Xstream Travel
Welcome from the founder of Xstream Travel
Everyone would love a business opportunity, which is fun, rewarding…and growing.
Travel is currently an £5 trillion business and expected to grow to £10 trillion in the
next decade. Our goal is to become the largest seller of leisure travel and we will
accomplish this goal by building the largest and most successful sales force in the
industry through training, support and opportunity.
Xstream Travel’s training programmes and the tools we provide are the best in the
industry. This versatile programme accommodates both experienced consultants as
well as those with no experience. By utilizing the tools provided in this manual, you
will be a part of the Xstream Travel success story.
We provide you the option to train in your home, office or join us in at one of our live
training. Whichever method best suits your needs; we can help you earn your
independence by becoming a certified travel consultant. The Xstream Travel training
programme is ongoing, supporting you with conference calls and web casts, as well
as tips from the top Resort and Cruise suppliers to help you become successful.
Travel is something everyone is doing or wants to do, that means the world is your
market, so have fun and let everyone you meet know you are a Travel Consultant
and invite them to become part of the most exciting and fun business there is.
Thanks for joining the Xstream Travel family and remember, it’s an amazing world.
You should see it!
Welcome team, to a new career in Travel. Now that you have signed up to
Paycation, you have decided to embark on a new adventure! Let’s go.
History of the Travel Agency
Cox & Kings was the first travel agency, having celebrated their 250th anniversary in
2008, according to their website. The bank provided travel services to their best
customers after they opened in 1758. However, the first independent and sole travel
agency was Thomas Cook, which opened in 1841, originally partnering with railway
companies to offer tours and packages to customers.
Travel agencies first started in the United Kingdom, originally catering for only
wealthy and middle-class people after World War II when beach holiday packages
became affordable for many families. .
With the advent of aviation technology and the new-found accessibility of far-off and
exotic places, the industry boomed into the multifaceted business it is today.
A travel agency is a private retailer or public service that provides travel
and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car
rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, and package tours. In addition to dealing with
ordinary tourists most travel agencies have a separate department devoted to
making travel arrangements for business travellers and some travel agencies
specialise in commercial and business travel only.
Industry Benefits
How can I receive benefits being a Travel Consultant with Xstream Travel?
Our IATA number is 45609642. You always use that number when a supplier or web
site asks you to identify a number. Our associated consortium will be TTA or ABTA
here in the UK.
THEMSELVES AND THEIR COMPANY. You cannot get into trade shows, receive
discounts or get any other benefits without them. All Travel Consultant discounts are
at the discretion of the supplier.
We have exclusive suppliers that offer people within the travel industry great
discounted rates at selective resorts and destinations,
How do I get an upgrade or discount on car hire?
You need to call the car rental company and identify yourself as a Travel Consultant
for Xstream Travel. At that point, you can inquire about the availability of discounts or
upgrades available to you.
Can I get discount on cruises?
Some Cruise lines do offer discounts to consultants on most sailings. A VIP Rate is
offered to most consultants for taxes and port charges only (usually USA consultants
only). You can usually get this rate within the last 5 to 10 days prior to port departure.
The port charges and taxes will differ according to the length of the cruise and the
Here in the UK, they offer promotions, early saver, sometimes cabin upgrades, but
as a cruise specialist, your benefits will increase, depending on training and the
amount of sales you make for that particular supplier. You can register with the
different cruise lines to receive this information via e-mail.
Do I get discounts on flights?
Here in the UK airlines do not give discounts to travel consultants unless they are
IATAN approved. You can earn your IATAN through Xstream Travel as soon as you
have reached £3,500 in travel commission earnings in one year.
Where can I find out about travel trade shows?
Trade shows are given by the industry to introduce consultants to different suppliers
in the travel business and find out about their products. Current trade shows are
listed on our web site in the Advance Consultants section and updates are sent out
through our email notifications. Also we recommend you signing up to travel industry
news www.travelweekly.com
Fam Trips
Familiarisation trips, or loosely called "Fam" trips in the travel agency world, can be a
great learning tool for travel consultants and meeting planners. As airlines tighten
their belts and cut costs, they do not offer the travel consultant deals of past
decades, but there are training trips still available for consultants.
Some travel suppliers, such as Cruise Lines, Tour operators and hotels offer a
discount, so Travel Consultants can have the same experience a traveller would
have.Alternatively, they can sponsor Travel Consultant learning trips to become
familiar with their products in hopes of getting a return on their investments-a lot of
new business. Travel Consultants learn about the travel product, and then in turn
recommend travel to their customers. Some go in hopes of having a cheap or free
holiday. Fam trips often involve a lot of work, but can be worthwhile for building a
travel business.
Once you are certified and booking travel you will find many suppliers offering Fam
trips. Most Fam trips require a guided site inspection of the property. If site
inspections are required, and you fail to attend, your consultant card and association
with Xstream Travel could be cancelled. (Please appendix for a list of Fam trip
RTC & CTC Benefits
There are two levels of consultants in our company. First we will look at the
recommended requirements and then the benefits of a:
Referral Certified Consultant (RTC).
RTC can only book travel through their travel portal or refer travel to either a certified
consultant or to the head office. As a RTC if you book through your travel portal you
will earn 65% of collected commission.
If you refer a booking to a CTC you will receive:
20% to the Referral Consultant + 50% to the Certified (CTC) + 30% to Xstream
Travel = 100% of the commission received. Once again, if Xstream Travel aids in
the booking, the commission may be adjusted.
If you refer the booking to head office you will earn:
20% of commission received
Commissions are only paid if Xstream Travel receives commission for the booking. If
a customer cancels,commissions do not apply. Cheques are usually received by
Xstream Travel from 30 to 60 days after the customer travels
Certified Travel Consultants (CTC)
Certified Travel Consultant commission is distributed as follows: 25% to Xstream
Travel + 75% to the Consultant for booking the trip = 100% of the commission
received. Weather you use your travel portal of the suppliers in the UK suppliers list.
(Please note you cannot use USA suppliers when making a customer’s
booking here in the UK) If Xstream Travel has to aid in a booking, your commission
may be adjusted.
Commissions are only paid if Xstream Travel receives commission for the booking. If
a customer cancels,commissions do not apply. Cheques are usually received by
Xstream Travel from 30 to 60 days after the customer travels
Please note:
You are not allowed to book trips at net, if you do you will forfeit commission
and it is grounds for termination. You will have to pay Xstream any
commission due on a trip booked net.
Becoming a Certified Travel Consultant
When you become a CTC, you might primarily want focus on building a business in
travel, so it is important to start thinking about specialising in a particular destination
or area within the industry, such as becoming a cruise, wedding,carnival, sports,
luxury resorts specialist…
The role of aTravel Consultant is to offer convenience to your customer
by doing all the research, price and date comparisons, booking and paperwork that
your customer would ordinarily need to do. They also provide expert advice on
travelling, covering subjects such as visas, currencies, safety and recommended
accommodation and airlines.
