Course title : Essentials skills of Nursing
Course Number : MIDW 1103, credit hours (1)
Placement : First year, First semester
Course Description :
This course is designed to provide the midwifery students with the fundamental skills in nursing and patient
care. The nursing process will be used as a frame in practicing such skills. Nursing procedures are taught in skill
lab parallel to the theoretical base in order to help the students to master the basic nursing skills required to
carry out fundamental nursing activities .
Course Objectives:
At the end of this course the student will be able to:1.Use the nursing process as a framework to provide nursing care for clients.
2. Develop behaviors of the professional role of the nurse .
a- Accepts responsibility and accountability for classroom and clinical preparation.
b- Demonstrate competency in performing selected nursing skills.
c- Use basic communication skills in conducting nursing care.
Course Contents:
1. Chapter 2: Nursing Process
2. Chapter 7: Nurse-Client relationship (only in the lab)
3. Chapter 9: Recording and Reporting (only in the lab)
4. Chapter 11: Admission, Discharge, Transfer, and Referral (only in the lab)
5. Chapter 12: Vital Signs (temperature, BP, pulse, respiration)
6. Chapter17: Hygiene (Bed bath, oral care)
7. Chapter 18: Comfort, rest, and sleep (back message)
8. Chapter 19: Pain Management
Teaching Methods:
1 -Lectures
4- Practice
2 -Demonstration
3- Audiovisual aids
Methods of Evaluation:
Mid term exam
Practice in the lab
Final exam
Course Policies-:
1- Students are expected to prepare for the sessions by reading the assigned material and reviewing relevant
anatomy and physiology . Occasionally unannounced quizzes will be given to assess comprehension of
lecture content.
2- Attendance of lecture is a requirement . (See the university policies regarding absence (
3- Students who are unable to take a scheduled exam are expected to inform the instructor within one week and
make arrangements for a make-up exam (See the university policies regarding incomplete exams) . Make up
exams will be given only to students who have notified the instructor and sat up an alternative appointment.
Any missed exam will result in a grade of zero (0) for that exam
Timby, B. (2013). “ Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts”, 10th edition.