Web Links - UNIT 2 – Ancient Near East
Free Penn State Art History Lectures - Heather C. MacCune Bruhn
 Neolithic Ancient Near East – 25:10
 Sumeria – 28:11
 Akaad, Lagash and Babylon-27:46
 Assyria – 18:26
 Neo Babylon Part 1 - 14:28; Part 2-13:05
 Persia – 15:32
Ancient Near Eastern Art by Victoria Taylor-Gore (7:26)
Another instructor’s PP presentation on Near Eastern Art. Nice Images.
Ancient Near East - The Great Lyre from “King’s Grave”
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
 From here link also to Law Code Stele of King Hammurabi and
Human-headed winged lion and bull both in the Louvre
The Art of Persuasion- from How Art Made the World
Watch segments 11-16 Egypt and Persia (about 8:00)
Propaganda campaigns that supported King Darius of Persia illustrate the mercenary uses of
pictures, sculpture, and architecture.
Written Word - Birth of Writing (3:00) explains cuneiform
Cuneiforms and Photocopies: Celebrating 100 Years (2:23) New York Public
LibraryWatch the first minute. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfeKiqt0O5w
Birth of a Nation: The Acquisitions and Achievements of the Achaemenid Empire
(MCCC) Segments –you can explore all or part of this one.
A part of the series Pre-Islamic Persia: The Forgotten Glory. (52 minutes)
(Optional)B for Babylon (MCCC- some segments of interest)
A young Iraqi woman visits the Louvre to gather information on Babylonian artifacts, and through
discussions with experts a picture emerges of a vibrant civilization and the kings and scribes,
families and businesspeople, who composed it.
See Mrs. T for any needed passwords! Write in your course notebook.

Unit 02- Ancient Near East