Although it is exciting when you pass your CTC training, and you receive your
certificate, I would not suddenly take on someone’s wedding or honeymoon booking
until you have done extensive travel training and research.
Being a CTC, is not just about booking a holiday, (unless you always direct them to
the travel portal). Taking on a booking personally, can take you on an emotional
rollercoaster. It is great when you arrange travel for a customer and they have an
amazing time,but what if your customer took a holiday based on your
recommendation and had a holiday from hell? The happy feeling changes to doom
and gloom.
Warren Buffet once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes
to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”.
Steps to become a successful Travel Consultant
 Login into your back office (please take note of your consultant I.D and
keep it somewhere you can gain access to it at any time) Activate your
free PRACEO account (this allows you or your up-line to send out any
messages) and ensure that your email is correct, as all important corporate
messages are sent via email.
 Activate Katie the virtual support and go through each page and tab. (just to
confirm, initially please study the My business, Travel and Support tab).
 Watch the New member orientation video, located on my business tab,
then click on training.
 If you are a RTC, you can only refer travel or use your travel portal, so it is
important that you login into your travel portal and navigate through your site
as if you were going to make a booking.
 Complete your CTC Training.
 Decide whether you will purchase a domain of your chosen company name,
 Purchase a business email address i.e. [email protected](please
note it must have your name first and you CANNOT use personal address
Hotmail, Gmail, yahoo, outlook msn, .club),
 Create business cards and letter headed paper with your business details
 Decide what specialism you would like to train and specialise in.
 Register with online travel training websiteswww.onlinetraveltraining.co.uk,
 Create a database of customers, so you can eventually send out travel deals
and promote your business.
 Attend weekly travel training calls and any webinars or in-house training
continue to study the product.
 Use the product, make a booking.
Become a specialist
There are so many areas of the travel industry and it is impossible to specialise in all
of them. Find an area that you are especially interested in and are good at selling
and focus on that area. Become partners with other travel consultants that specialise
in different areas.
Just some of the areas you may want choose:
Adventure like rafting, outdoor activity breaks, retreat, city breaks Honeymoons &
Weddings, Music Festivals, spa breaks, solo travellers, groups.
Destinations: Cruises, Mexico, Alaska, South Pacific, Europe, Students Trips
Setting up your office
It is time to get organised! Decide on a location to become your “base of operations”.
You may pick a spot at home or you may have an office but you must have a place
to work. Telephone, Computer, Internet access, Business Cards, UK Training
Manual, Address book with your contacts readily available, a fax machine or online
fax through email service.
Start by signing up to online travel websites. Be sure to save your user name and
password for each site. Have brochures available for different suppliers and holiday
destinations. Brochures are available by calling or ordering online from different
suppliers or by contacting the Xstream Travel corporate office. Order catalogues
from suppliers you want to represent. Start by using the product and a booking, this
will teach you the procedure. When you receive customers calls, start a database to
keep their details for sending out special offers.
certified travel
training and
test. • Listen
to the travel training calls. Follow all of the Xstream Travel rules when booking direct
with suppliers in the back office. In the back office there are a lot of tools and training
webinars.We encourage you to utilise this and join our by-weekly advanced in-house
training. We will also have travel training from destination experts, and selected
What is a Consortium in the Travel Industry?
In travel and tourism, a consortium refers to an organisation made up of independent
travel consultants and agencies. They join together to increase their buying power,
commissions and amenities they are able to provide customers.
Consultants and agencies must meet a threshold sales volume requirement in order
to be invited to join a consortium. Member benefits include marketing programs,
commission overrides,consultant training, FAM trips, technical tools, customer
referrals and networking opportunities.
Consortia negotiate with hotels, resorts, cruise lines and other suppliers on behalf of
their consultant members. The resulting "preferred supplier" relationship benefits
agency customers in the form of upgrades, room amenities and special promotions
not available to the general public. Xstream Travel is with Travelsavers Consortia.
Travel Association
Travel Associations are organisations that represent travel consultants, travel
entrepreneurs and tour operators.
It is designed to offer both its members and holidaymakers to get the most from their
travel by working to high professional standards and offering choice, value quality
and regulations expertise.
ABTA is the UK’s largest travel association, representing travel
consultants, travel entrepreneurs and tour operators that sell over £31.5 billion of
holidays and other travel arrangements each year.
They provide expert help and advice for travellers. They work with the Foreign
Office and with destinations all over the world so they know what is happening and
Which helps us the consultant provide around-the-clock expert advice in a crisis for
our customers
Well-known financial protection schemes include ABTA’s own scheme as well as
ATOL which covers all flight-based packages.
Please note not everything is protected under a scheme.
Always ask the travel supplier you are using about the type of financial protection it
has in.
The International Air Transport Association is a trade
association of the world’s airlines, representing some 250 airlines or 84% of total air
traffic. IATA is the governing Body that creates regulation for international air
transport, including regulations controlling the transport of Dangerous Goods By Air.
IATA was formed in April 1945 in Havana, Cuba.[It is the successor to the
International Air Traffic Association, which was formed in 1919 at The Hague,
Netherlands. At its founding, IATA consisted of 57 airlines from 31 countries.
IATA was charged by the governments with setting a coherent fare structure that
avoided cut-throat competition. But it is also governed to look after the interests of
the consumer.
Xstream Travel, is a member of the association, the IATA number is an identification
for us to use when speaking with companies within the travel company, i.e. Hoteliers,
Airlines, Tour Operators.
By law, every UK travel company which sells air holidays and
flights is required to hold an ATOL, which stands for Air Travel Organiser’s Licence.
If a travel company with an ATOL ceases trading, the ATOL scheme protects
customers who had booked holidays with the firm. It ensures they do not get
stranded abroad or lose money.
The scheme is designed to reassure consumers that their money is safe, and will
provide assistance in the event of a travel company failure.
When you book an ATOL protected holiday, your customer should be given an ATOL
Certificate by your travel company as soon as you pay over any money for the
holiday - even if this is only a deposit.
Your ATOL Certificate is proof that the holiday the customer has booked is protected
by the ATOL scheme.
It will tell them:
 What’s protected by ATOL
 Who’s covered
 Who is providing this protection (the travel company’s name
Your ATOL Certificate will also tell you what to do if your travel company stops
There are 3 different ATOL Certificates Flight inclusive Package, Flight Plus
Sales, ATOL Protected Flight only
Where do I get more travel training and information in the areas I am interested in?
