Query # 1:Are all prices to be calculated to Delivery Gold Bond Conterm Storage Company in
Ashdod only?
Our Answer:For CFR/CPT Ashdod port offers, the above delivery point is the only accepted seaport
in Israel as UNRWA installed its logistics operation in Ashdod to receive containers at
this point.
Query#2:Packing of the Goods – It is usual practice to ship the canned sardines in cartons which
are suitable protected for long distance sea freight/transportation with the cartons
stacked inside the 20’ or 40’ container.
Is UNWRA requiring the cartons to be packed onto pallets – or can they accept the
cartons being stacked only?
Our Answer:UNRWA standard is Stacked. But you can submit a proposal for palletized and then we
will see if it is worthy or not.
According to UNRWA Shipping and Documentation Instructions (Annex H) of tender
you have to ship the cargo in 20FT Containers.
Query#3:Special Conditions of Contract – 1-MARKING - our manufacturer uses red colour steel
for the cans and request will UNRWA accept the marking on a label affixed to each can
– as the blue mark will not show against the red of the can?
Our Answer:You can use white marking instead of blue. The requested marking is to be printed on
Query#4:From ITB documents, i could not know which address we can send the sardines in
vegetable oil samples (4 tins)?
Our Answer:Please send the samples to the below address:Attn: Chairperson, Tender Opening Committee
Subject: ITB No. BC/48/24/15
UNRWA Headquarters – Amman
Chief Procurement and Logistics Division
Bayader Wadi Seer
Industrial Street
P. O. Box 140157
Amman 11814, Jordan
Query#5:We will subcontract the sardines production with our partner, but our company will be
the seller and the one filling all requirements for this bid. As per your contract this can
only be possible if you approve so, thus, could we have your approval?
Our Answer:It is approved.
Query#6:Your contract says you may require a Bank Guarantee from us. Can we know the
reason for this and if we would not be able to provide it due to our Company policies,
would that leave us out of the bid?
Our Answer:UNRWA, as a usual practice, asks for a performance bond prior the carrying out of the
purchase order which is a must. Failing to do so will not allow the company to carry out
the purchase order.
Query#7:The bid has 2 parts, with specific dates in february and march. Taking into account,
design, manufacturing and approx. 30days transport transit we will not be able to meet
them but we can share the earliest delivery at port time we can. Is that OK?
Our Answer:Please provide the most suitable delivery dates which you can meet in your offer.
İn the documentation regarding product labeling it mentions the statement DONATION
Our Answer:According to Annex F of tender documents (special conditions of contrcat) the
requested marking on cans is as below:Each tin is to be marked in blue block Letters / numerals:
PORT/ PLACE OF DESTINATION: .................
CROP: ..........
PURCHASE ORDER #: ……………………
EXPIRY DATE: ………………………….
Sometimes due to food items the samples get stuck at the customs in destination
country. Can you advise what all documents we need to send with samples so that they
can be delivered in time to your good office?
Our Answer:Please check with your courier company.
Delivery terms: Since the cargo will be containerized, we need to quote CFR Ashdod
port. Please confirm.
Our Answer:Please provide your offer on CFR Ashdod Port basis. Please also include the DTC
Charges in your offer (Destination Terminal Charges).
Container: It is specified that each container should contain ‘For canned Sardines: 20FT
container with a load of 3500 CTN/48 per can x 125 gms’. But in the tender it is also
specified that Palletization is required. We feel that we will be able to load less quantity
per container if cargo is palletized. Please advice
Our Answer:Please refer to the answer of Query#2 above.
Marking: It is not clear from the tender, what marking shall be required on each CAN /
CARTON / PALLET. Can you please advice on the same?
Our Answer:Marking is only required for cans and is mentioned in the answer of Query#7.
Extension: We would request you to please extend the date for submission of bids and
samples by at-least 10 days. As the samples dispatch and delivery takes time, since
food items are involved. Your kind view on this request will be highly appreciated.
Our Answer:Please submit the offer on time before the closure date of Tuesday 08/12/2015 and
send the samples as soonest. We cannot extend the closing date of the tender.

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