Teams Final Presentation

Laws are
cleaner air,
water, and
of the
begins with
Neat and clean environment has a cheerful effect.
It is a sure sign of civilization. We are fortunate to
have the opportunity to receive education.
Our responsibility is to help keep our town clean. We
ought to develop civic sense. A clean town hints
on the people living as respectable, responsible
and intelligent. Therefore it is very necessary to
keep a town clean. there are a lot of ways to do
that but first in is to start from each house.
To see the change at the global level,
we need to act at the local level.
Acting at the local level only needs a
sense of initiative.
And in this way,
A clean home will lead to a clean street,
a clean street will lead to a city, a clean
state will lead to clean nation and a
clean nation will lead to a clean and a
healthy Alma Mater…
Dustbins should be placed in front of each house where
passers by can throw in their litter and the occupants
themselves can throw that along with their daily garbage
into the community dustbin or van be towed by a
municipal corporation van/truck.
Every school can install a handy ‘paper recycling machine’ as the school
generates lots of waste paper in form of charts, answer books, other
decorative sheets etc.
We should ensure that dog
foul is collected in a poop
pack and be responsible
pet owners.
Students should be encouraged to use notebooks that are made of bagasse and handmade
sheets/charts etc.
Every public/school transport should be installed with an attachable dustbin so that it
doesn’t overturns and the passengers need not throw garbage outside the vehicle’s
If you feel there aren't enough trash cans around
town or that your town doesn't have a good recycling
program, write to the appropriate people to let them
Instead of buying new pens, we can use
refill the ink in the old ones. This will
reduce production of waste.
Esteemed Daily like ‘The Hindu’ and paper printing agencies like
‘Classmate’ make use of recycled paper. Lead free paints are introduced in
the market. We can encourage their efforts by being a consumer to these
Try carpooling or public transportation, and if you smoke, try to
quit. To help prevent water pollution, only flush or pour things down
the sink that will not damage the water supply; avoid putting paint,
old medications, glue, and other potentially damaging items down the
sink or toilet. Learn what the appropriate ways of disposing of these
things are.
We should avoid using deodorants since
they are a source of air pollution and
release CFCs into the environment.
As citizens we should work in
We should reduce the
tandem with the municipal
consumption of ‘paper
corporation of our area and also
napkins/tissues’ or ‘toiletact as watchdogs and report the
misdemeanor of the corporation.
The reason for such action is necessary so that people who
take cleanliness for granted should be reminded that
their dirtiness can have harmful effects on themselves
plus on the people living around them.
Presentation Prepared By:
Sheetal Bhopal
Deepali Datta
Mount Carmel School,
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