Education is the key to becoming a top travel consultant. Speak with other
consultants in order to share information about industry events and other helpful
information. Attend travel trade show, do research online, libraries book, and sign up
to travel training websites such as:
also sign up towww.travelweekly.co.ukwww.ttgdigital.com, these websites include
articles, travel events/convention, special reports, seminars famtrips and additional
training information.
Building your business
A variety of questions will need to be answered once you begin to generate your
travel business.
What am I calling my business?
Do I want to register the business name?
Do I need a business bankaccount in the business name?
Do I want a logo?
Do I need stationary for my business?
Your affiliation with Xstream Travel and the Xstream Travel Network will alleviate
many of the stresses associated with a solo venture.
Set weekly goals for your business:
For example:
Tell at least 2 people daily that you are a travel consultant
Find a mentor to help you learn the travel industry
Never let a referral drop, always follow up
Sign up to travel training websites and also continue learning
Attend travel training regularly.
Selling Tip - Call suppliers to obtain stationary, brochures and posters for free. Learn
to use these. Emails, faxes and mail-outs are good marketing tools for your new
travel business. Be sure the supplier sends brochures to your personal address and
not the office.
Selling Travel
Ways to let people know that you sell/book travel:
 Direct people to your website!
 Collect peoples’ names, addresses and e-mail for future contactand send out
weekly or monthly e-mails of specials.
 Every time you go out to eat, leave a business card.
 Talk to your family and friends and let them know you are a travel consultant.
 Stamp a brochure and leave it on the coffee table in the lobby, at the doctors,
dentist, hospital etc.
 Write a newsletter/blog and leave it in places advertising your specials.
 Go on a trip and take lots of pictures, then show the pictures to everyone via
social media, social event, travel party.
 Work a trade show with some friends and have a Travel Booth.
 After your customers travel, get them to email you about their trip and send
photos, to create a portfolio.
 If you have a business facility with windows then have signs in the windows.
Ways to generate group bookings:
 Have a home party and invite people over to see a video from a resort.
 Send flyer or talk to church groups, band directors and others
 Family Reunions & class reunions • Network and market ideas with others.
UK Suppliers list
In your back office under the Travel tab, you will see a tab called UK Suppliers. Here
you will find a list of the suppliers we are working with. In the suppliers list there are
sub tabs and in each of the tabs you will find suppliers. i.e. Rail tab, you will find any
rail suppliers we are working with etc…
For each supplier there is a description of the company and the instruction on how to
join/sign up is found in the last column on the list.
Each supplier offers different commission, you will find this information also in the
The suppliers list will increase regularly so please check it often.
Taking on a Booking
Once you have set up your office, you are ready to begin booking customers. The
following steps should make the transition into the exciting world of a travel
consultant a breeze! If you decide to take on a booking then please remember to ask
these questions:
Are you ready to book today?
If they say no, then please explain that by getting a quote, the price is valid for that
time and that all quotes are subject to availability until payment has been made, by
the way of a deposit or the full balance. If they say yes, then continue with the
questions below,
Where would you like to go?
What type of accommodation do you require?
What star rating do you want? What board basis?
How many people are travelling? Any children? The ages?
Do you have any dates in mind? Are you flexible with your dates?
Do you need any transfers/car hire?
Do you have travel insurance? Would you like me to arrange this for
Do you have any special needs or require special assistance?
Do you have a valid passport with more than 6 months upon to
Do you require a visa?
You are providing a service; the motto is providing a service that you yourself would
like. Customer care, quality service, accuracy, a good reputation and professionalism
is the key to a successful future in the travel industry
The customer may or may not know the answers to these questions, and it is your
job to help them create the holiday of their dreams. A satisfied customer is a repeat
customer. This is also your first opportunity to up-sell the customer.
Below is a copy of a booking form, please save, copy to devices and print some:
Booking Form
__ /___ /____
Are you ready to book today?
Lead passenger details
First name:
Contact no:
How would you like to be contacted?
Where would you like to go?
Email, SMS, Phone: please circle
When is the best time to contact you?
Do you have any dates in mind? __/___/___
Are you flexible with your dates? YES/NO
What type of accommodation do you require?
Hotel, Villa, Cottage, B&B, Club 18-30, selfcatering
How many people are travelling?
What star rating do you want? 1,2,3,4,5
Any children, senior’s?
What board basis? BB/RO/SC/HB/FB/AL
The ages of the children?
Do you have travel insurance? YES/NO
Do you need any transfers/car hire/lounge
Would you like me to arrange this for you?
What is your budget per person?
Do you have any special needs or require
special assistance?
What type of passport do you have?
Do you require a visa?
Would you like me to arrange this for you?
As a condition of booking your holiday with us, you'll need to ensure that you
have or take out travel insurance before you depart. Take away the stress of
organising this later by booking it now with your holiday.
When creating a package for the customer, is very important to listen to the
information that your customer is relaying to you.
As a travel consultant your objective is to create the lifestyle and the benefits that
they will require on their trip/holiday, within the customers budget. As you gain
experience you will be able to judge if the budget of your customer is realistic with
their requirements. This is the time when need to be honest and professional and
inform your customer.Always continue the conversation with suggestions and
alternatives that will still try to fulfil their holiday requirements.Learn a few good sales
Greet your customer and remember to smile!
Even when talking on the phone, a smile will show in your voice.
 Qualify - Use Opened-ended, close-ended and lifestyle questions. Closeended -Short and sweet, yes/no.
Open-ended - These will be questions that will give insight on what the customer
enjoys while on holiday.
Which trip did you decide on?
What is the best travel experience you’ve ever had?
What is the worst holiday experience you ever had?
What is the best holiday experience you ever had?” **Always ask the “least”
or “worst” first, you want to end on a happy note.
Lifestyle questions:
Questions that give insight into a person’s life. These questions may have nothing to
do with the travel purchase, but reveals a lot about the way they do things. This
could involve questions about the type of music or hobbies they have. If the
customer does not have a firm idea of what type of holiday they are looking for, this
will help you customise a holiday package specifically for them
What do you do for a living
Does your spouse work outside the home also
How many children do you have?
How do you usually spend your time off?
What would your dream holiday be?
What are your hobbies or special interests?
Tell me about your favourite activities.
If you had unlimited resources, where would you like to go?
Offer a higher level of product or service than customer had in mind.
Cross- Sell - Selling allied products and services. Examples of Up-Selling:
 Stateroom on a higher deck or Suite instead of a standard stateroom
 Better hotel for Post-Cruise stay or Ocean view stateroom instead of an inside
 Would you like to upgrade?
