Effective Use Of The Telephone

Effective Use Of The Telephone
Notes Before Calling
1 – If a child answers - Ask for Mum or Dad or Mr or Mrs
2 – If no answer – Mark on list for subsequent follow up
3 – If an answering machine HANG UP – Note to ring back
4 – If they’re coming, confirm first names – Mark on list
5 – If coming to a future meeting – Mark on list
6 – If not interested – Mark NO on list
7 – Mark on list any important comments such as referrals
to another person who may be interested – when to
follow up if they’re interested in coming to a future
Effective Use Of The Telephone
A Good Idea If You Can Arrange It
It may not be easy to do, but if you can
find premises with several phone lines, you
can start your phone calls in a working bee
type environment – somehow the calls seem
easier to make if you do it this way – of
course you’ll still have calls to make to those
you are unable first up, to make effective
contact with
Effective Use Of The Telephone
Approach When Calling
“Good evening, I’m ______ from the ______ Lions
Club. We recently forwarded you an invitation to a
special Lions Information Meeting – this is simply
a courtesy call to see if you are able to join us for
an hour”
It is very important you say this without any
pauses – when you’ve said it, continue the
conversation in line with the response you receive
Effective Use Of The Phone
If the response is YES, advise you’ll be
delivering a confirmation letter along
with their name badge as follows:
“We’ll forward you a confirmation letter
with all the details – are you still at ____?
(address). We’ll include your name badge
for the meeting – your first name is spelt?
And the spelling of your family name is?
Is there anyone else you’d like to bring
with you?
Are you okay for transport?”
Effective Use OF The Telephone
If the answer is NO, say
“Are you interested in attending a similar Lions
Information Meeting on a future occasion ?”
If this answer is yes make a note
If at all possible, the person who made the first
phone call, should be the person to make all
future calls to the prospective guest
Effective Use Of The Telephone
Most people will decline the opportunity
to attend – however don’t be put off –
Adopt A Positive Attitude
For each call you make that’s No
You’re one call closer to someone saying
Remember 2% of adults aged 18 to 90 are
very interested in joining a Lions Club
Our job is to find them
Effective Use Of The Telephone
Sometimes those you call will want further
details such as ‘what do Lions do?’
Don’t get too bogged down in the detail - say
“That’s the very purpose of the Information
Meeting – it’s gives us the opportunity to fully
explain in detail to a number of people in the
community at the one time – as well at the
meeting we’ll answer any questions you may
have – we wish to ensure you’re
properly informed and are in a position to make a
considered judgment as to whether membership
is appropriate for you”
Effective Use Of The Telephone
After the Lions Information Meeting has
been held you’ll have the following three
groups of people to phone:(1) Those who attended who did not
give a decision at the meeting
(2) Those who were coming but didn’t
(3) Those who previously said they were
interested in coming to a future meeting
Normally if you follow through you’ll obtain
extra members