The object would impact with an Energy of .174 J. That is
because the energy formula is 1/2 x m x v^2 and the mass
was .04kg and the velocity was 2.95m/s so then multiplied
2.95 by itself to get 8.7 and then found 1/2 of .04 which is
.02. That means to multiply .02 x 8.7= .174 J which is the
energy of the golf ball’s strike against the shoe.
1/2 x Mass x Velocity^2
1/2 x 0.045 kg x .98 m/s
0.0225 x .98 m/s2
The object impacted with 0.02 Joules of energy. (Rounding)
The object would impact with 0.02 Joules. This problem is done
first by writing out the energy formula. The energy formula is 1/2 x
Mass x Velocity^2. Then, plug the numbers into the formula. The
mass of the object is 0.045 kg. So, plug in that number where the
mass should go. Then the velocity is 0.98 because all things
accelerate at 9.8 m/s. So if the object does this in 0.1 seconds, the
velocity would be 0.98, then this should be squared! Thus, .96
m/s^2. This is because in the formula it says to square the
velocity. After that, split the mass in half because this is an
average, and multiply that times .96. So, .02 J is the energy for the
object that is falling. (The answer is rounded to the nearest whole
number, 2.)

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