Examples of Cross-Selling:
 Travel Insurance
 Pre-Cruise Package Amenities package (e.g. champagne upon arrival)
 Shore Excursion (when sellable in advance) 5 KEY STEPS OF SALES
Make a single (one) best recommendation, have a backup in mind. There are at
least two products out there for every lifestyle. If you offer too much information the
customer can get confused. • Sell the value of a cruise holiday. • Sell by Per Diem,
take all the expenses of a cruise and divide by number of nights. Sell the emotions of
a cruise, not things. • Use the brochure as a sales tool. • Sell benefits, not features.
Remember, you are the professional and you’ve already qualified, so you know
which ship would be best for their lifestyle.
It is equally important to know the terms and conditions of the suppliers. Here is a
checklist to help you get started:
When you are booking a flight from an online flight supplier, it is important to check:
 Prior to booking, check the fare rules (cancellation, non-refundable,
name/date change charges, luggage,
 When making an indirect flight booking, always check how long the stop will
be. You should not compromise on a cheaper flight with the longest stop off
time or multiples stopovers also, unless they state it.
 Check validity of the passport
 Always complete a booking form
 Always complete a credit card authorisation form (please note, this is
mandatory as an Xstream Travel Consultant).
If you are communicating with flight suppliers via direct contact,
 You must ask about the fare rules and to confirm that they are ATOL or IATA
 Ask them when they will send the ATOL Certificate, this is compulsory (by
law) for the supplier to send immediately once, a booking has been made to
your customer.
 If it is a buy now pay later, always confirm the due date note it on their
booking so you can send them a courtesy reminder nearer the time.
Senior citizen
When you have a senior customer over the age of 65 inform the flight supplier as
most airlines offer a reduced fare.
If you take on a booking because the customer has to travel due to bereavement,
providing they can prove it, i.e. death certificate, doctors letter. Most airlines offer a
bereavement fare. Ask the supplier at the time of booking.
Next, contact the customer with some of the quotes and information they requested.
Do not let the customer know what company you are going through to prevent the
customer from booking direct. If writing the quote out make sure and put in bold
“This is a QUOTE ONLY! Subject to change until paid.”
This is the selling point of the trip. Travel sells itself but you do want to make sure
and take care of the customer. Tell them you need to book this ASAP to get this deal
and tell them the payment details. Travel prices are constantly changing and it is
important to close the deal as soon as possible.
Payment method
When you send the quote to the customer you may want to send a completed Credit
Card Authorisation Form, particularly if they have already narrowed it down to just
one trip.
We do not accept cash payments for trips.
You need to have the customer fill it out and then you are to contact the supplier or
cruise company and give them the details. Please fax Xstream a signed copy in case
of a chargeback.
Almost all companies take Credit Cards or Debit Cards. If your customer does not
have one suggest they go to their bank and get a debit card for their bank account.
You may want to put all of the payments on the form and the due dates and let the
customer sign and give you authorisation for all of them at the same time. This will
save you time. Remember, it is courteous to call or email the customer a reminder
when you are processing another payment.
CAUTION!! Credit Card Fraud is prevalent in Europe particularly in the Travel
Industry. Know your customers. Do not accept credit card authorisation for
overseas customers. Always get their signature, and the front and back of
their driver’s license. It is your responsibility to make sure you cover this area
very carefully otherwise you may find yourself responsible for charge backs.
You submit the payment for the customer to the company that they are purchasing
the holiday from. If you’re making the reservation online, put the payment in the
appropriate box. If you called in a reservation, you usually have to call in the
payment and cannot do it online.
Submitting your Commission
You have a professional website with Xstream Travel to use as a marketing tool.
After you have booked a trip, it is imperative to log in to the Back Office section of
your website and fill out a Confirmed Booking Ticket. Every time travel is booked
using Xstream Travel’s IATAN or CLIA number, Xstream receives commission on
the trip. This commission is distributed according to the information received from
consultants via Confirmed Booking Tickets. If the trip information is not posted in
your Back Office, Xstream has no way of knowing who earned the commission.
Once you have booked a trip for your customer, click on the Confirmed Booking
Ticket link and fill out the page with as much information as possible. You will want to
print this page and keep a copy in your files. When a travel commission is paid
Xstream will subsequently deposit your commission earned into your E wallet.
Commissionsare usually received by the corporate office thirty to sixty days after the
trip occurs.
Making a Booking
Now that you have knowledge of the travel industry or you feel ready to take on a
booking, it is vital that you follow these steps.
1. Complete the booking form
2. Select the supplier/s you want to use for the booking (please use at least 2
or 3 suppliers to check prices to be competitive).
3. Create the package
4. Inform your customer
5. If your customer wants to proceed with the booking
6. Give the customer a credit/debit card authorisation form to complete and
return back to you.
7. Contact the suppliers, give them the customers card details
8. Complete the booking
9. Except flights, get the booking confirmation sent to yourself
10. Copy and paste the confirmation onto your letter headed paper
11. Send the confirmation booking to the customer
12. If it is a buy now pay later, please highlight the due date, by bringing the date
forward by a week, (this is a precaution to make sure the customer has a
safety net to pay in time).
Today’s Date: __ __ / __ __/ __ __
Booking ref: _____________ Supplier: ____________________
Date of trip: __ __/ __ __ / __ __
Cruise _______________________________or Resort Name: ______________________________
I have/haven’t insurance and I realise by not purchasing it, my holiday is non-refundable of the total
priced paid of £ ________ and may also incur cancellation fees, (subject to suppliers t&c)
Signed __________________ print full name _____________________ Date: __________
Credit or debit card: Visa debit, electron, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS
Please provide front and back copies of your driver’s license or your credit card.
Name on Card: ______________________________________
Card Number: _________________________________
Expiration Date: ____ /_____ CCV ______ (last 3 digit on the security trip)
Amount due: £
Amount paid: £
Amount outstanding: £
Due by: ___/___/_____
Billing Address: __________________________________________________
City: _________________________ Postcode: ______________
Email address: ___________________________________
Telephone Number: _________________ Work Number: _________________
I acknowledge that all the information above is correct. By signing below I am giving authorisation to
Xstream Travel and or the supplier to charge my card for all charges listed above.
Signature: ______________________________ Date: _____________________
Travel Documents
Photographic identification
All must present one of the following forms of identification to fly.
International travel
All passengers on international flights must be in possession of a valid passport and,
where required, a valid visa. Citizens of the European Union, European Economic
Area and Switzerland may travel within Europe on presentation of their valid National
Identity Card.
Children who are not included on their parent's UK passport will require their own
valid passport for travel abroad.
The following information is for British citizens only.
Advanced Passenger Information (API)
Advanced Passenger Information (API) is information that travellers need to provide
for security reasons before travelling to or through certain countries. Failure to supply
the correct information could result in denied entry into these countries and not being
accepted for travel. Airlines collect the information during flight check-in and pass it
on to the destination country’s customs and immigration authorities.
