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Need to Know
Ancient World Medicine
What evidence do we have of prehistoric peoples?
What was prehistoric life like?
What made you ill in prehistoric times?
How might you have been treated?
Who treated illness in prehistoric times?
Who were the Egyptians?
What did the Egyptians believe caused illness?
Who treated illness in Egyptian times?
What treatments were used?
How effective were they?
How did the Egyptians prevent disease?
How did embalming help medical knowledge increase?
What was special about life and culture of Ancient Greece?
What were the Greeks supernatural ideas on treating illness?
What treatments did the Greeks develop based on the Four Humours?
Why was Alexandria important in the development of surgery and anatomy?
How did the Greeks keep themselves healthy?
What did the Ancient Romans take from Ancient Greece?
Why was Galen important in the history of medicine?
How did the Romans look after the health of the army?
What was the Romans big idea?
Why did the Romans have such good public health?
Which factors brought change in the Ancient World?
Which idea in the Ancient world had the biggest impact on medicine?