CTC Board Meeting
October 21, 2014
CTC President Bill Brock called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.
Open, Welcome, Mission Statement – Bill Brock
Members present: Jane Webb, John Crawley, Steve Smalling, Sujeel Taj, Jessica Marlier, Sue Barlow, Ron
Branam, Ryan Shrum, Mark Wisdom, Devin Munczenski, Mike Leary, Jenni Berz, Doug Murphy, Steve
Tompkins, Lynda Webber, Brian Smith, Sarah Barnes, Melissa Guinn. Also Stacey Malecky and guests John
Hunt and Norah Burns.
Introduction of all present
September minutes were approved as mailed.
President’s Report
Bill Brock has been a member since 1999. This is his second time as President.
Role of President: He has a clear sense of mission and wants to help the board stay on track. Committees
do core work. Sponsorship committee is new and this is needed to be sustainable in coming years.
Agendas, bylaws and calendars are frameworks. President makes sure we have a plan on all races, etc. and
hold to it. We are going to review the bylaws and will present to board next month. Then they will be
posted in emails to members.
Financial Reports/Review - Steve Smalling
Role of Treasurer: Make sure cash receipts and outflow are properly recorded to protect our assets. We
have a budget and he makes sure things are working out in relation to budget. This month there is $17,000
more in revenue than cash outflow. Most relates to the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon. We have
taken in over $20,000 more than last year. The 5K money this year does not go to a charity. We appear to
be on track to break even this year. 1,368 on line registration for CBM, and 64 off line. Steve, Mike and
Stacey looked into how we can handle registration different, such as early registration and tweaking the
prices and the cut offs for price changes. Net result was very good. Creativity involved with improving each
Motion was made to approve financials. Vote to approve.
President Elect - Sujeel Taj
Role of Vice President currently. Serves one year prior to assuming role of President. Lots of moving parts
in the organization, which has to be run as a non-profit. There are permits, volunteers, committees, etc.
Year of learning and being mentored by President. Bill will be adviser to Sujeel next year. Resources and
knowledge of a lot of people help the president succeed. All of our skills come together. He has been
working on Jogging Around and with Sue Barlow, VP of Communications. Also in charge of seminars and
programs. The next one is October 23rd, Nutrition and Yoga. The races we time are break even events. We
were responsible for giving $116,000 for charity in the last year. We are making a difference in our
community. The next workshop is still in progress and any ideas for these would be appreciated.
Communication - Sue Barlow
Role of VP of Communications: She delegates and spreads out duties among committee members. Sujeel
handles Jogging Around; Jessica Marlier produces labels and mailing (along with Sujeel); John Crawley sends
all information to newspaper, weekly eNews on Wednesdays. Steve Tompkins and Sue to event notices,
posting races for others on Website and Facebook. She encourages more members to get involved in
Races Committee Report - Mike Leary
Role of VP of Races: Makes sure all equipment, including timing systems are working properly and there
are staff ready for races. Once club manager was hired, we have institutional memory and she handles the
organizing and tasks that previously the VP of Races performed. Race directors are seasoned and
knowledgeable, which helps tremendously. Looking ahead at what’s next – What other new ideas can be
added to tweak and make races better. This position goes forward with foundation of past and new ideas
to improve races.
Upcoming Races: Pie Run looking good as well as the marathon. 2015 Race Schedule will be printed for
the next board meeting. Race Committee will meet again soon, no date as yet.
Membership Committee Report - Stacey Malecky reported for Chas Webb
Role of VP of Membership: Always looking for opportunities to encourage members to get involved and
engage. Getting the word out that we have all levels of members. Organizing and advertising our 4 major
social events, in addition to some new ones, such as Tailgate party and Picnic at Raccoon Mountain. We
keep the membership rates low and continually look for and add perks, such as 10% business discounts.
Next up is our Election Social at One North Shore, where we will vote on officers and board positions for
2015. This event is typically free for members. We will also have a ballot available on line if the member is
unable to attend on November 18th. Also in the near future is the Annual Awards banquet, once again held
at the downtown Doubletree Hotel. This will be January 17th. We are working on again having a group run
with our speaker. More plans will be announced soon. Next Membership committee meeting will be held
on November 6th at Hill City Pizza.
Our membership number as of today is 865.
Secretary Report – Jane Webb
Role of Secretary: Attends each board meeting and takes minutes. Posts these to website once a month.
Keeps a file of all minutes. Offer guidance on points of order and procedure during meetings. Determines
and decides issues of quorum, and accepts assignments of correspondence and keeping of records from the
President. Answers or forwards emails addressed to secretary.chattanooga track club.
Club Manager Report - Stacey Malecky
Role of Club Manager: Full-time position which takes care of many of the things that previously the officers
and board members accomplished. Many details involving races, events, accounting, public relations, etc.
Works with President, officers, board and race directors on methods to improve all processes.
Bill Brock explained the vision for Club Manager and how to be sustainable in the future.
Sponsorship Committee - Jenni Berz
Jenni explained how and why this is needed. We want to be more formal about doing a better job of
development and marketing. Partnerships with businesses that believe in our community and the health of
our citizens is vital to our growth. We will develop our message and spread the word. We want to make
sure everyone is reached when we are notifying the community about our events. We also need financial
partners to raise $100,000 each year. We are meeting every Wednesday at the Camp House on Williams
Street at 8 a.m. We are finalizing a presentation to show to interested parties.
Bill Brock added that we need more interested people on this committee next year and please let us know
of your interest. We are finalizing the ballot of officers and board and will be sending this out to members
Old Business, New Business, Race Reports (Anyone, As Needed)
Ryan Shrum will be pacing for Race Ghost and Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon. Jessica did the
Columbus Marathon in 2:57 and pacing the Battlefield Marathon at 3:30. Also pacing for Space Ghost.
Stacey Malecky will be doing Mystery Mountain at Fort Mountain. Sue Barlow talked about the Park Race
Series and it sounds great. Begins on October 6th and there is a total of 21 races. You have to run a
minimum of 5 to get an award. Your best 10 races count toward the total. This year is the 37th annual
series. Lynda Webber suggested we recognize Bud Weisman at our award banquet. Perhaps give him an
honorary membership for his accomplishments. John Hunt will get his address and follow-up.
Next Board Meeting: November 18, 2014 at Election Social.
Adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

CTC Board Minutes October 2014