API includes
Full name (as it appears in passport/ ID card)
Date of birth
Travel document type (normally passport)
Travel document number, issue and expiry dates and country of issue
For travel to US: Address where you’ll be staying
For travel to US: Country of residence
You can add your API on the airline’s website or during check-in online or at the
airport. Make sure that the information is completed before you travel.
Countries that currently require API (subject to change):
Afghanistan, Canada, Cuba, India, Iran, Japan, Mexico, North Korea, Pakistan,
South Africa, United Arab Emirates (UAE),United States of America, Syria, Yemen
A standard ten year British passport is required for all holidays, which must be valid
for at least six months beyond your planned date of return travel, however, please
see any exceptions to this below. If your passport expires earlier, it may still be
acceptable but you should contact your local passport office or the consulate or
embassy of the country to be visited for detailed advice.
Customers applying for a new passport should allow a minimum of six weeks for the
application to be processed and to renew an expired one, three weeks. Lost or
stolen passports will take one-week minimum to replace. It is essential that you
check with your customer prior to making a booking whether they are in possession
of a valid passport.
Booking unborn infants on flights
Airlines require the name and date of birth for all passengers; therefore tickets
cannot be booked for unborn infants.
You should still continue to book your customer’s flights with the names of the rest of
the party and then phone back once the baby has been born and has a confirmed
name so they can be added to the booking.
Please note; infants will be required to sit on their parents' lap for the duration of the
flight. Separate seats can be purchased for infants but are strictly subject to
If your passport is endorsed in any way, you should check immigration requirements
with the relevant embassy or consulate of the country to be visited.
ID Cards
A card identifying its carrier, having on it information such as name, age, and often
an address and a physical description or photograph. Some European countries use
them to travel around European countries.
Domestic Travel
Domestic travel just means traveling to a destination, and not leaving the country
that you started in. Examples of domestic travel would be London to Newcastle, Las
Vegas to Miami, Mombassa to Nairobi.
Republic of Ireland travel
British and Irish citizens must have a form of photographic ID which proves their
nationality/citizenship for immigration purposes e.g. a valid passport or driving
British and Irish citizens under the age of 16 do not need photo ID if travelling with
their parent/guardian between UK & ROI. As passengers may be asked to prove that
they are an Irish or UK citizen who is entitled to avail of the Common Travel Area
arrangements, it would be advisable for all passengers to travel with a valid
All other visitors travelling to the Republic of Ireland must have a valid passport or
EEA ID card which is covered for the period of intended stay.
Children and domestic travel
Children under the age of 16 do not need to show ID on domestic routes. The adult
they are travelling with can vouch for the infant's/child's identification, providing the
relevant photo ID is shown (by the adult). On International routes a passport will be
Citizen card
Customers can apply for a Citizen card online at http://www.citizencard.com/.
Spanish children under 18 years
Children under 18 travelling without their parents/legal guardians, and with an ID
card, must have a form of written authorisation to travel from their parents.
Children must collect the form from their local police station and present it with their
ID card at check-in and passport control. Children without this form will be refused
travel by passport control.
Children travelling with a valid passport do not require a consent form as a passport
acts as parental authority.
The form is required for both international and domestic flights.
Children travelling on international flights must have either a valid ID card or a
passport along with all other necessary documents.
French Children under 18 years
French children under 18, travelling to the UK can travel with their passport or their
Identity Card, no other document is required by the local authorities.
The child whether accompanied or not can travel abroad with:
 A National Identity Card, only for E.U. countries, the Schengen Area and
 A passport
 A passport bearing by a visa
Portuguese children under 18 years
Portuguese nationals and non residents under 18 years leaving or re-entering
Portugal unaccompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian need a travel
authorisation. This travel authorisation must be signed by the father, mother or legal
guardian; and the signature is notarised if the father, mother or legal guardian reside
in Portugal; or the signature is authenticated by a Portuguese embassy or consulate
in the country where the father, mother or legal guardian reside.
This travel authorisation is also required when minors that are accompanied by a
person other than their parent/s or legal guardian. In such cases the travel
authorisation must also clearly show the name of the accompanying person.
Foreign minors under 18 years of age and travelling alone may be refused entry if
they do not have anyone in Portugal taking responsibility for their stay.
Passport stamps
You should be aware that if a customer’s passport contains previous entry or visa
stamps of certain countries they might encounter problems when visiting other
countries. eg. A passport indicating they have previously travelled to Israel may not
be accepted by a number of Arab countries.
Holders of British Subject Passports and Non-British Citizens. We can only advise on
immigration requirements, if the passport is issued in the UK and endorsed ‘British
Citizen’. Holders of a British Subject passport and non-British citizens should check
immigration requirements with the relevant embassy or consulate of the country to
be visited, as should customers with Dual Nationality/Renounced Citizenship.
Visa Countries
Kenya: All visitors are required to have at least two blank pages in their passport to
enable an entry visa to be issued on arrival into the country. This is being strictly
Namibia: Customers travelling to Namibia are required to have one completely blank
page in their passport to enable an entry visa to be issued on arrival
South Africa: All visitors are required to have two blank pages in their passport to
enable an entry visa to be issued upon arrival in the country.
 Vietnam, Burma, Tanzania, India, China, and Cuba -A visa is required for
 Australia -All foreign travellers to Australia, other than New Zealand citizens,
require an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) to travel and enter Australia, as
your customer will not be able allow in the country.
 Zimbabwe: A visa is required for entry and can be obtained on arrival at a
cost approx. £35 per person. You must advise your customer that they must
have the correct amount of cash required
Cambodia - A visa is required and can be obtained on arrival for a cost of
US$30-35, dependent upon the point of entry. Two passport-sized
photographs will be required.
 Egypt - Single entry tourist visas for Egypt are included for holders of British
and European Union passports. These will be issued on arrival in Egypt.
Holders of British Subject or non-European Union passports, please check
with the Egyptian Embassy.
Jordan - Visas for Jordan are required and cost JD40 or £38 per person
approximately for visas issued on arrival.
Kenya: British Citizens are now required to have a visa for entry into Kenya,
regardless of the length of stay. Upon entry into Kenya by air you are now
required to apply for a visa currently costing approx. £30, which is payable
Laos: A visa is required and can be obtained on arrival for a cost of approx.
£20. Two passport-sized photographs will be required.
Nepal: A visa for entry into Nepal (including Kathmandu) is required by British
Citizens. A Single Entry Visa for stays of up to 15 days, currently costing
approx. £20 per person, can be applied for and paid for in cash upon arrival
into Kathmandu. Two passport-sized photographs are required.
RussiaCommencing 10th December 2014 it became necessary for all UK and
Irish residents flying into Russia to present themselves at one of two centres,
either London or Edinburgh, between one and two months prior to travel date.
