MGH Postdoc Association (MGPA) bi-annual Travel Awards: Summer 2015
The MGH Postdoc Association is pleased to announce the availability of two MGPA Travel
Awards, of up to $1000 each, for attending a scientific conference that will advance the career of
the postdoc applicant. Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting your
You must be an MGH Research Fellow (PhD or MD degree, or equivalent) at the time of the
conference (Instructors and above are not eligible for this Travel Award), with an active
interest in helping the MGPA to plan events for fellow postdocs.
The conference for which the award is being applied should be within 6 months after the
award winner announcement date (approximately August 31, 2015). The award will be given
only for travel to the specific conference chosen by the applicant and listed in the submitted
application materials, and may not be used for travel that occurred prior to the award date.
Each applicant should have demonstrated active interest in the MGPA and its programs, e.g.
participation in monthly Planning Committee meeting(s), sharing ideas about programs and
initiatives, or assisting with a program.
Each travel award recipient will be responsible for organizing an MGPA event of his/her
choice (as described in the application) with the help of the MGPA board, within six months
of the award announcement, and before travel reimbursement is given.
The awards will be made based on the following criteria, listed by their relative degree of
importance, by which applications will be evaluated and scored:
Applicant’s prior, current and proposed involvement with MGPA (attendance at a minimum of
1 monthly planning committee meeting in past six months)
Quality and comprehensiveness of MGPA event proposed by the applicant
Scientific achievements, prospects and CV
Impact of the scientific conference on the applicant’s career, and other travel funds available
for attending this conference
Letter of support from faculty mentor/PI: this letter must clearly address the applicant’s
scientific work and the impact of the conference on her/his career. In addition, it must list the
name and dates of the conference, and whether other travel funds are available or not.
The review panel who selects the award recipients consists of four individuals including:
Elected representatives of the MGPA leadership board, who are not applying for awards
Office for Research Career Development (ORCD) and/or Center for Faculty Development
(CFD) representative
If an additional reviewer is needed, an active, unelected member of MGPA who is not a travel
award applicant, will be appointed by MGPA leadership and the ORCD.
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The Travel award money will be given only as a reimbursement to formal receipts provided
after the conference and event planning. This includes conference registration,
transportation, hotel and meals (excluding alcohol). Maximum reimbursement is $1000.
Conference costs in excess of the award amount must be paid by the applicant or other
funding sources.
If an MGPA travel award winner receives an additional travel award from the scientific
conference organizers or any other entity within or outside MGH, the MGPA travel award
may only be used for eligible expenses that are not covered by the additional travel award.
Award winners will be announced publically by the ORCD and MGPA.
1. Fill out the Travel award application Word document completely.
2. Attach the required letter of support from your PI.
3. Attach your CV (3 pages maximum)
4. Convert this document to a PDF format: (How to convert MS Word Documents to PDF
Documents?) Please combine the three documents into one PDF file.
5. Email the PDF file to [email protected], and cc to [email protected], with the subject line
“MGPA Travel Award – Summer 2015.”
Last update: 2/8/2016, 8:52:12 PM
Applicant Information:
Are you currently a Postdoc at MGH and will your status remain the same at the time of the
conference? YES/ NO
How long have you been an MGH Postdoc? __ years
Institution Address:
Please indicate the details of the scientific meeting that you are requesting travel support for.
(Only one meeting may be listed)
Meeting/Conference name:
Location and Dates of the meeting:
Do you plan to present your research? Yes/No (please list the title of the planned
presentation, and attach an abstract if available):
Approximate total itemized costs of travel (include registration, travel and other reasonable
expenses. Please specify the portion you would like the MGPA Travel Award to cover):
Meeting Registration:
Travel cost (provide details, e.g. flight, train, etc):
Other (provide details):
Please state your career goals and the reason for your attendance at the conference. How will
attending this conference support your career goals? Please explain your financial need in
attending the meeting (no more than 250 words).
Please describe how you have been (and are planning to be) actively involved with the MGPA
and its programs. Examples: participation in monthly Planning Committee meetings, sharing
ideas about programs and initiatives, or assisting with MGPA programs.
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Describe in detail an event that you are interested in organizing for the MGH postdoc
Association. This can be a career development or social/networking event. Include the topic
and why you think this is important for MGH postdocs, as well as some logistical information,
i.e. proposed speaker(s) and format of the session. (no more than 250 words).
Please submit this form with all additional requested materials as a single PDF file to
[email protected] and cc to [email protected], with the subject line “MGPA Travel Award –
Summer 2015,” and email either address if there are any further questions about the application
Awards will be announced at the end of August.
The maximum reimbursement amount is $1000 for a postdoctoral fellow to help defray travel
costs associated with conference attendance and participation. These funds may cover expenses
for lodging/meals, transportation, and meeting registration. ALL original receipts are REQUIRED.
Reimbursement requests must follow Partners policies, available here:
REIMBURSEMENT REQUESTS/SUBMITTALS: Expenses will be reimbursed upon the
presentation of properly prepared vouchers signed by the claimant and approved by ORCD. All
reimbursement requests must be accompanied by receipts and submitted in a timely manner.
Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 60 calendar days after meeting
attendance in order to be considered for reimbursement. It is at the discretion of the ORCD to
approve or deny late reimbursement requests received after the 60-day post-meeting time has
expired. Requests without receipts will not be honored.
Last update: 2/8/2016, 8:52:12 PM