
Lion Debra VanTol, 989-430-1824 [email protected]
Encourage a Veteran to Join Now!
Lions Clubs International is offering qualified U.S. veterans an
entrance fee waiver of up to $30 when joining a local Lions club. The
waiver is available to the first 5,000 U.S. veterans* and runs through
June 30, 2015.
United States veterans believe in being part of something bigger than
themselves. Lions Clubs International, the world’s largest service club
organization, can provide you with an opportunity to serve. With our 1.35
million members in 208 countries, Lions help where help is needed – in our
own communities and around the world.
* Qualifying veterans include retired U.S. military personnel (i.e. Air
Force, Army, Coast Guard Services, Marines, National Guard, Navy or
Reserves) or those honorably-discharged from these services. Eligible
persons may still be enlisted in the National Guard or Reserves.
Student from India Wins Grand Prize in Lions International 2013-2014 Peace
Poster Contest
Tongbram Mahesh Singh, a 12-year-old boy from Manipur, India. “Peace
is [the] most loving word to me,” said Singh. “Where there is peace, there
is harmony. Where there is harmony, people will be happy.” As the grand
prize winner, Singh will receive $5,000 and a trip to a special awards
ceremony at the 97th Lions Clubs International Convention in Toronto,
Canada. He will be accompanied by two family members and the president of
the Moirang Lions Club in Manipur, India, which sponsored his local
PDG Corner Two Important Upcoming Events to Take Notice of!
It’s time to plan for the fun and fellowship at
Lions Bear Lake Camp
For the seasoning opening held Friday
May 9th & Saturday May 10th 2014
For those who want to arrive after 3:00 P.M. and spend a
FREE night in the bunkhouse
Number of persons staying in bunkhouse __________
Friday Night Dinner @$9.00 each ______
Saturday Breakfast @ $6.00 each ________
Saturday Lunch FREE
Make Check payable to: P.D.G. Association
Return To: P.D.G. Barnum
7535 Irish Rd.
Millington, MI 48746
DEADLINE May 1, 2014
The PDG Annual Breakfast Meeting
At the MD 11 Convention
McCamly Plaza Hotel, Battle Creek, MI
May 18, 2014 at 8:00 a.m.
RSVP Your Attendance to:
PDG R.G. Barnum
7535 Irish Rd. Millington, MI 48746
Make Checks payable to: PDG Association
Number of Persons Attending
$15.00 Ticket Price
P.D.G. Annual Meeting at
900 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. With Memorial service
Club Happenings
> district 11 A1
DG Evelyn Cooper
Monroe • Wayne
Upcoming Events
Greater Metro Detroit Lions Club: Whist & Scrabble Fundraiser
Harper Woods-Grosse Pointe Woods Lions Club: Pancake Breakfast
Madonna University Lions & Lioness:
and 50/50 raffle
Kick-off Dinner with a silent auction
Detroit Mid-City Lions Celebrate DG Cooper
The Detroit Mid-City Lions Club meets at the Greater Detroit Agency for
the Blind and Visually Impaired to congratulate their member, District
Governor Evelyn Cooper.
Detroit Northeast Lions Club
Detroit Northeast Lions Club sponsored a dinner for Leader Dogs for the
Blind with a silent and live auction.
> district 11 A2
DG John Kontos
Macomb • Oakland
District Editor: James Leach, Sr.
855 Miller Rd., Lake Orion, Ml 48362 • [email protected]
Upcoming Events
Romeo Lions Club: Held a Mom to Mom Sale
Macomb Township Lioness: Presented Lunch with the Easter Bunny
Fraser Lions Club: Held a Euchre Tournament
Clinton Valley Lions Club: Sponsored Quarter Fever Nite at the Fraser
Lion’s Den
Centerline Lions Club: Had their 57th Annual Pancake Breakfast
Sterling Heights Lioness: Had a Relay for Life Bowling Fundraiser and
their 8th Annual Spring Tea
Sterling Heights Lions Club: Held Oldies Night with the Stars
New Haven Lions Club: Held a Euchre Party each Saturday Evening
New Haven Lioness: Are having a Dinner & Fashion Show “An Affair to
Eastpointe Lions Club: Sponsored the 2014 White Cane Kickoff Dinner
Clinton Valley Lions: Bingo Nights on Tuesdays
Oxford Lions Sponsor Para-Olympic Sport
The USA Goal ball tournament was sponsored by the Oxford Lions Club and
held in Warren, MI. Teams from Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick &
Quebec and teams from the U.S. came to compete from New York, California,
Utah, Georgia, Florida to name a few. Goal Ball was actually developed by
blind WWII Veterans and it’s now a Para-Olympic Sport.