The applicants will have to provide fingerprints, Passports and completed
Application Forms. Provided that all documentation is accurate and accepted,
the Russian authorities will process the Application and return the Passport,
with the Russian Visa, by post direct to the applicant within approximately 14
days. This visit would take place between one and two months before travel
and of course would have to be undertaken by each traveller.
Sri Lanka - British Citizens require an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA)
to enter Sri Lanka. (Please visit http://www.eta.gov.lk).
Turkey: A Turkish entry visa is required for British passport holders and must
be purchased online via the Turkish Government website wwwevisa.gov.tr/en/ prior to travel. Currently the cost of the e-visa is £20.
From 1st January 2015, passports must be valid for 60 days after the expiry
date of the visa. Visa’s will be valid for six months from the day of issue,
therefore please ensure that the customer has at least eight months validity in
their passport from the date of entry into Turkey.
The UAE: Visitors will be granted an entry visa on arrival, which is currently
free of charge.
Oman: A visa is required for visitors and can be obtained on arrival in Oman
at the current cost approx. £10 per person.
USA: The USA Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) allows most British Citizen
passport holders to enter and visit the US without the need to gain a visa by
applying online using Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) in
advance.You must also ensure that you customers are informed about to
the passport rules under the VWP. The passport must contain a machine
readable zone (MRZ), identify as the two lines of text as letters, numbers and
chevrons >> found at the foot of the photo page. If the passport does not meet
this requirement they will need to apply for a visa.
Zambia: Visitors are required to obtain a visa when entering Zambia - for
British Citizens this currently costs approx. £32 per person for a single entry
visa (subject to change). Payments must be made at the point of entry with
the exact amount in cash only.
PLEASE NOTE: This information has been issued for general guidance only; if you
have any doubt about travel or require any further information to any of the above
countries or any other country. We strongly recommend that you contact the
embassy for the country. ESTA:https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/Please note that
ESTA’s can take 1–3 working days to process, so please allow time before you
travel, ETA:
Some travellers including those with certain serious communicable illnesses, criminal
records, previous deportations, visa overstays and other problems may not be
eligible by law to enter certain countries. Such travellers must check with the
embassy or consulate of the country to be visited in order to ascertain if they are
eligible to apply for a special restricted visa.
All consular fees are correct at the time of being published and are subject to
How to book
Gone are the days of calling ahead to a hotel for a reservation. The internet has
simplified the process so that we can search for a room, compare prices with other
hotels, and book a room all online within a short amount of time, and with very little
headache or trouble. There are many websites to choose from.
 Type in www.expedia.co.uk/taap
 Enter your Expedia TAAP Account Email address and password
 Type in your destination. The website directs you to type in, "City, landmark,
hotel name or address
 Enter in the dates you are requesting. Click on the calendar icon to bring up a
calendar. You must do this for the date you are arriving and leaving. Once the
calendar box pops up select the days you will be traveling.
 Next type in the number of rooms you require. Followed by the number of
adults and children and the children's ages. The pop up window allows you to
enter up to 4 adults and three children per room. If there are more in your
party, choose an additional room and enter your party information again.
 Click the search bottom when you have entered your information.
 Choose a hotel from the list that has been generated by your choices on the
previous page. If you like, you can view a description of the hotel. The
summary for each hotel also provides a list of amenities that can be found at
the hotel.
 Find the "select" tab in the hotel summary and click it. Find the room and
price that you like, then click the "book now" tab.
 Choose one of the options presented to you. Create an account, sign in, or
continue the process without creating an account.
 Complete personal details.
 Confirm your email so information can be sent to you, then click the "next"
button at the bottom of the screen.
 Provide your payment and billing information, and agree to the cancellation
policy.( please read cancellation before you click book)
 Click the "Book Reservation" tab at the bottom of the screen.
Cruises are perfect for anyone looking to get away and experience the extraordinary.
There are manycruise lines, hundreds of cruise ships and thousands of activities on
board the ships from which to choose. Cruising is also one of the fastest-growing
travel industry segments. When booking a cruise to find dirt-cheap seven-night
Caribbean cruises, elusive five-category upgrades or the best free-drinks-andspending-money cruise packages requires a crystal ball. Whilst as travel consultants
we can't see into the future of cruise deals, we do have a few tricks up our sleeves,
getting extra freebies and making the best choices for your customers.
Cruise Lines
Cruise lines may offer site inspections of one or several ships in a weekend, while in
port before embarkation to the next sailing. Travel consultants actually walk aboard
the ships and inspect different cabin categories, along with the public areas. Often
meals are included as well. These site inspections usually include a hotel stay, and
are bundled at a price paid by the consultant or the travel agency. These trips are
often gruelling, long days, meant to pack in a lot of information in a short time period.
Often the cruise lines will offer a learning cruise at a set price, called Seminars At
Sea, where Travel Consultants have learning sessions aboard the ship and are also
offered free time to enjoy the cruise. Consultants get the information the cruise lines
need them to have, plus the consultants get to familiarize themselves with the cruise
as a customer would. It is important also for a meeting planner to be familiar with the
ship as well, before planning a large meeting group or corporate seminar aboard a
As a travel consultant it is your responsibility to know about your product, that is why
it is crucial you decide from early your specialist field. Research the different cruise
lines we have both here in the UK and the USA, as these 2 countries have major
ports that people around the world depart from
As aconsultant, you will have the best access to cruise lines and any deals. To offer
your customer, check packages that are in sync with yourcustomer’s lifestyle and the
experience they would like to have. Most cruise lines offer something for everyone.
Educate first time cruisers on how to budget the money they will spend aboard the
ship. Plan for things such as gratuities for servers and service personnel, beverages,
shopping upon docking, shows or any other types of entertainment you might run
across. Ships often have suggested spending amounts depending on cruise length.
Many cruise lines also operate under a "cashless" system, meaning amounts spent
are charged straight to a credit card. Knowing upfront what the "extras" could cost
ensures you will have enough cash to pay for your excursion once you arrive home.
Know when promotions are likely to come out
Wave Season is the most well-known of the sale periods. Historically, it has run
January through March to coincide with New Yearholiday’s planning and bad winter
weather (winter, snow always gets people thinking about warm-weather cruises).
However, this year, cruise lines came out withaggressive promotions around Black
Friday, with Wave Season deals beginning to come out in December, rather than
When you book a cruise holiday, you will be able to get a better value on a cruise for
your customers by combining a good base fare with a promotional add-on from a
cruise company especially when they are on sale.
Solo cruise travellers need to know-how to get the best cruise
Solo travellers are benefitting from more studio cabins being added to new ships;
Quantum of the Seas launched in 2014 with Royal Caribbean's first solo cabins, and
Holland America's Koningsdam will debut in early 2016 with that line's first cabins for
one. Yet, these types of dedicated solo cabins are still rare in the industry, which
means they're in high demand from educated consumers. Book well in advance if
you want one, especially for peak travel times, like school holidays; you can wait a
bit if you don't mind sailing during peak season.More accessible than studio cabins
are single supplement offers, (please check at
time of booking).
