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See Hadley.
See Lunenburg.
History of Conway (Massachusetts) 1767-1917. By the People of Conway. Rev. Charles
Stanley Pease, A.M., editor. Contains family genealogies. Springfield, Mass.: Springfield Print
and Binding Co., 1917.
A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts: the times when and the people by whom it was
settled, unsettled and resettled: with a Special Study of the Indian Wars in the Connecticut
Valley. With Genealogies, by George Sheldon, Deerfield, Mass, 1895. 2 vols.
The Old Records of the Town of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 1764-1789: a complete
transcript of the town meetings and selectmen’s records…., compiled by Walter A. Davis, City
Clerk, Fitchburg, Published by the Authority of the city Council, 1898-1913. 8 vols.
Also, see Lunenburg.
A History of Framingham, Mass., Including the Plantation, from 1640 to the Present
Time, with an Appendix, Containing a Notice of Sudbury and Its First Proprietors. Also, a
Register of the Inhabitants of Framingham Before 1800, with genealogical sketches, by William
Barry, Boston: James Monroe and Company, 1847.
See Hadley.
History of Hadley, Including the Early History of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst and
Granby, by Sylvester Judd. Also Family Genealogies by Lucius M. Boltwood. Springfield, Mass.,
H.R. Huntting & Company, 1905.
History of Hardwick, Massachusetts: with a Genealogical Register, by Lucius R. Paige.
Houghton Mifflin and Co., 1883.
History of the Town of Harvard, Mass., 1732-1893, by Henry S. Nourse. Harvard: W.
Hapgood, 1894.
See Hadley.
The History of Holden, Mass., 1684-1894, by David Foster Estes. Worcester, Mass.:
Press of C.F. Lawrence, 1894.
The Early Records of Lancaster, 1643-1724, ed. by Henry S. Nourse. Lancaster, 1884.
The Story of Colonial Lancaster, by Marion Fuller Safford. Rutland, VT.: Tuttle Pub. Co.,
Historical Sketches of the Town of Leicester, Mass., during the first century from its
settlement (to 1860), by Emery Washburn. Boston, J. Wilson and son, 1860.
History of the Town of Lexington, Middlesex County Mass., from its first Settlement to
1868, by Charles Hudson. Revised and continued to 1912, by the Lexington Historical Society.
Vol. I – History, Vol. II – Genealogies. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1913.
The Proprietors’ Records of the Town of Lunenburg, Mass., including Fitchburg and a
portion of Ashby, 1729-1833. Comp. by Walter A. Davis. Fitchburg: Pub. By authority of the city
Council, 1897.
History of the Town of Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, from the First
Settlement in 1657-1861; with a Brief Sketch of the Town of Northborough [by Joseph Allen], a
Genealogy of the Families in Marlborough to 1800, and an account of the Celebration of the
Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town. By Charles Hudson, a native of
the town. Boston, Press of T.R. Marvin & Son, 42 Congress Street, 1862.
A History of the Town of Middlefield, Massachusetts, by Edward Church Smith and Philip
mack Smith…, Privately printed, 1924. [contains genealogies}
The History of Nantucket: County, Island and Town Including Genealogies of First
Settlers, by Alexander Starbuck, Boston, C.E. Goodspeed & Co., 1924.
History of Newton, Massachusetts. Town and City from its Earliest Settlement to the
Present Time, 1630-1880, by S.F. Smith, D.D. Boston, The American Logotype Company, 1880.
Northborough History (to 1918). Josiah Coleman Kent. Garden City Press, Inc., printers,
Northborough: a Town and its People, 1638-1975. William H. Mulligan, Jr.,
Northborough American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, 1982.
Also, see Marlborough.
A Puritan Outpost: a History of the Town and People of Northfield, Massachusetts, by
Herbert Collins Parsons. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1937.
Bradford’s History “of Plimouth Plantation.” From the Original Manuscript with a
Report of the Proceedings Incident to the Return of the Manuscript to Massachusetts. Boston:
Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the Colony of Plymouth, from 1602 to 1625, by
Alexander Young. Boston, C.C. Little and J. Brown, 1841.
History of the Town of Princeton, in the county of Worcester and Commonwealth of
Massachusetts, 1759-1915. Vol. I. by Francis Everett Blake. Princeton: Pub. by the Town, 1915.
Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the town of
Princeton, Mass., October 20th, 1859. Worcester, Wm. R. Hopper, printer, 1860.
Historical Sketch of Salem, 1626-1879, by Chas. S. Osgood and H.M. Batchelder. Salem:
Essex Institute, 1879.
Old Times in Shrewsbury. Gleanings from History and tradition , by Elizabeth Ward,
South Hadley.
See Hadley.
Old Southborough: a Photographic Essay. Southborough Historical Society.
Southborough, Mass: Yankee Colour Corp., 1981.
Fences of Stone: a History of Southborough, Massachusetts by Richard E. Noble.
Portsmouth, N.H. Published for the town of Southborough, Mass. By P.E. Randall, 1990.
See Framingham.
The Hundredth Town. Glimpses of Life in Westborough, 1717-1817, by H.M. Forbes.
Boston: Rockwell and Churchill, 1889.
The History of Westborough, Massachusetts. Part I. The Early History, by Heman
Packard DeForest. Part II. The Later History, by Edward Craig Bates. Westborough, The Town,
The Diary of Rev. Ebenezer Parkman of Westborough, Mass…, ed. By Harriette M.
Forbes. The Westborough Historical Society, 1899.
On the Beaten Path: Westborough, Massachusetts, by Kristina Nilson Allen.
Westborough Civic Club: 1984.
An Historical Address Delivered at the Centennial Celebration of the Incorporation of
the Town of Wilbraham, June 15, 1863, by Rufus P. Stebbins, D.D. With an appendix. Boston,
G.C. Rand & Avery, 1864.
History of Worcester, Mass., from Its Earliest Settlement to September, 1836, by William
Lincoln. Worcester, C. Hersey, 1862.
The Story of Worcester, Massachusetts, by Thomas F. O’Flynn, P.S., Boston: Little,
Brown and Company, 1910.
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