Clawson Lion Jim Receives Award
District 11-A2 Region Chair, Dr. Ray Froling, on behalf of the
Rochester Hills Lions Club presented the club’s Progressive Melvin Jones
Fellowship Award to recipient Lion Jim Banaszek. Also pictured is Lion
Zone Chair Cathy Gladd who participated in the award presentation
ceremony. This distinguished award is the highest form of recognition
conferred by the Lions Club International Foundation representing the
recipient’s commitment to and dedication to make the world a better place
through humanitarian service.
Hazel Park Lions Get An Inspirational Visit
Hazel Park Lions Club had a visit from Holt Lions Club members
President/PDG Ray Robins and PDG Dave Bennett who presented a program on
the Mission to Vamiera, Latvia which they have taken part in. The club
enjoyed the slide presentation and information they shared with them about
this important eyeglass mission. In the picture are Hazel Park Lions Vice
President Troy Dilbeck, Holt Lions Club President/PDG Ray Robins, 11A-2 DG
John Kontos, and PDG Dave Bennett from the Holt Lions Club.
Clinton Valley Lions Honored
The Clinton Valley Lions were honored by the Michigan Recreation and
Parks Association with a Community Service Award for their contributions
and service to Clinton Township. The presentation took place at the Hannah
Community Center in East Lansing, Michigan.
> district 11B1
DG Barry Allen
Branch • Calhoun • Hillsdale • Jackson • Lenawee • Washtenaw
District Editor: Steve Britten
19114th Street, Jackson, Ml 49203 • [email protected]
Upcoming Events
Spring Leadership Forum:
VCL HS, April 24, 5:30 PM
Adrian Lions Club: Breakfast Radio Auction, station WLEN – 103.9 FM –
April 26, from 8:30AM to 6PM
Vandercook Lake Lions Club: Pancake Breakfast, April 27, 8 – 11:30 AM
Saline Lions Club: Volunteer Fair, April 27, 2-4 PM
Pennfield Lions Club:
Relays (Track Meet), May 2
Napoleon and Hanover Horton Lions Club:
BBQ, Napoleon Park, May 26
Hanover Horton Alpha Leos Club Launched!
Through the strong efforts of Hanover Horton Middle School Principal
Denise Bergman and teacher and National Junior Society Advisor Gabrielle
Scheese the formation of the Hanover Horton Alpha Leos has been
Chartered by Lions Clubs International as Club Number
121401, they set their Charter Celebration the Hanover Horton Middle
School with Lions of Michigan MD-11 Council Chair Brian Shepard as their
speaker for the evening.
Manchester Lions Support Kirk Park Renewal Project
The Manchester Lions present a check for $2000 to Ray Berg of the
Wellness Coalition in support of the Kirk Park renewal project.
little league fields will get a complete makeover financed by donations
from all the area service clubs and grants from the Wellness Foundation.
Blissfield Lions Get Presidential
The Hall Of Presidents within the Blissfield Elementary School is a
photographic display of the Presidents of the United States. Until the
Blissfield Area Lions Club undertook the project to update the four
displays, the portrait of President Bill Clinton was the most recent. The
displays were totally renovated by removing the old portraits, covering
the black backing with flag material, replacing the old gold matting,
attaching new updated portraits and reassembling the displays.