How to book a Cruise
To book a cruise, follow the same procedures as you would if you booked a flight.
Your customer must be over the age of 18 to be a lead passenger on a cruise
booking. Someone can book on their behalf providing they have permission to do
so. If you have a single traveller please inform the customer if there is a single
occupancy fee. Once they have decided on a destination and you are about to
proceed with the booking, please go through this check list so you can identify what
the customer wants or help them to make a tailor made package to suit their needs
and budget.
Here are some key questions to ask your customers:
What cabin do they require? Inside/outside/balcony/suite
Would they like to upgrade their cabin?
What deck level would they like?
What part of the ship do they want to stay?rear/mid/front
Do they want a beverage pack, (wine or soft drink)?
Find out what dining time they require early or late
Do they want to pay for excursions?
Do they need a hotel pre/post the cruise?
Do they require transfers?
Confirm if port taxes and gratuity is included
Ask the customer if they want to pay for all taxes and gratuities prior or whilst
they are on board
 Full names, date of births and other personal details must be given with
complete accuracy so they match your passports and other travelling
 The cruise payments are due 12 weeks prior to departure
Most Popular Cruise Lines
Most Popular Departure Ports
Azamara Club Cruises
London - All
Carnival Cruise Lines
Celebrity Cruises
Cunard Line
Holland America Line
MSC Cruises
P&O Cruises
Princess Cruises
Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Royal Caribbean International
Swan Hellenic Cruises
Thomson Cruises
Viking Cruises
Voyages of Discovery
Rome (Civitavecchia)
Greenock (Glasgow)
Athens (Piraeus)
There are 15 major airports in the UK - and can be defined as those that receive
international and internal passenger flights. In alphabeticalAberdeen, Belfast
International, Belfast City, Birmingham, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow,
Inverness, Leeds, London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London
Stansted, Luton, Manchester and Newcastle.
Aberdeen, Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 7DU
Telephone: 01224 722331, Website: www.baa.co.uk
Number of terminals: 1
Car Parks: 2 (one short term, one long term)
Car rental: Avis, Hertz, Budget and Europe car
Information points: 1 at the entrance of the airport
Tourist information office: 1 (includes information on local hotels)
Other facilities include: Left luggage, duty free shop, bureau de change, two
bookshops, one gift shop, ATMs, public telephones, one pub, five restaurants, one
coffee shop, and toilets (including facilities for the disabled and baby changing).
Belfast International, Aldergrove, Belfast BT29 4AB
Telephone: 01289 4422888, Website: www.bial.co.uk
Number of terminals: 1
Car Parks: 3
Car rental: Avis, Hertz, Budget, National, McCausland and Europcar
Information points: 1, in Arrivals
Other facilities include: Three gift shops, duty free area, one bookshop, one
newsconsultant, public telephones, ATMs, bureau de change, travel agency
children's play area, post box, international food hall, video games, two pubs, two
bars and toilets (including facilities for the disabled and baby changing).
Belfast City, Sydenham Bypass, Belfast BT3 9JH
Telephone: 01289 0457745, Website: www.belfastcityairport.com
Number of terminals: 2
Car Parks: 3
Car rental: Avis, Hertz, Budget and Europcar
Information points: 2
Other facilities: Internet kiosks, conference rooms, public telephones, one
newsconsultant, three gift shops, one restaurant, three coffee shops, ATMs and
toilets (including facilities for the disabled and baby changing).
Birmingham International, Birmingham, B26 3QJ
Telephone: 0121 767 5511, Website: www.bhx.co.uk
Number of terminals: 2
Car Parks: 3
Car rental: Avis, National, Hertz and Europcar
Information points: 1
Tourist Information Office: 1
Other facilities include: several shops and restaurants, ATMs, two bureaux de
change, public telephones, left luggage, travel consultants, two
bookshops/newsconsultants, duty free shops and toilets (including facilities for the
disabled and baby changing).
East Midlands, Castle Donnington, Derbyshire DE74 2SA
Telephone: 01332 852 852, Website: www.eastmidlandsairport.com
Number of terminals: 1
Car Parks: 2
Car rental: Avis, National, Hertz and Europcar
Information points: 1
Other facilities include: Bureau de change, ATMs, left luggage, lost property, first
aid room, children's play area, one chemist, one hairdressers, duty free shops, two
bookshops/newsconsultants, several pubs, restaurants, bars and shops, and toilets
(including facilities for the disabled and baby changing).
Edinburgh International Airport
Edinburgh, EH12 9DN, Telephone: 0131 333 1000
Web site: www.baa.co.uk
Number of terminals: 1
Car Parks: 2
Car rental: Avis, Hertz, National, Alamo and Europcar
Information points: 1, Tourist information office: 1
Other facilities include: two bureau de change, one chemist, public telephones,
food hall (with several restaurants and bars) two bookshops, two newsconsultants,
ATMs, first aid room, left luggage and toilets (including facilities for the disabled and
baby changing).
Inverness Airport, Inverness IV2 4BD
Telephone: 01667 464000, Web site: www.baa.co.uk
Number of terminals: 1
Car Parks: 2
Car rental: Avis and Hertz
Information points: 1
Other facilities include: two restaurants, one bar, one bookshop, one
newsconsultant, public telephones and toilets (including facilities for the disabled).
Leeds-Bradford International Airport Leeds, LS19 7TU
Telephone: 0113 250 9696 Website: www.lbia.co.uk
Number of terminals: 1
Car Parks: 3
Car rental: Avis, Hertz, and Europcar
Information points: 1, Tourist information office: 1
Other facilities include: ATMs, two bookshops, two newsconsultants, children's
play area, duty and tax free shops, one travel consultant, three gift shops, two
bureau de change, several restaurants and pubs, and toilets (including facilities for
the disabled and baby changing).
London City Airport Royal Docks, London E16 2PX
Telephone: 020 7 646 0088Website: www.londoncityairport.com
Number of terminals: 1
Car Parks: 1
Car rental: Avis, Hertz and Europcar
Information points: 1
Other facilities include: left luggage, one bureau de change, ATMs, post box, one
bookshop/newsconsultant, duty free shops, two restaurants, one coffee shop, two
bars and toilets (including facilities for the disabled and baby changing).
