Name:_________________________________ Date:_____________ ELA
VERB PHRASES: verb + helping verb= Verb Phrase
What is a main verb?
A main verb can stand by itself as a simple predicate in a sentence. It shows
action or a state of being.
ex. Ryan’s friend talked for hours. The chubby-cheeked chipmunk was hungry.
What is a helping verb?
Helping verbs help the main verb express action or show time.
Ex. “That lunch could be toxic!” exclaimed Ronnie.
The Jets had played during a snowstorm last season.
Common Helping verbs: is, am, was, are, were, be, been, do, does, did, has, have,
had, may, might, can, should, could, would, shall, will
**You can use a verb phrase to show when an action or event takes place.
Practice: Underline the verb phrase in each sentence below. Be sure to include all
the helping verbs.
1. The enormous Jack-o-lantern was searching for its body.
2. Mr. Hack’s jokes had been written by a former student.
3. The man’s wallet was made from kangaroo leather.
4. Ms. Sternbach couldn’t remember where she left her keys.
5. “I can’t believe Mrs. Ryan didn’t assign ELA homework for tonight!” exclaimed
6. “Sure she did. Don’t forget to check the chalkboard,” replied Nick.
Review: Add capitalization and punctuation wherever necessary.
whenever i go to short beach i usually meet someone from accompsett middle