> district 11B2
DG Betsy Farrell
Berrien • Cass • Kalamazoo • St. Joseph • Van Buren
District Editor: Donna Romanak
31177 County Rd 681, Bangor, Ml 49013 [email protected]
Upcoming Events
Covert Township Lions Club:
Will hold a pancake breakfast
Kalamazoo Westside Lions Club: Will hold their 13th annual Sight and
Hearing Golf Open
St. Joseph Lions Club: Will be doing a highway cleanup, a Kidsight
screening at the St. Joseph YMCA and their White Cane fundraiser
Buchanan Leo Club Officially Chartered
The Buchanan – Galien Lions Club held the official Charter Night for
the newly formed Buchanan Leo Club on March 13, 2014. Forty-one charter
members and officers were inducted into the newly formed group by 2nd Vice
District Governor Jeff Mayuiers. While the Buchanan Leo Club has only
been “officially chartered” for a short time, these students and young
adults have already made an impact on their community by echoing the
Lions’ “We Serve” motto. Congratulations and thank you, Buchanan Leos,
for your outstanding dedication to making a difference in the communities
of Buchanan and Galien.
Coloma Lions Light It Up
The Coloma Lions Club’s entry in the Lighted St. Patrick’s Day parade
in Coloma won first place in the annual event. Several club members helped
build the float and enjoyed a ride through the parade. The large crowd
witnessing the event rewarded the entry with loud appreciation.
South Haven Black River Lions Support The Local Humane Society
The South Haven Black River Lions club recently donated $200 to the AlVan Humane Society. The Humane Society will use the donation for the care
and feeding of the cats and dogs that are housed in the animal shelter.
The donated funds are the culmination of fund-raising efforts by the South
Haven Black River Lions Club and their commitment to invest those funds in
community needs.
Edwardsburg Lions Plunge In for Special Olympics
Four Edwardsburg Lions and five Leos participated in the Polar Plunge
for Special Olympics. Lions Dave Stiffler, Amy Anderson, Dave Halgren, and
Lauren Meier willingly made the freezing cold “plunge” into Pleasant Lake .
. . all for a good cause. The Edwardsburg Fire Department cut through 26” of
ice for the plungers to make their plunge in temperatures that were in the
teens. A total of 46 people made the plunge and raised $8,500. Everyone
enjoyed the morning, and almost all of the plungers said they would return
again next year!
> district 11C1
DG Doug Schneider
Allegan • Barry • Ionia • Kent • Muskegon • Ottawa
District Editor: Sue Ferris
Upcoming Events
Rockford Lions Club: Held their annual Rockford Easter Ham Sale
Grandville Jenison Lions Club: Held a fundraiser at Culver’s Restaurant
Rockford Lions Club: Are holding their 60th Anniversary celebration at the
American Legion Hall in Rockford with Sparta and Thornapple Valley Lions
Clubs also participating. Sparta Lions will be grilling chickens for a
cost of $10 per person.
Ravenna Lions Club: Will hold their annual Goldfest Fundraiser.
Marne Lions Club: Second Annual Walker Charity Golf Outing
Spring Has Sprung In Nashville
It’s Maple Syrup time again. The sweet tradition continues. Blair
Hawblitz stated that since 1941 there were only three years that they did not
make syrup. The Nashville Syrup Association processes thousands of gallons of
sap each year, but not without the help of members, the Nashville Lions Club,
and other volunteers. The Syrup Association (The local Syrup Association is
made of mostly Lion members) donates to several organizations, i.e. food
bank, churches, Cub Scouts, 4-H, etc.
The Sugar Shack at Putman Park is a production one would not imagine,
from receiving the sap, firing up the large burners, skimming the sap,
boiling, labeling and delivering. 400-700 gal of sap is boiled at one
session. It takes 30 to 40 gallon of sap to make one gal of syrup.
the technic of (reverse osmosis}, to remove the water from the sap to reduce
the boiling time, has been used. It takes 40 to 100 hours per season for
this production.
Pales hanging on trees throughout Nashville can be seen, hung by the
local Boy Scouts and 4-H. Putman Park is collected by tubes into 300 gallon
containers. Local residents bring sap in by the buckets to be processed on
shares. You can purchase their Maple Syrup at the Sugar shack at Putman
Park, also at several other locations.