London Gatwick West Sussex RH6 0NP
Telephone: 01293 535 353Website: www.baa.co.uk
Number of terminals: 2
Car Parks: 8
Car rental: Avis, Budget, Hertz and Europcar
Information points: 2, Tourist Information Offices: 2
Other facilities include: in both the North and South terminals there are three
bureaux de change, post box, one chemist and one medical centre, two
bookshops/newsconsultants, duty free shopping, an Internet Exchange, games area,
children's play area, conference facilities, several restaurants, bars and pubs, and
toilets (including facilities for the disabled and baby changing).
London Heathrow Bath Road, Harlington, Middlesex UB3 5AP
Telephone: 08700 000123Website: http://www.baa.co.uk
Number of Terminals: 4
Car Parks: 12
Car rental: Avis, Budget, Sixt, Hertz and Europcar
Information points: 5, Tourist Information Offices: 5
Other facilities include: the following facilities are available in all 4 terminals ATMs, bureau de change, banking facilities, left luggage, pharmacy, lost property
office, conference facilities, post boxes, public telephones, Internet Exchange,
several restaurants, bars and cafes, duty free shops and several gift shops, and
toilets (including facilities for the disabled and baby changing).
London Stansted Airport Essex CM24 1QW
Telephone: 0870 0000 303Website: www.baa.co.uk
Number of terminals: 1
Car Parks: 2
Car rental: Avis, Hertz, National and Europcar
Information points: 1
Other facilities include: one bureau de change, one chemist, public telephones,
restaurants, duty free shops, food hall with restaurants and bars, one
bookshop/newsconsultants, Internet area, ATMs and toilets (including facilities for
the disabled and baby changing).
Manchester Airport Manchester M90 1QX
Telephone: 0161 489 8000,Website: www.manchesterairport.co.uk
Number of terminals: 3
Car Parks: 6
Car rental: Avis, Hertz, National, Budget and Europcar
Information points: 4, Tourist information office: 1
Other facilities include: a bank, 6 bureaux de change, ATMs, several restaurants,
shops and bars in each of the three terminals, public telephones, conference
facilities, duty free and many gift shops, and toilets (including facilities for the
disabled and baby changing).
Newcastle Airport Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE13 8BZ
Telephone: 0191 286 0966 Website: www.newcastleairport.com
Number of terminals: 1
Car Parks: 2
Car rental: Avis, National, Hertz and Europcar
Information points: 1, Tourist Information Office: 1
Other facilities include: left luggage, travel consultants, food court (with several
bars and restaurants), one bank, one bureau de change, ATMs, two coffee shops,
two bookshops/newsconsultants, one chemist, duty free shops, several gift shops
and toilets (including facilities for the disabled and baby changing).
Airports continued…
London Airports
London Gatwick
London Heathrow
London City
London Stansted
London Luton
London Southend
London Biggin Hill
Other UK Airports
Doncaster Robin Hood
Durham Tees Valley
East Midlands
Exeter International
Liverpool John Lennon
Sheffield City
Scottish Airports
Glasgow Prestwick
The top ten busiest Europe airports in terms of passenger traffic are: London
Heathrow Airport, Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Frankfurt Airport, Barajas Airport,
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Munich Airport,
London Gatwick Airport, Barcelona El Prat Airport and Atatürk International Airport.
Europe has vast air travel spots in London, Frankfurt Paris and Madrid which
connect ever part of Europe.
Schengen Area
The Schengen Area is the area comprising 26 European countries that have
abolished passport and any other type of border control at their common borders,
also referred to as internal borders. It mostly functions as a single country for
international travel purposes, with a common visa policy. The Area is named after
the Schengen Agreement. Countries in the Schengen Area have eliminated internal
border controls with the other Schengen members, and strengthened external border
controls with non-Schengen states. The Schengen area encourages the free
movement of goods, information, money and people.
France has been a desired destination for flights from the UK and Ireland. The
reasons still exist romantic cities, rugged north west coastlines, Mediterranean south
coast, many wine growing regions, excellent food, and of course, winter sports in the
Alps and the Pyrenees.
The French island of Corsica is also well serviced with airports.
You will find flights to France being provided by major airlines, low-cost airlines, and
due to the relatively short distances rail services and ferries.
The climate will vary from being typically Mediterranean in the south, to something
similar to southern England in the north.
France is a member of the European Union
Currency is the Euro.
Spain has for a long time been a popular tourist destination for those in the UK and Ireland
and includes the Balearic Islands, between Spain and Italy and the Spanish Canary
Islands, located off the North West coast of Africa. Being roughly due south of the UK, the
flight times to Spain are 2 hours, which for a significant improvement in climate makes it a
top destination. But let’s not forget about surrounding islands close to the Sahara dessert.
The Canary Islands; they are a winter favorite.
Spain, particularly the mainland and the Balearics has plenty of history, places to visit, and
activities to participate in.
Spain is a member of the European Union
Currency is the Euro
Spain Airports
Granada, Malaga, Mahon, Palma de Mallorca, Valladolid, Gran Canaria, Palma de
Mallorca,Tenerife South, Ibiza, Alicante-Elche, Lanzarote, Malaga
Poland the homeland of Chopin, is a mixture of old and new in the centre of Europe, where
east meets west.
You will find cities full of culture and interesting architecture.
To the south, the Tatra Mountains offer stunning scenery and skiing in the winter, while in
the north east you will find the Great Masurian Lakes.
Poland is a member of the European Union
Top Poland Airports
Poznan Lawica
Gdańsk Lech Walesa
Currency is the Zloty (PLN).
Travel Cube - 13% commission
A2B Transfers - 10% commission
Funway Holidays - From 10% commission
Booking.com – 10% commission
Do Something Different – 10% commission
FAM Trips
List of CTC Countries
Learn about the EHIC for your customers
The EHIC is free of charge and you can apply or renew a card via the official EHIC
online application form. Beware of unofficial websites, which may charge if you
apply through them.
An EHIC will enable your customer to access state-provided healthcare in European
Economic Area (EEA) countries, including Switzerland, at a reduced cost, or
sometimes for free. It will cover treatment for your customers until they return to the
UK. It also covers treatment of pre-existing medical conditions and routine maternity
care, providing the reason for your visit is not specifically to give birth.
The card is not an alternative to travel insurance. It will not cover any private
medical healthcare or costs, such as mountain rescue in ski resorts, being flown
back to the UK, or lost or stolen property. Therefore, it is important to have both an
EHIC and a valid private travel insurance policy. Some insurers now insist that you
hold an EHIC, and many will waive the excess if you have one.
Below is a full list of the 'low cost' or 'budget' airlines operating within Europe.
Airline Name
Aegean Airlines
Aer Lingus
Air Baltic
Air Berlin
Air Dolomiti
Air Malta
Avro (charter)
Airline Name
blu express
Blue Air
Brussels Airlines
Germania Express
Iberia Express
Onur Air
Pegasus Airlines
Thomas Cook Airlines
Airline Name
Vueling Airlines
Wizz Air
WOW air

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