Lion`s Time by using these directions

DRILL: 2/23/2015
REGISTER for Lions Time:
1. Click ‘Let’s Get Started’ or ‘Sign in’
2. Next click ‘Create an Account’
3. Fill in your proper name (the one on your report card or
4. Student ID – this is where you will need to use your
computer log in
Example – jcorley4295
5. After registering you will see in your account the option to
sign up for Lions Time. Find the teacher you need to visit for
Lion's Time and select. Provide them description of why you
are visiting. (Example - make up ch 5 quiz from being
absent, redo ch 3 quiz, or review new material from last
6. When you are finished signing up with a teacher, click 'Your
Lions Time' to see your teacher and to view your pass to go
to your Lion Time. You can display this pass on your phone
or print the pass from a computer lab or home.