It is a job well done, by dedicated individuals, who think Nashville is
the place to live and get the best Maple Syrup available.
Grand Rapids Lions Club Blind Dinner Date 2014
Great turn out for this event! Thank you to everyone who participated
on the committee and donated their time and financial support the blind
and visually impaired! Funds raised went to help support the Grand Rapids
Lions Club Vision Clinic at Cherry Street Health.
Lyons-Muir Fundraiser Breakfast
It may have been early for some but not for the 55 people, not
including Lions and Applebee workers, who attended the pancake fundraiser
breakfast for 4 year old autistic, Camden Cash Ziegler. The breakfast was
held March 8 from 8 till 10 am at the Ionia Applebee’s restaurant. After
fees to Applebee’s for their part hosting and cooking for the fundraiser,
the club made $437 for the family to put towards ongoing medical and
therapy expenses. Therapy alone costs Camden’s family close to $300 a
week with little covered by insurances. The family still awaits a therapy
dog which will do much to ease and enrich Camden’s life allowing him to
sleep, and to make life more comfortable with his anxiety disorder.
> district 11C2
DG David Boes
Clinton • Eaton • Gratiot • Ingham • Livingston • Shiawassee
District Editor: Noreen Boes
2065 Woven Heart, Holt Ml 48842 [email protected]
Upcoming Events
Holt Lions Club: Is selling Easter Flowers and Mother’s Day plants, also
getting ready for Kids Day and the Touch a truck event both to be held in
St. Johns Lions Club: Participated in Adopt a Highway cleanup date for
business US-127 and held their annual White Cane sale fundraiser.
Stockbridge Lions Club: Held a several Blood drives; an Easter egg hunt
for the Stockbridge Community and participated in “March Hoops to Beat
Blindness at the University of Michigan they also hold Bingo
every Monday night.
Grand Ledge Lions Club: Is working on the MDOT Highway Clean-up and having
their annual Clive Peabody Memorial Golf Classic.
The Laingsburg & Ovid Lions Clubs: Are co-sponsoring their benefit golf
outing along with the Famous Steak Dinner
Durand Lioness Club Holds Fundraising Pageant
Nicklaus Nurmikko and Allison Zdunic were selected as Prince and
Princess of the Durand Railroad Days Pageant. Voting was based on the
amount of money they collected from their changes canisters, which were
placed at their local sponsors’ place of business. Each cent collected
counted as one vote, with the money to go to the Durand Lioness Club.
Nearly $1,400.00 was raised by the contestants, which will help the Durand
Lioness with their support to the Durand Backpack Program and the Loaves
and Fishes Community Pantry.
St. Johns Lions Club
The St. Johns Lions Club inducted two new members.
Successful Blood Drive For the Williamston Lions Club
The Williamston Lions Club, together with the Knights of Columbus and D
& W Food Stores sponsor blood drives at St. Mary Church in Williamston
every other month. Many brave souls came out in February even though it
was blizzard-like weather. 42 pints of blood were donated for this worthy
cause! The Lions provided sandwiches & coffee, the Knights donated Chili
and D & W donated juice for those that attended.
Grand Ledge Lions Club
The Grand Ledge Lions Club held their annual Bear
there was such a great turn out that more tables were
attended. Plenty of prizes were awarded and a silent
along with a 50/50 raffle.
A total of $3232.00 was
Lake Camp fundraiser;
added for all who
auction was held
raised during the
> district 11D1
DG Jake Dasho
Bay • Genesee • Saginaw • Tuscola
District Editor: Shari Johnson
8334 Rich Rd., Mayville, Ml 48744 [email protected]
Upcoming Events
Auburn Williams Lions Club:
Is sponsoring “Dueling Piano’s” Fundraiser
Free Eye Screenings From Fenton Lions Club
The Fenton Lions Club once again offered free eye screenings for both
children and adults, and free diabetes screenings for adults at the Fenton
Expo held at the Fenton High School. The Lions have been a part of the
Expo for the past 14 years. This year 75 children ages 1-5, 86 children
and adults age five and older were screened for vision. There were a
total of 34 referrals for vision checks by an optometrist or an
ophthalmologist. 31 adults were screen for diabetes; a registered nurse
from the Diabetic Foundation of Michigan was on hand for these screenings.
