The Diagramming Solution for IT Professionals
Microsoft® Visio® Premium 2010 is an advanced diagramming solution that helps IT
professionals simplify, connect, and share information. Visio 2010 provides tools and
resources for interpreting, acting upon, updating, and sharing complex information about IT
processes, infrastructure, and applications—effectively and efficiently.
The visual tools in Visio Premium 2010 help you plan,
design, evaluate, deploy, monitor, update, and
troubleshoot your infrastructure, line of business
applications and work processes, while managing costs
through improved efficiency.
Simplify your work
With dozens of diagram templates relevant to IT, Visio
2010 Premium makes it easier to produce drawings and
system documents that are clear, concise, and
Document process and data flow
With Visio 2010 workflow stencils and the new Process
solution, you can design and document the logical flow
of data, IT business processes, and application flows
(Figure 1). Include external data sources and destinations,
activities that transform data, and stores or collections for
holding data.
Figure 2 Container showing actively-managed data center racks. Rack status is shown with
Data Graphic color and identified by a Data Legend
Design rack space for equipment
Easily configure racks using the Rack Diagram template.
Drag new and existing equipment from stencils and snap
them into place. You can also use additional Visio
equipment shapes available directly from the
Develop network resource diagrams
Create simple or detailed diagrams for deploying
software and systems on new and existing network
resources (Figure 3).
Figure 3 An isometric view of a logical network diagram
Figure 1 A Process diagram for IT project planning
Clarify your information structure
Quickly and easily maintain the entire spectrum of IT
system information. Streamline diagram creation with
predefined shapes and the new Quick Shapes and
AutoAlignment features. Organize your diagram
elements with Containers (Figure 2) and use as much
space as you need with the unlimited drawing canvas.
Communicate project milestones
Keep projects on track by viewing and publishing
timelines in Visio Professional 2010. Import tasks and
milestones from Microsoft® Project to automatically
create or enhance your Visio diagrams. Then, use the new
QuickShapes and AutoConnect features to assemble
responsibility assignment and work breakdown diagrams.
Plan and design IT infrastructure
Use the Wireframe template to design software interfaces
and Web pages as well as configure and implement
networks, Web sites, databases, software architecture,
and data centers.
Connect to graphics and data sources
The powerful data features in Visio Premium 2010 deliver
automation that transforms high-quality graphics into
models that are more valuable than plain drawings.
Create visually appealing network diagrams
Create a rich visual representation of your network,
including plans, elevations, and isometric views. Choose
schematics to photo-realistic quality graphics depending
on your preference.
Use intelligent shapes
Create effective diagrams with intelligent, predefined
SmartShapes® symbols that snap together. Visio 2010
includes highly-rendered icons that make it easier to
choose the correct object. In the Shape Data window,
add detailed information or hyperlinks to additional
Link graphics to external data
Easily link objects to databases (SQL, OLEDB, ODBC,
Microsoft® SharePoint® lists, Microsoft® Access®) and
Microsoft® Excel® files. Use the External Data window to
view information and refresh graphics to reflect updated
Pivot data views
PivotDiagrams (Figure 4) provide an array of options for
structuring and publishing views of your IT data.
Figure 4 The new Visio 2010 UI showing External Data Linking and PivotDiagram
Use Visio Connector Add-ins to integrate with IT tools
Access system information by connecting to System
Center Operations Manager, Datacenter Storage
Monitoring (NRTM), and other IT tools. Then, display
system status in Visio Professional 2010 with Data Linking
and Data Graphics.
Share data to improve teamwork and
View your data from every angle
Use PivotDiagrams to link to any data source and
automatically generate multiple views of data for analysis
and presentation. You can also view your system
architecture based on criteria such as server or location.
Share and review diagrams
Publish your diagrams to Visio Services for Microsoft®
SharePoint® 2010 so team members can view diagrams
directly in SharePoint. With custom mashups in
SharePoint, developers can create rich graphic and data
viewing environments that consolidate information into
easily accessible and understandable visual formats.
Import AutoCAD files
You can now import AutoCAD files up to AutoCAD 2008.
Save time by using architectural drawing files to help
plan your data centers, facilities, and space layouts.
Visualize your network with Data Graphics
Data Graphics transform network properties into dynamic
visuals that are informative and easy to understand.
Build detailed guides
Use the Microsoft® Active Directory® directory services,
NDS, and LDAP templates in Visio Professional 2010 to
create detailed guides.
Integrate with enterprise systems
Use Visio Professional 2010 to model IT networks and
resources. Drawing configuration and Shape Data can
interact with other IT systems to perform additional
business-critical tasks.
Visio Premium 2010 enables you to seamlessly
collaborate and communicate with team members and
other project stakeholders.
View current data
Visio Services for SharePoint 2010 link to the same data
sources that drive your data-linked Visio diagrams, so
team members can always see the most current
Create workflows and monitor process performance
Visio 2010 with SharePoint Workflows and Visio Services
imporves business process and workflow performance
You can create SharePoint workflows directly in Visio with
the new, advanced SharePoint Workflow template, which
contains pre-defined workflow rules.
Print to large format printers
The unlimited drawing canvas in Visio 2010
accommodates any size drawing, so you can create
drawings for a large format printer or plotter.
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The Diagramming Solution for IT Professionals