The aim of the school is to ensure that music is a practical, accessible subject and one
which is enjoyed by all.
From an early age, children have an awareness of rhythm, pitch and the sounds around
them. Pennine View School aims to develop this awareness in every child of whatever
Encourage an awareness, enjoyment and appreciation of music in many forms
Allow children to succeed in music and be proud of their musical achievements
To offer a wide range of opportunities to perform, compose and listen to music
Children will be taught to use the interrelated dimensions of music through song. A wide
range of songs, chants and rhymes will allow the children to explore:
Pitch - The technical term used to describe how high or low a note is.
Dynamics - The various degrees of loudness and softness called for in a performance.
Duration - The length of a musical note or sound.
Tempo - The speed at which a piece of music is meant to be played.
Timbre - The tone or unique quality of a sound.
Texture - The way multiple voices or instruments interact in a musical composition.
Structure - The form and arrangement of music.
Silence - A time for contemplation to reflect on the piece.
Children will also have the opportunity to play a variety of tuned and untuned percussion
instruments with increasing dexterity and control. Children will be encouraged to rehearse
and perform in a safe and positive environment.
Children will create musical patterns and be taught how to explore, select and organise
musical ideas. These can be recorded in a variety of ways such as; pictorial score and
video recording.
Children will be given the opportunity to explore and explain their own musical ideas. Staff
will provide a safe and positive environment for the children to have a sense of
achievement in their musical ability.
There should be a positive structure within the school day/week/term for the children to
listen to recorded and live music with increasing concentration. This will lead to developing
aural memory, the ability to internalise and recall sounds.
The children’s musical experience is enriched through a creative online curriculum called
Charanga Musical School this is flexible and appropriate for the specific needs of each
Key Stage. The National Curriculum for music is delivered and supported by Class
Teachers and visiting music specialists. Specific topics across the curriculum are
addressed and special events such as; Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Summer Concerts
are devised by the staff and children.
Music is valued within the school and is delivered by visiting Music Specialists and by
enthusiastic staff within the classrooms.
There is a school choir.
The school has Talent Shows.
The school takes part in Music Festivals within the Borough.
The school has a number of visits within the academic year of musicians e.g. Brass
groups, Strings groups and other music practitioners.
The school has an excellent piano and a full size keyboard.
The school has a good range of percussion instruments and song books.
Each classroom has a wide variety of CDs.
The resources are available in a central storage area at all times to members of staff.
The school encourages parents to attend concerts and other musical events.
The school participates in Special School events within the Borough.
Music Statement:
There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that children with Special Educational Needs
respond well to music in many ways.
Both individually and collectively, children can achieve a degree of success compatible
with their own abilities.
Creative music making helps the children to:
 Express their emotions
 Develop language and/or signing
 Enhance physical and cognitive coordination
 Promote a sense of well-being
Much of the above is achieved through SINGING.
Children respond well to some of the repetitive elements in melody, structure and rhythm.
This provides a sense of security which fosters a greater sense of confidence. Lessons
are devised to encompass the needs of the National Curriculum whilst at the same time,
making the material relevant and accessible to each particular group.