We would like to thank the Linden Lions and the Otisville Lions for their
help with this project.
Kingston Lions Club
The Kingston Lions Club assisted at the local Mobile Food Pantry
distribution where 158 families registered to receive food (which included
695 individuals from 28 area communities). This is a labor intensive
program unloading 11,755# of food from the semi-truck, unloading cases
from the pallets, unpacking and sorting the product and then handing out
the food at various stations.
Joint Effort In Saginaw County For D1 Lions
The Saginaw West Lions Club along with Carrollton Lions, Buena Vista
Lions, St. Charles and East Flint Lions packaged 2,365 boxes of groceries
for Saginaw County needy residents.
East Flint Lions Club
The East Flint Lions had their auxiliary dinner and auction at the
Flint Lions Clubhouse.
Fairgrove Lions Club
The Fairgrove Lions held a Pig and Turkey Roast with silent auction and
50/50 drawing.
Kingston Lions Club
Kingston Lions held a Craft Show & Sloppy Joe /Soup Lunch at the
Kingston Elementary School Cafeteria and sold Chocolate Easter bunnies.
Saginaw West Lions Club
Saginaw West Lions donated$150.00 to a family for clothing.
> district 11D2
DG Wesley Wagester
Huron • Lapeer • Sanilac • St. Clair
District Editor: Bruce Bronson
10898 Smiths Creek Rd., Riley, Ml 48041 [email protected]
Upcoming Events
Applegate Lions Club: Holds a Euchre party the 1st and 3rd Monday of each
Emmett Lions Club: Will be holding A Casino Trip to Soaring Eagle Casino,
a arts & crafts show ARTISTS & THEIR CRAFTS with over 43 exhibit tables
& displays and also their Annual Yard Sale.
“Ladies Night Out” With The Emmett Lions
The Emmett Lions held a special “Ladies Night Out” meeting where they
invited several prospective Lions and membership spouses.
During the
meeting, Lions Dick Belesky and John Foley of the Emmett Lions were
recognized with a Founders Award for contributions to Leader Dogs for the
Blind. Lions clubs all over the world are recognized for the tremendous
support they give to Leader Dogs for the Blind. This was a good
opportunity to attract new membership. Hopefully the four prospective
members in attendance will return as full members. Governor Wes Wagester
installed, yet another new member. Mr. Jeff Troy.
State Rep Paul Muxlow Helps Marlette Lions Present Liberty Day Books
The Marlette Lions Club presented the Marlette Middle School with 65
Liberty Day books. There were two fifth grade classes called together to
receive these books. Marlette Lions Bill Rakow and Don Spinks went over
some of the principals of the constitution and the bill of rights.
Attending the presentation was State Representative Paul Muxlow and Ed
Smith of US Representative Candice Miller’s office. Mr. Muxlow related
some facts on service clubs and how they support their community. Mr.
Smith relayed the importance of how the constitution works and what it
means to every individual.
District Governor Wes Wagester focused on the Liberty Day purpose. This
program was the creation of Lion Andy McKean and his late wife, Kathy from
Denver Colorado. It is designed to bring awareness to all Americans on the
workings of the constitution of the United States, in particular the fifth
grade classes in our schools. There is a pocket copy of the constitution
that is given to the students. Lion Andy also set up an instructors guide
for the teachers. This is all to assist in teaching the Declaration of
Independence and the Constitution. It is amazing what we can learn each
and every one of us. It is the local Lions Clubs that are making this
happen. Lion Orville Collins the district chairman is instrumental in
keeping the clubs involved.
