Using exactly four 4s and no other digits, we can make 0:
0 = 44 − 44
0 = (4 − 4)(4! + .4)
0 = 4√4 − √4
Using exactly four 4s, can you make 1? 2? 3? 4? 5?...?
Your goal is to make as many whole numbers as possible
by using four 4s and whatever mathematical operations
you choose. Your score will be how many whole numbers
you found.
For example, if you were able to make the numbers 0-83,
your score would be 84. This will need a LOT of space, so
additional paper may be required for your submission.
When you think you’ve got it, write out your solution and turn it in by
Friday, October 16th. For questions and to submit solutions, see any
Muchin math teacher. The top 3 scores for each grade level will be
added to the Leaderboard outside of Room 706.
Hey Students!
Throughout your math careers, you
have probably wondered to yourself
“Why do I need to learn this?”
Although every teacher at Muchin
would have a different answer, the one
we all agree on is that it’s fun! You can
have fun with math the same way you
do with your hula hoops, Walkmans,
Tamagotchis and whatever other
newfangled toys the kids are playing
with these days.
So this is our challenge to you…
Embrace the madness of math:
 Every two weeks, we will post a
new problem to solve.
 These problems will require you
to try, fail, and adjust many
times before finding a solution.
 These problems don’t require
higher level math, so all grade
levels and even teachers can
 Once you have a solution, turn it
in, and we will reward the best
The “best” solution does not
necessarily mean the right answer. The
winner may have the most complete
solution, the clearest explanation, or
the cleverest strategy. Be creative, and
you may come up with a solution no
one in history has ever thought of!
What are you waiting for?
Embrace the madness of

Math Madness #2