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Why and Where
Why: Tires provide us a smooth ride and
are reliable in the weather.
Where: Tires come from a rubber tree in
John Boyd Dunlop
Thesis statement
Be Prepared!!!
1. Find a flat,
stable and
safe place to
change your
2. Un-stow
(Equipment that
came with your
vehicle or bought a
vehicle kit).
3. Loosen Lug Nuts.
Have the vehicle still having
contact with the ground.
The lug nuts will break loose
without spinning the tire.
4. Properly Position the Jack
Under the Vehicle.
5. Attach Jack
Handle and Lug
Wrench or usually
have a pump jack.
6. Raise Vehicle.
7. Remove Lug Nuts.
8. Remove Tire.
9. Install Spare Tire.
10. Re-install Lug
11. Lower Vehicle.
12. Remove Jack.
13. Stow Equipment.
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— Robert C. Miller