> district 11 E1
DG Tim Anderson
Benzie • Clare • Grand Traverse • Isabella • Lake • Leelanau •
Manistee • Mason • Mecosta • Midland • Missaukee • Montcalm • Newaygo
• Oceana • Osceola • Wexford
District Editor: Deb Kreitner
514 W. High St., Greenville, MI 48838 [email protected]
Upcoming Events
Honor Lions Club: Are busy selling the last of our 500 raffle tickets for
Fremont Lions Club: Annual Vidalia Onion sale is underway.
Midland Lions Club: Is once again working on the planning of their “Shoot
for Sight” “Hole-in-One” contest. The purpose is to raise money to provide
vision and hearing help to those in the Midland area who cannot afford the
treatment to improve their vision and hearing acuity.
DG Anderson Gets A Shave And A Pie
District Governor Tim Anderson Keeps Good To His Word! A promise is a
promise and at our District Convention I held up my end of our deal. Lion
Karla Roebuck shaved off my beard and PDG Lion Laura Johnson had the honor
of throwing the pie since percentage wise Baldwin brought in the most new
members reaching a 71% increase in membership so far this year.
My wife
1st Lady Christina was spared when PDG Jim Walls stepped in and took her
place. $130 was raised to save my wife and to allow Stanwood Lions
President Peggy Walls the right to throw the 2nd pie into her husband’s
Happy 60th Six Lakes Lions!
The Six Lakes Lions Club held their 60th Anniversary Celebration.
Lions from multiple clubs within our district joined them and community
members for the evening. PDG Lynn Mast presented the club with a banner,
patch and certificate from IP Barry Palmer in recognition out this event.
A new member Lion Laura Hallock was also sworn in during the evening as
well marking growth from this club.
Crossroads Lions Charter Night
The Crossroads Lions Charter Night had Lions from all over our district
in attendance to help our newest club celebrate! Special THANKS goes out to
PID Dennis Cobler for being our guest speaker and helping to make this night
more memorable. The club is busy preparing for its first BIG community
event; a Chili Cook-off.
Bake Sale Bonanza For Coleman Lions
Coleman Lions Club’s Bake Sale was a big success! Held at the Coleman
Area Library, we had more than 19 family and friend bakers, not to mention
Coleman Lions bakers! We brought goodies to the Senior Center on Friday
and sold everything we brought, and received cash donations as well! The
sale brought in about $900!
> district 11E2
DG Gus Malmberg
Alcona • Alpena • Antrim • Arenac • Charlevoix • Cheboygan • Crawford
• Emmet • Gladwin • Iosco • Kalkaska • Montmorency • Ogemaw • Oscoda
• Otsego • Presque Isle • Roscommon
District Editor:Mitch Smith
20933 Palmateer Rd,Hillman, Ml 49746 [email protected]
Elk Rapids Lions Donate To the Elk Rapids School
The Elk Rapids Lions Club made a sizeable donation to the Elk Rapids
School K-12. The funds were used to purchase the Destiny Resource
Management Solution Suite. The program helps keep track of all
educational resource material making them readily available to students
and teachers. The Lions received a demonstration of the system at a
special dinner held at the Cherryland Middle School Library.
AuGres Lions Club
AuGres Lions Club paid for a local citizen to have an eye exam and
obtain a pair of glasses.
Fairview-Comins Lions Club
Fairview–Comins Lions Club paid for a local citizen to receive hearing
aids and also held a Reading Action Program.
Gaylord Lions Club
Gaylord Lions Club approved funding for on sight case, held a successful
Lion Mint Sale and sold Sight & Hearing tickets.
Grayling Lions Club
Grayling Lions Club sold candy bars and continue to collect and pack ink
cartridges for recycling. We also made a donation to the High School
theater group.
Mio Lions Club
Mio Lions Club donated monies to a local student who will be an exchange
student to Italy this summer; the club is also working on their $11,000
raffle and their Lucky 13 raffle.
Oscoda Lions Club
The Oscoda Lions help in assisting a local family get water into their
home and also helped with repairs to another local home to make it
wheelchair accessible. The Oscoda Lions also held another successful
Pancake Breakfast.

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