Transportation Quiz
Please use the Van Training Video, 2011-2012 Transportation Binder and Van Website at to answer the following questions.
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1) What does RUA stand for in defensive driving according to the video?
a. React, Understand and Allow
b. Recognize, Understanding and Action
c. Respond, Uncover and Ability
2) As described in the video, what is one of the biggest worries for young drivers?
a. Fatigue
b. Irresponsibleness
c. Overconfidence
3) Why do most of the accidents leased by the company occur in the Mid-West according to the video?
a. Because of the distance between places
b. The various weather conditions
c. The number of vehicles on the road
4) When involved in an accident, what should a student do when returning to campus?
a. Contact the van leasing company
b. Contact Kevin Cassidy, GA for Transportation
c. Contact the SAIL office
5) A trip over 200 miles will be approved?
a. True
b. False
6) When school is closed for inclement weather, vans continue to be available for extracurricular activities?
a. True
b. False
7) Students should _________ when returning from a trip on the weekend?
a. Return the vehicle under the turf field
b. Leave van keys locked in the vehicle
c. Refuel the vehicle
8) The college will obtain a police report from the town of the accident after speaking with the student
a. True
b. False
9) The GPS unit should remain in the vehicle for the next student to use?
a. True
b. False
10) If the tire pressure is low in a vehicle when on a trip, what should the student do?
a. Proceed to the nearest gas station and fill the tire
b. Continue to drive on the tire, until the tire is completely flat
c. Continue to drive to your destination