Meet and Greet Lesson: Student Dictionary
Grades: 1 (however could be used for all grades)
Language Arts Common Core Standard:
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.1.8: With guidance and support from adults, recall
information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to
answer a question.
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.1.A: Print all upper- and lowercase letters.
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.2: Demonstrate command of the conventions of
standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.
Objective: SWBAT get to know the other children in the classroom. This activity
will give the students a chance to make connections.
Purpose: This activity will give myself, as the teacher, where my students
communication skills are starting at, what their hobbies or interest may be. I will
also be able to see where they are all at on their writing skills, grammar skills,
sentence structure, or who is shy. If you have students with limited English skills,
have dictionaries in their L1, so that way they can see examples of what you
would like them to do. Also have your instructions available in their various L1’s.
Items to have ready for activity:
- camera
- dictionaries in the various languages that your students speak and also a
picture dictionary
- Instructions available in all of your students L1’s
(1) Write six questions on the board for your students to answer. The questions
might include the following:
What is your name?
Where were you born?
How many brothers or sisters do you have?
What are your favorite kinds of chips?
Do you have any pets?
What is your favorite topping on a hamburger?
(2) Tell your students to write those six questions on a piece of paper (in their L1)
and to add five more questions that they could ask someone they don't know.
**While your students are writing their questions down make a note of the
students that they may not be talking with. You will use this information when you
are pairing your students up.**
(3) Pair your students, and have each student interview his or her partner and
record the responses. Then have each student use the interview responses to
write a "dictionary definition" of his or her partner to include in a Student
Dictionary. You might model this activity by creating a sample dictionary
definition about yourself.
**While you are pairing up your class, you will look back on your notes to see
who was not interacting with each other. You will then pair the students up with
people that you have not seen them talking to. This will give everyone a chance
to meet at least one new person. This will also allow ELL students, students with
varying disabilities, and also varying skill levels to interact with each other and
not feel put on the spot.**
For example:
Coplan, Regan. proper noun. 1. Born in Charleston, South Carolina. 2. 3
brothers and 3 sisters. 3. White Cheddar Cheetos Puffs 4. Yes, 3 dogs. 5.
(4) Have students each line up so that you can take their picture. We will the
paste the picture next to their entries in the Student Dictionary.
(5) Bind the definitions into a book, and display it at your back-to-school open
house for parents.
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